Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Part 9 - Cap D'Agde, the sauna club

After hearing those words "love you" on the beach I was walking on air. We got back to the apartment and showered, he washed me affectionately head to toe then used the shower hose to clear the sand from my cunt. I held my cunt muscles tight then squirted the water over his face. We swapped places and I adored every inch of him as I clean the sand and lotion from him.

As we return to the bedroom he instructs me to lie back on the bed, slowly and meticulously he shaves my pussy, he knows I adore the intimacy of this act and he indulges me with every detail of care. When finished he slowly rubs aloe vera lubricant into my pussy and using a syringe he fills my cunt with it.

After dinner we dress I put on a black corset and a silk skirt, gold stilettos and my hair tied up. We head to the spa on our way as we pass the bars I hear a woman shout my name several times, I turn and see the Israeli couple enjoying drinks with the 'small French' couple from the Le Glamour grope room. I pretend I don't know them despite knowing he had made me cum, tried to fuck me and YSL had licked his wife's holes. The Israeli woman leans in for a kiss, just like the beach she wants more than a quick moment. The whole bar is watching as we passionately kiss and hold each other. The spa is near the bars where you have to walk through the people watchers and YSL had enjoyed couples admiring me, tonight was no different, YSL said nothing but he walked behind me as we passed the crowds.

We arrive at the spa and pay the 'all inclusive' fee, change into our towels then head to the bar. I wasn't in the mood for alcohol, today’s pace and mood was so different, we grabbed a cold drink and we went to explore the club.

The place was kitted out lovely, round from the bar was a large massage area, oils provided but you massaged each other, the next room was a huge bed that had about a dozen heaving bodies on it, not much group play but clearly people enjoying being intimate in the company if others. Through a locked door was a labyrinth of rooms, single guys waited patiently in case any couples ventured in for fun. Their faces often pressed against the narrow glass window trying to watch the couples play. Off from the main room was a huge Jacuzzi, steam rooms and a hamman.

We head back to the bar and curl up on the sofa people watching and talking. I wanted to reassure YSL after him telling me he loved me where I was with us. One of the winning factors of our relationship is our honesty and sharing of expectations. I tell him how pleased I am and underline I know that this is still on the basis that both of us have our other relationships we do not wish to end of upset. I know this has to of been a concern for YSL and I want him to know things haven't changed. YSL is pleased and we continue to discuss how much we mean to each other, how in our space together he means so much to me.

Our conversation is interrupted by a couple we like the look of smiling and indicating they want to play. We talk a moment and the guy asks if I want a massage by him and YSL. Ooo yes please! We head to the room and I lie on the table, his wife has gone off to massage someone else which had not been what I had thought! I roll with it and the massage starts, YSL is being so sensual as he rubs the oils on my back, the guys wife throws a hand full of condoms next to us which was a tad random and the guy starts rubbing my thighs and then opts for fisting me!!!! Definitely not what I was expecting.

At the right moment we excuse ourselves and find space among the heaving bodies. Neither of us has the time nor need for anything that does not add or enrich our experiences.

We lay holding each other and whispering the rest of our conversation. YSL tells me he considers me as a major part of his life, a significant other, I am blown away by his words, more so because it reflects how I consider him and hadn't dared to hope he thought of me in such a way. At that very moment as he held me and told me how he felt I felt our relationship grow. To have someone want me in such a way but not expect anything more from me than I am able to give is unbelievable and only dream worthy. Both of us felt quite emotional from sharing where we were with each other and our partners but also feeling so euphoric from the reassurance and knowledge of the depth of each other’s feelings. I have never felt so loved.

We start to kiss and slowly masturbate each other, I was aroused but it was more about closeness, I needed to feel YSL inside me but not to fuck me, to extend the emotional connection of right now to being physical.

I felt 2 sets of hands touch my legs, caress and stroking me. I alert YSL and his mood and needs reflected my own and when we realised it was 'small french' couple we decide to leave. Tonight we both only wanted each other.

Back at the apartment we slowly make love, every touch and kiss felt do deeply, he came so deep inside me and without moving we fall asleep in each other’s arms, as I was drifting off he pulled me close and whispered it again.

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  1. I wondered why you tweeted this was the hardest post of the series to write, but now I think I know.

  2. A wonderful and vivid account. The passion you and YSL obviously feel for each other resonates with us. Well done.