Saturday, 31 July 2010

Right Place, Wrong Time

Bumped in J

I was walking in the city centre, off to meet a supplier for lunch. As ever I was texting or emailing on one of me blackberrys. I paused outside the theatre, I glanced for traffic and he caught my eye.

I smiled at him, he lent in to kiss me (as a friend on the cheek) and whispered "my god your breasts look amazing" he also indicated to look at his crotch area and his arousal was notable.

"Where are you going" he asked
"Lucky man, will he get to each you?" He licked his lips
"Lol no its work"
"How long will you be?" He asked
"A couple of hours I suspect"
"Damn, I have to leave for manchester by then"
"Such a shame"
he lent in and whispered again "I want to lift you dress up and do you so hard from behind right now"
I smiled. I blushed. I agreed.

He lent in to kiss me again, his hand in the small of my back. I felt so aroused as I went off to lunch.

I got a few text's whilst eating....

His text
May I say you looked delicious today x

How nice it would have been to lift up that blue dress and fucked you from behind!

My reply
Stop it! I'm horny as hell now I've seen you

His reply
Pick anywhere when we get back and let's spent s night getting naughty, want to meet a couple or do a club as well?

My reply
Mmm sounds fun, speak when I'm back off holiday.

Sounds like an excellent plan!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Flash Fiction

Begging, whimpering and praying for him to stop was becoming normal. She wanted to push him this time she looked defiantly at him and then spat in his face, before opening his eyes he inhaled the metallic scent of her saliva, fresh blood smells like copper, it made him instantly hard and renewed with sexual ferocity, she knelt before him and took his cock in her mouth and waiting for the full force of him.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Yummy asked me to post HNT for her...I went a step further and created a click thru for her. ;)

~clicky click~

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A week in review

1 therapy session
12 orgasms 9 given to me 3 I gifted to myself
2 sexy emails from blog friends... I've published them so go read.
1 naughty mention in a sexy TMI

1 old friend J bumped into me and whispered he wanted to bend me over and fuck me
1 old friend text and said to pic any hotel his treat
1 man was a sterling good friend and looked after my blog while I holiday
Holiday update
Weathers is good, enjoying the fresh air, red wine and quality time with the kids.

Unusual request
To inflate a balloon in my bottom??

Favourite request
When I get back for J to take me away for the night - Edinburgh I think!

6 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
11 people loved my HNT offering

1 blog award given:

This woman is so sexy and is as naughty as me. She was also my first follower and told her friends about me.

I'm on holiday and NV is being a babe and playing caretaker for me as I plan to post from poolside. With being at close quarters with the family for 3 weeks it will keep my other blog busy

Im in a remote farm house with my mother and husband FFS! OMG why did I agree to this?

Keep messaging me and keep my sanity in check please!

TMI - fisting

1. Until last year I had never been fisted
2. M fisted me the first time, I gushed all over his sofa, thankfully it was leather!
3. I have been double fisted
4. I have had HIS hand inside me and he has wanked himself off
5. I gush and squirt when I'm fisted

I love the feeling of been filled and stretched using toys or hands or any thing else as you well know!

Sorry can't do the usual suspects list so please post in comments if you play and tell me if you like being fisted or fisting???

Friday, 23 July 2010

E-mail from the Fat Controller

I have not been reading your blog for nearly long enough to have taken in all of your prodigious number of postings so far, but it seems to me that we have a number of fantasies and turn-ons in common so I thought it might be fun to indulge in this little bit of e-adultery (e-dultery?). Since deciding to write this and send it to you I have been looking forward with almost childlike anticipation to a time when I could sit down and write it, away from the constraints of work and family, just like the real thing, I supose.

You are, as ever, immaculately turned out. When I come to you you are reclining on a bed draped with black satin sheets. You are wearing heels of course, and fishnet stockings; not hold-ups but proper stockings. They are attached to the suspenders on the bustier which gathers your generous breasts and pushes them up until they very nearly overflow. The darker tones of your areolae are just visible, hinting at the plump, still-hidden nipples which I fully inend to wrap my tongue around later. There is a thin gold chain at your throat, and a solitary diamond stud in each ear. Your lips are painted a deep, sensual red, almost brown-red. The colour of an engorged nipple.

My whole body is aching to take hold of you, press you to me hard, to feel you and to kiss you all over, but I resist the temptation to go over to you straight away. I want to see you first, to feast my eyes on you as you turn around slowly in front of me. Then I ask you to to do it once more for me , but this time with your arms behind your head.

Now I can see for the first time that little triangle of black satin, framed by the suspenders and stocking tops, funnelling down between your legs and almost invisible from behind. My cock is straining against the fabric of my trousers, my arousal plain for you to see. I loosen the waistband and let them fall, pull off my shirt and go to you, crushing you to me. With one hand I grab at your bottom while the other reaches around the back of your neck, closing on it in a pincer action. You throw your head back and I plant my lips on yours, greedily devouring you.

You slip a hand down between our bodies and grab hold of my cock from above, encirling the base with thumb and forefinger, like a human cock ring, and gripping hard, cupping my balls at the same time. You pull and twist and grip harder and harder and this just makes me crush your lips harder to mine.

Breathlessly we fall apart. I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back and kiss your throat as with the other hand I ease your breasts free. I take as much of your right breast into my mouth as I can manage. I am fascinated by the bar that pierces your nipple and flick it and roll it around with my tongue. You still have total control over my cock and are grinding yourself onto it, guiding it onto the exact spot and pleasuring yourself on its hardness, using me as your sex toy. My free hand slides down you body, drawn as if by a magnet to that tiny silky thong and that which it is barely hiding. My fingers stray off to one side and the other, savouring the perfect softness and smoothness of your outer. Then the wisp of fabric is pushed to one side and my fingertips are inside you, paddling in your wetness. I bring my hand up and trace around your nipple with a soaked finger, then lick off your sweet juices. I collect another load, thick and sweet like honey, on two fingers this time and lick them clean before kissing you deeply so that you can share the intoxicating taste of you. Then they are back down there again, this time pushing your thong as deep up inside you as I can manage.

I need more of this. I sink to my knees and wrap my arm around you, pulling my face hard onto your crotch. I nuzzle the drenched fabric to one side and lap greedily at your juices until they run down my chin. I sit back, licking my lips and, none too gently, flay the tiny g-string from your body, roll it into a ball and stuff it deep inside you until it is thoroughly drenched. I pull it out and, holding your head back by your hair once again, slowly annt meticulously stuff it into your mouth.

A silk scarf has so many uses in the bedroom that I always keep one handy in my pocket. Fishing it out of my discarded trousers I tie it round your head as a simple gag to keep the sodden panties in place. Now I want you on all fours on the bed. I lie face down between your legs and let you lower yourself onto me. I am going to lick you to orgasm. I alternate between teasing your clit with the tip of my tongue, gliding the smooth underside of my tongue all over and around it, and drawing in great mouthfuls of your labia and gently chewing on them and delighting in the baby-smoothness of the outer lips and the ruffles of the inner. Two fingers of one hand are pushed up inside you and an exploratory finger of the other hand is wetted and presssed gently up against your arsehole until it pops inside. You are rocking backwards and forwards on me now, grinding yourself into my face and your juices are flowing so freely that I fear I might either suffocate of drown, or both. Your orgasm is long and drawn out, your cries muffled by the improvised gag.

I wait until the after-shocks have subsided before extricating myself from beneath you. I roll you gently over onto your front, remove the gag, and slide my aching cock inside you. I spread your arms out to either side of you and pin you down by the wrists as I enter you with short, hard jabs. One day I hope you may let me restrain those wrists in leather cuffs, and your ankles for that matter.

When I have shot my load deep inside you I again bury my face between your legs, suck my warm spunk out of you again and, having filled my mouth with our combined juices, I ask you to kneel up facing me. I kiss you deeply so that our tongues swim together in that erotic cocktail before we let it escape, dribbling over our chins and onto our chests where we can rub it into each others’ skin.

There is so much else I want to explore with you: I want to see how Really good you are at giving head, for one. More than anything I want you to allow me to fuck your arse and for you to fuck mine with a SHARE dildo, but let this be sufficient for now

After all, we have to leave something for next time…

Editor's note - Yummy wanted me to add this..."I was awake at 4 am today, reading the e-mail...touching myself slowly, making sure I didn't wake my husband who was sleeping next to me.  I came."

cramped and trembling, aching with need...

It hurt more when he didn’t touch me; I lay there cramped and trembling, aching with need. I could hear them but they were out of my eye line, it sounded full of heat and passion, I couldn’t make out what they were saying my thoughts deafened me, my mind ran ahead and filled in that gaps and it made my breath quicken.

The footsteps drew closer, they fell silent just short of me. I could feel his eyes upon me I trembled as I waited his touch. The first sting of his touch made me smile... he loved me that much.

Go see who else played...

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Cant get the click through to work so do some perving then scroll please!

Pic was from a Therapy session I had this week, I will try and get some deatil down in type while Im poolside

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Keep Scrolling

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

TMI tuesday - random facts, Sex and stress

If im stressed:

1. I need to be fucked hard preferably from behind
2. I need my hair pulled or throat held
3. I need spanked
4. I need fisting hard
5. I need to be held so tightly when I cum

Bonus... If im alone and stressed, if time allows I masterbate until I cant bare to touch my clit anymore, making it so sensitive. If I dont have anytime I like to put bullet in panties on low and try and work.

I'm SO very very stress at the minute.

Tell me your answers and if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few usual suspects....

What was the most daring experience you had with Dutch? -NV

Both holes being fisted in terms of play, but the most daring thing I did was let him see me, I shared part of me with him.

Ask me anything

Monday, 19 July 2010

A message from a blog friend

Thinking of you and that tortured hell you are in...

of not being able to "be"!

Dreaming of you...

riding my tongue...

would you start with your hot sweet pussy?

Or your delicious ass?

Which delight would I taste first?

You riding...

me lying (lazy fuck, aren't I?)

tongue swirling...


lips sucking...


my cock slowly turning from red...

to purple...

to blue.


you'd like a cat-o-nine's tail...

to gently lash it and my balls with...

while you ride?

Or a violet wand?

To slowly drag around my balls...

slide over my asshole...

draw up to my nipples...

Or an electric anal probe...

so you can push a button...

and send me into instant bliss!


Can I post this? I ask

Post anonymity needed...

I'm not bashful or ashamed of them!

Though as I sit here...



my taste buds long to know...

would you start with my tongue in your ass...

or your pussy...


If you could visit any book, and live inside of it, meet the characters, and all that jazz- what book would you want to visit?

Got to be a period drama, a Jane Austin or Henry James type thing. Those dresses, men in briches, all that pent up passion and corsetry! Mr Darcey? Whereth are you Mr Darcey? I have a need. That needs attending to.

Ask me anything

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A week in review and SAVE MY SANITY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

32 orgasms , 24 were given to me, 8 i gifted to myself

No-one made love to me

1 man abused me, made me gush and squirt

1 man made me so tender I can hardly sit down

1 man gave me an award for making him so hard when he reads my blog

1 man made me sob

1 female lover got back in touch and it made me smile

4 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
9 people loved my HNT offering

I'm off on holiday later this week. Ive done a few scheduled posts and NV is being a babe and playing caretaker for me as I plan to post from poolside, well I plan to email him and he is going to sort. No doubt being at close quarters with the family for 3 weeks will keep my other blog busy

Im going to be in a remote farm house with my mother and husband FFS! OMG why did I agree to this?

Message me and keep my sanity in check please!

In fact I think we should have a save yummy's sanity rally!
Please do one of the following.....
1) Send me a filthy fantasy that involves me
2) Sexual ideas for me to try out when I get back
3) Ask me a question in the comments as the formspring thing is unreliable at best

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Well there's a first for me! The blog just got it's first award!

erection award

Thanks! esepcially coming from such a naughty erotic writer... off to massage ego!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Just working - Flash Fiction

Your challenge for this Friday, 7-16-10, is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of exactly 69 words. Since everyone seems to be enjoying the required phrases, please use this phrase in your submission:

"...a feast for the senses..."

It was just another job, a photo shoot for some Swiss company called A Feast for the Senses, my heart leapt when I saw who else was there. I knew the shoot required nudity, I blushed.

I could hardly breath, I was praying she would think I was just acting, the photographer was getting flustered, I shuddered as he yelled “fucking lick her now”

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Yesterday I went home early from work... I needed to cum, the emails from Ms Y and Ms Z where getting me all worked up... Mr NV wasnt helping! I came 7 times :)


Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What are the tallest heels youve danced in? What are the tallest heels youve had sex in? Have you ever given a strip-tease to combine your two favorite sports? :)

5inch are my highest I own, I have danced in them many times, last time I cleared the floor doing my Beyonce, Single Ladies party peice lol!

Same for having sex, and I do love wearing my heels when i have sex. make me feel so much more sexy.

As for given a strip tease yes but not for a while, I used to do belly dancing and I did that, lots of boobs and booty shaking going on, it was more like a lap dance. Mind you I was drunk and I probably looked more like Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies... you know when she falls down trying to look ever so sexy???

Ask me anything

Monday, 12 July 2010

TMI - FFF style

Myself and Playfully Yours recieved the following in an email from a sexy blogger: >

I secretly fantasize about you and HNS. When PY writes those X, Y stories I think...I want to be Ms. X. Last installment you offered to be Ms. X and I thought...okay, I'll be Ms. Z and we can all 3 be naughty together.

So we thought we would share our thoughts on the matter...Characters are Mr.Y (PY), Ms. X (me), Ms. Z (sexy blogger)>> I will leave this blogger nameless unless she chooses to say who she is in the comments.>>

1) I have cum several times fantasizing about the 3 of us together

2) I imagine we are at PY's place, have a few drinks and Ms Z is sat between us. PY and myself have hatched a plan and both lean in to kiss Ms Z start to undress her. We pin her down and tease her until she begs for us to taste her. We take turns, taking her to the edge of cumming and dont let her for hours.

3) I wish to spank both Ms Z and PY in turn. having the other one help me each time. Checking to see how wet they get, pushing in toys then making then lick them clean again.

4) I want both PY and Ms.Z to fist me, I want them to both fist me at the same time until I gush and squirt over them.

5) I want to be lay on the bed, Ms Z on my face and PY licking and fingering me until I cum. Then we all swap around until we are drenched in each other juices.

Bonus is im playing right now and going to gift myself another orgasm Im thinking of you both fucking me with strap on's ... how naughty of me x

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Photo courtesy of Elle from Kink Unleashed

Welcome to e[lust] - Your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here. Want to be included in e[lust] #18? Start with the rules, check out the schedule and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

Editor's Note: A little change in how things are done for this edition - you'll notice there are no "Top 3" picks - due in part to the holiday I ended up being extremely short on judges and I didn't have enough for fair voting. So instead, I expanded my "Featured Post". (If you'd like to volunteer to be an occasional judge for e[lust], just email me, Lilly, at questions.e.lust @ Also, please be sure to check out the new summer schedule in effect until the 20th edition.

~ Featured Posts (Lilly’s Pick) ~

Why Pride is Still Important - When someone tells me that they don’t think Pride is necessary, I can’t help but believe that they go through life with tunnel vision. I live in New York where for the most part I can walk around being a big ol’ queen and I’ll make it home alive, but there are people who live in places where they can’t. Even here in New York you’ll get called a faggot from time to time by passing cars or groups of punks, and even here in New York I hear stories of people getting the shit kicked out of them just because they were gay.

Fantasies and Condoms - Our culture has created a narrative in which sex only feels good and looks sexy if no one is protected. We’re all suffering from this narrative, but sex workers are probably suffering the most.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Some days we need a little hope - I encourage you to practice random acts of kindness that could be worthy of inclusion on the site ( Be nice, be caring, let your heart open up just for the sake of bringing someone some happiness or comfort. Do you know how good it feels to just give?

See also: Pleasurists #83 and #84 for all your sex toy review needs.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Kink & Fetish

An Anal Adventure
Bound in the Night
Being a Tart
Danger may explode without warning
Found It: Pearls for the Submissive Wife
Morning Rituals
Shoe Slut
(another!) Shoe Slut
Spanking my ass while fucking so he feels every wiggle
Submission is impossible in the absence of humanity
Strip, boy
Swallow Falls
The Trigger
The Beast with Three Backs

Erotic Writing

A long hot day
And then we kissed...
A Picture of Lust
Ass Plug
'Come For Me...'
Exchange II
Forbidden Fantasy
Fucking Mika for the first time
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Katie's First Time
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My Favourite Waste of Time
Microfantasy Monday, week 84: Addiction
Picture to Word 2
Saturday Night Plans
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The Train
Thunderstorms are Sexy
Teaching Respect (Part 1)
You First

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Adventures in Birth Control
Erotic Awakening: A Swinger’s Comments
Friends With Benefits His Lush Behind!
Getting Started - Hotel Parties
Greetings From The Deep End - Swinging and Openness
How To Have Multiple Orgasms
Mr. Strong
Play Safe. Stay Safe. Get Tested. Be Protected.
Political Cuddling: Asking, Talking, Touching
Reflections on Glass
Something I Wish I'd Had 10 Years Ago
Sex: A required part of the college curriculum
Shades of Grey
Three's Company
Ten Life Lessons I’m Learning from Enslavement
Walk of Shut The Fuck Up

Sex News, Interviews, Politics and Humor

Interview with Scarlett Chaos aka Essin'Em
The Media is Not Responsible for Your Poor Body Image
To Shave or Not to Shave

Friday, 9 July 2010

Driven, beaten, hammered - Flash Fiction Friday

the challenge for this Friday was to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 48-148 words. I also provided a key phrase for use somewhere in the submission:

"...driven, beaten, hammered..."

Staggering back to the apartment, drunk and laughing, the skies lit up along with the first crash of thunder. The heavens opened. There was nowhere to hide from the rain, she slipped and took him down with her. One moment they were laughing lay on the ground and then as the locked eyes, lips and hips followed. As the skies lit up again he was ensuring her pussy lips we parted and his cock was driven, beaten, hammered deep inside her.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dutch (part 6) The finale!

I woke up at 6am and slipped off to the shower and returned to by his side, snuggled into him and woke him with kisses. As he lay sleepy I place the blindfold on him and kissed him some more. He became hard instantly.

I placed the wrist restraints on him so his arms were trapped by his side. I sat back a moment knowing not touching him would feel more intense than touching him.

My tongue then darted over the tip of his beautiful cock tasting his excitement. I wouldn't give him any more though I wanted him to ache for me to touch him. I moved to his balls and licked and sucked them, my hand tracing between his thighs rubbing from his balls to his ass. He starts to moan and I stop. I step away. I kiss him then don't, hovering close so he knows I'm there.

I grab some ice from the bucket and make him shudder as I allow it to melt and drip onto him, tiny droplets over his body and tip of his cock of ice water.

I sit back and do nothing. His expression says it all; the wait for the next touch is making him ache.

I grabbed the lubricant and smothered his cock and balls in it. Again my hands disappear between his thighs this time pressing harder. I pour water from a glass over his cock slowly at first then more making his cock and balls so pliable as I wank him hard for a moment.

A naughty thought runs through my mind. I pick up the empty glass and place it on his cock, it was a good fit, and I wanted him to feel touched but frustrated by it not being enough. I placed lube around it and used the glass to slowly wank him, I was tempted to sit on it but unsure of want his reaction would have been.

I grabbed my vibrator and teased his body then placing it pressed against his ass, not enough to give any satisfaction but enough to make him want it.

I could tell by his movements and sounds he was so ready to cum, I took off the glass and deep throated him, I pulled of his blindfold just as he was about to cum and let him watch as he shot all over my face.

I untied him and returned to the pillow and held him; kissing his forehead as he lay in my arms.

We dozed for moments and woke kissing each other again, his hand slid towards my clit and he urged me to turn around to spoon. He slipped his thumb in my ass and a finger in my cunt and slowly massaged both holes. It didn't take long to have me cuming again, he took tight hold of me, I was in a head lock, his arm firmly around me, his legs held me so firm, I knew he was going to force me to keep cumming no matter what.

I came over and over, eventually his grip turned to an affectionate cuddle he kissed me so gently on my neck and back as I lay quivering in his arms. I was still aching for something deep inside me and asked him to push the vibrator deep in me. As he did he pushed his thigh between mine and I ground down on it until I came. We drifted off to sleep again in a tangled mess, the vibrator was still inside me, I woke up in the throes of another orgasm and he squeezed my breasts and nipples hard pushing me over the edge. I turned towards him and remounted his leg and he kissed me so passionately. He kept me on the edge a few moments then the most powerful orgasm came over me. I felt the wetness trickle out of me as I came, that moment in his arms was just perfect, I was an emotional wreck from cumming so much I just lay there in tatters but felt so safe and wanted by him at the moment I didn't care.

That was my last moment naked with him, my last orgasm. We had breakfast and left for the airport but at every moment and opportunity we touched or held each other.

At the airport he was such a gent, he got me in the business class queue with him and he was taking me to the lounge when a proper little jobs worthy spotted he was at the wrong departures gate and refuse him in. Our last few moments we had planned were now dashed. We had to say good bye in the crowds at the passport desks. He kissed me and held me how I needed it. I didn't want to part; I stepped back and ached for him, already missing him. He kissed me again and I joined the queue, as I disappeared into the crowd he stood by the barrier, I had to kiss him again. I'm sure everyone around us thought it was madness or romantic... it was both for me. I was trying not to show him that my eyes were filling up though, it had been so perfect, he was so perfectly mine for those few days and it was ending. He kept looking back at me as he hurried to his gate. Tears trailed down my face but I didn't care he was too far away to see and I couldn't stop them now I was alone. I was hoping he was missing me as much. I didn’t want to be alone in that as well.

This weekend was so special,whilst I know that our paths are different for now and that the weekend was a fantastic snapshot of what we can achieve with so many other possibiliteis to explore together. I hope that I get to do it again and soon, to see what other possibilities we have. Dutch is someone I now crave to be near and is someone that I think I could feel happy with on so many levels and the enjoyment is going to be reaching those levels together, I can only hope he feels the same way wherever and whenever we meet again which can not come soon enough.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

HNT - Dutch cream pie any one? and a wet dream

WARNING NAUGHTY CLICK THROUGH! NSFW (but when is my blog ever?)

It just loved that feeling of his warm cum cover me. I shall post the final installment of the weekend with Dutch later today.

Anyone want to guess how many times either of us came in the 3 days?


I came in my sleep dreaming about Dutch the night before last, it was sparked by something we did on Sunday.

I was teasing him using a glass over his cock, making him feel touch but not enough, I dreamt he pushed the glass deep inside me, he held me open and just watched me get wet and he listened to me beg to be touched, beg to cum. Every now and then he licked my clit but stopped short of letting me climax. He dipped his cock in the glass knowing I couldnt feel it, gentle fucking it adding to my frustration. He made watch as he came in the glass.

I woke up shuddering in an orgasm with my fingers jammed in my wetness.


Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x

Dutch (part 5) Lazy day and a filthy night

We ventured out after breakfast for coffee and bought some strawberries, it was so hot after an hour or so we headed back to the shelter of the air conditioned room. We spent the next few hours discussing sexual fantasies, viewing my favourite bloggers and discussing which I/we would like to fuck... top 3 are....

Playfully yours
Hedon (pleasure principle)

We talked about things we had done and thing we wanted to do, it was so intimate, sharing such inner most thoughts.

I gave him a massage as his back was aching and my fingers wandered slowly over his lower back and towards his ass, going from being a remedy to hearing him moan gently as my fingers teased over his hole. I gently rubbed around from his ass to his balls, testing the water and seeing his reactions. I pressed a finger gently against his hole and he moaned more. Slowly I pushed in deeper, I was aware we hadnt discussed this and I waited for him to push against me to say yes. My finger tip reached his prostate and his breathing changed, I could tell I had the right spot and massaged him, moving slowly and deeply until I could tell he needed to cum. I turned him over and wanked him until he came over my face, cum was dripping off me.

He played with me while talking to me, telling me what was going to happen tonight, tell me exactly what I needed to do. He was going to fuck my throat then cum in it, dip the glass butt plug in the cum then push it hard in my ass, while fisting me.

I was cumming so much and so aroused and laid bare as a power tremendous orgasm came over me I came, he was encouraging me to let go, I did, we drifted off into an dreamy nap together. I woke before him and slipped off to shower, returned to bed fresh and blogged on my blackberry in his arms. When he woke he pushed inside my ass. When we went out for dinner my ass was full of his cum. As i left the bed though a naughty thought passed my mind, it grabbed the lube covered his foot and slid down it slowly until I reached his ankle. His flaccid abused cock showed me it approved immediately thickening again.

Dinner was full of laughter and intimacy... and very very hot thai food! we grabbed cocktails then and early night, well an early return to the room. I went to the bathroom and gave myself an enema, I want some serious anal play. I dressed in bright aqua and black lingerie and matching stockings. He was on the bed smiling when I returned.

He pinned me down and licked me, making me cum for him, coming up for air to feed me strawberries or seductively dribble the juice in my mouth before going back to eat more of me.

We kissed and held each other then he told me to lie with my head tilted back over the bed. He pushed into my throat and fucked it. When he neared cumming he straddled my face and came into my mouth, telling me to hold it, he grabbed the glass butt plug and dipped it in. The cum was dribbling out my mouth and covering it.

He turned me over and pushed the cum cover plug in my ass slowly at first then pushed it home firmly. His hand pushed immediately deep into my cunt. He took hold of the butt plug through the walls of my cunt and ass and moved slowly. I was cumming so hard and fast, he pulled my hair and moved in close.

He pulled the butt plug out and replaced it with his cock, fucking me hard in the ass until i felt him pulsed cum deep inside me again.

We lay together in a heap lazily touching each other. We shared more intimate thoughts but before dozing off again he brought me to another amazing orgasm so intense he kept touching me throwing me straight into another and another, I wept and begged him stop as I came again, not wanting it to end but hardly able to cope with it, he had me at my limit and pushed my through it

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Is there anyone you admire that you'd like to meet and then service, just for the fun of it?

you (who is this?) lol x

Ask me anything

Dutch (part 4) fisting and cumming so much

We lay there together, talking and kissing, he held my breasts firmly and squeezed my nipples as we spoke, now and then taking my breath away. I covered his hand in lube, signally clearly that I wanted him to fist me. I lay on my back, close to him, we kissed as he pushed inside me. He filled me, I felt so totally his, his hand moving deep inside me against my gspot.

He rotated his hand as it moved slowly in and out, grazing my gspot eat time. After a few minute of him fisting me and kissing me so passionately I began to build to an orgasm. he verbally encouraged me, telling me to cum for him, to let go. I came so hard, gripping his hand with my contracting cunt muscles, soaking his hand in my juices, it felt magnificent.

He turned me on so much. he was hard again and I took in in my mouth and took him to orgasm, he came so hard as he shot his load it went in my throat and into my nasal passage. It was shocking but so tremendous to have him shoot his load so intensely.

We dozed back off again in each other arms, spooning. We woke kissing, still perfectly entwined his hand disappeared between my thighs and forced me to cum again and again for him, he had me thrashing about on the bed, soaking and shuddering for hours. His strength when he had hold of me was immense, I could not struggle free, I didn't want to but I loved that I could try and resist and be trapped in his hold.

We played with some of the toys I had brought, he was taken with the pegs I tried pegging his but it was too much for him but he pegged my nipples and then around my breast. He had taken my to orgasm from just breasts play the day before, teasing me and pushing me to my limits, the pegs felt so intense after the attention the nipples had been receiving.

I was so aroused when he removed them and he lay upon me teasing me with his cock, allowing the tip to graze my clit, nudge at my hole but not enter me, as I moved my hips to meet his cock he pulled back. I was begging him to fuck me, begging him to penetrate me. He did, he pushed inside me making me gasp as my body was so grateful for it after all the teasing.

TMI and a when Dutch fucked me (part 3)

It was about 4am when I woke, I showered while he slept, I returned back to bed and took his flaccid cock in my mouth. I sucked him so gently, careful not to wake him, after a minute or so he was rigid but still sleeping. I slowly teased and devoured his cock for some 20mins before he began to stir.

I joined him on the pillow and he smiled and kissed me. Rolled me over and I guided his cock in. It felt amazing. I had waited weeks for this, I had been patient all day, I had earned this fucking. It felt every bit as good as I had hoped for. Held held my breasts and pulled me close, he made love to me so deep.



Last week I did my TMI Dutch style... I thought Id update you on the list I did with what we did....

1. We drink like a fish and we both got naughty when I'm drunk ... we both snored!

2. He touched, kissed, fondled me in public.

3. When I came my clit went so sensitive, he pinned me down and made me take more and more

4. I wore my undies with him while playing in bed but be naked to sleep, but I loved being naked with him, I felt so at ease.

5. He controlled every orgasm, he forced me to cum, talking to me, telling me to cum for him or he told me I couldn't... god he is amazing

Bonus: I love to give and receive oral even more now. He has such a suckable cock, I have never swallowed as much cum in my life, i think he shot at least 8 loads in my mouth over the weekend. He gives oral so wonderfully. He officially is now top of my pole of best oral givers!

Tell me your answers and if you are playing this week and I will post your link, here are a few usual suspects....

Monday, 5 July 2010

Friday evening - Dutch style x (part 2)

Holland where playing Brazil, it was 32 degrees, town was buzzing with football supporters which made finding somewhere for our ‘sun downers’ (officially have adopted this term from Dutch) a challenge, we found a small pub off the main square and drank several (3) pints of Holland’s finest draft.

We talked and laughed, watched the world go by, Holland were winning so the pace was increasing in the square. A few moments after the final whistle blew fire engines joined the crowds to celebrate hosing the hot supporters down in the water spray. We headed off to dinner and found Gauchos , an Argentinean steak house.

We ate, drank and flirted, resolving after a litre of red wine to head back to the hotel. I love to listen to him talk, whilst he has a local accent of where we both live his is punctuated with scandic tones and words.

We wandered back to the hotel hand in hand, stopping to drink and find directions we had tact our way to the restaurant and were trying to find a more direct route back.

We enjoyed a couple of cheeky drinks at the bar then head back to the sanctuary of the bedroom. I disappeared to the bathroom and shower and put on something far more inappropriate. It was a black see through baby doll, ties or should I say unties at the cleavage, matching panties and silk stockings with 5” luxurious lace tops. Finished with my current favourite shoes.. you know the black patent ones.

The great thing is even with those heels on he was still taller. He took hold of me and kissed me deep and passionately.

The panties didn’t last long, he slid them down and pushed himself against me. He slammed his hips hard on to my wetness, pinning my arms down and kissing me with such passion. He began to bite, nibble and tease me. I was struggling to free myself, not wanting to win but enjoying the fight.

Still holding my wrists and holding my legs apart Dutch disappeared between my thighs, teasing licks to start with. His tongue felt amazing, it dint take long with the way he was licking me to have me at a peak, the way he lick from my hole and over my clit, the way he alternated and suckled my clit was mind blowing.

As my first wave of the evenings orgasm started over me he took tight a hold of me, making sure I couldn’t pull away, my clit went so sensitive and I was writhing and bucking against his attentions, he was relentless, forcing me to cum again and again. When he sensed it was getting to much he slowed, held me, then took me there again. I officially love his oral.

A little later I took the opportunity to repay the compliment and gave Dutch a teasing blow job, taking my time, giving him pay back. I made him ache and urge me to take him. I teased him until he was oozing precum and his balls twitched as I licked and took them in my mouth, sucking them gentle.

I took him deep in my throat and moved up and down the full shaft, as he came I push down and he shot straight into my throat.

He put the blind fold on me and continued to tease me, for over an hour he had me in a spin, cumming and aching for him. He hadn’t been inside my pussy though, he knew he was driving me wild, I was begging him to enter me, he told me no, I begged him to kiss me kiss me, he was hovering close, I could sense him there, feeling his breath so I move to him and he pulls away. I was quivering, shuddering at ever touch, every inch of me felts so alive and sensitive. He lay beside me and moved to spoon me. I melt into his arms he felt so affectionate, then his fingers disappeared under the covers again. Running slowly along my bum, parting my cheeks and easing the tip of his cock into my ass. Once the head was in he pushed in hard, taking my breath away he paused as I accommodated him then fucked my ass hard until he came deep inside me. He pulled out and replaced his cock with his fingers, 1 .. then 2... 4.... he asks “do i want his thumb” he doesn’t wait for my verbal reply. As he works me open and pushes his hand deep into my ass I start to cum, at first I can’t take all of him it’s too much, I’m at my limit, he waits until I’m in the throws of cumming and pushed in so deep..I start to gush everywhere.

I fell asleep in the arms of Dutch, feeling so content and happy... excluding the lack of in pussy action, but he wanted me hungry and aroused, that I was.

More scheduled to post at midnight GMT ;D

For those who are interested in the non sexual side of me I have posted on my other blog the outside the bedroom take on the weekend


Sunday, 4 July 2010

A week in review

so many orgasms and im not telling until end of week, all given to me by Dutch... place your bets and let me know your guess

1 man made me smile

1 man made me blush 5 times (yes 5!)

1 man made me laugh and feel amazing

1 man made me feel special and sexy

1 man said I was amazing (blush)

1 man forced me to cum more than I ever had before

1 man held me as I fell asleep

1 man made me feel so wanted

1 man shared his fantasies with me and made me want to be part of them

2 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
9 people loved my HNT offering

Favourite request
turnover and I will spoon you

This week I will spill the beans and share some of thee most amazing moments ...

Wow Dutch you were (are) amazing

Saturday, 3 July 2010

DUTCH! WOW! OMG! (part 1)

Currently spooning with dutch as I write this...

Sat nervous at the airport, starbucks was the chosen venue, Where we have left off I suppose. I nursed my mango smoothy while being amused by NV via my yahoo on phone. He knew I need distracting and he was a good friend to help calm me down.

At 12.30 a familiar smile came into view and it connected with my lips.

I was like a giggling school girl on first date, nervous and clumsy as I jumped of my stool to greet him.

We kissed and then headed straight for the taxis. Kissing and held hands in the taxis, talking about mundane stuff but the sexual tension was there. The way he looked at me. He was undressing me mentally.

I sat in the hotel lobby trying not to make it look obvious that I was staring at his rather delicious and pert ass. Glancing away to observe the architecture of the building every time he turned to smile at me.

We entered the lift and started to kiss only briefly disconnecting to leave and find our room and reconnect seamlessly as we threw down the luggage.

The kissing was so passionate I could feel myself get wetter. Lay on the bed kissing more deeply but still not touching me other than to hold me. Then the teasing began...

After 21 days of abstaining I was ready to blow and he had also abstained which was obvious by the way his trousers where straining.

His hands trailed lazily over my body, touching everything except where I urgently needed it. He slowly got closer and closer, lifting my dress but then doing nothing to my exposed thighs, making me ache more.

He dipped his fingers in my mouth then trailed the wet tips along the edge of my crotch, it was making me shudder. I kissed him more passionately urging him to touch me deeper. Then he pulled my panties aside and gently teased over the lips, ensuring he didn't touch my pouting labia and clit. Then he took my breath away. He touched me, he made contact with my clit, it send electricity through my body and started and orgasm immediately. It was so intense, long awaited and needed. As I shuddered lay in his arms and he held me firmly it became apparent he had read tuesdays post... Item 3! My clit became sensitive and I pulled away as he touched it. He pinned me down firmly and took me to another orgasm in minutes as I writhed and pulled away helplessly.

When I came the second time he held me so tightly, so affectionately, it was amazing.

After a few minutes I started to move my kisses down his body. Heading south to check out what was straining on his trousers. I've spent the last few weeks wondering what his cock would look, taste and feel like... I found out... After teasing him of course!

I slowly unbuttoned his jeans, kissing his stomach and licking along the line of were his shorts made contact.

Nibbling his cock through the fabric but not allowing him any more... After a brief moment of laughter as I struggled to remove his boots and required using the bed as leverage to do so I return to my administration of teasing kisses. I lowered his shorts to expose more of him but left his cock covered. Kissing and biting the base of it, making him moan and urge me on.

I freed his cock and licked it from the base upwards, It was oozing precum. I kissed the tip gently the circled his cock around my lips wiping the pre cum around my lips. I kissed the tip of his cock so gently, like tiny whispers, looking at him as I teased him. Then I took him deeply in my mouth and began to suck and tease with my tongue knowing he wouldn't last long after all the weeks of teasing and today. He shot his load deep in my mouth. His whole body shuddered and his cock pulsed in my mouth.

I return to lie next to him, he made me cum another 11 times before we went out for beer and steaks....

Got to go something hard pressing against my bum cheeks Next instalment soon!!!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Arrived and ready for action!

Ive arrived, He has just boarded his plane, the suspense and excitement is killing me. I put the benwa balls in once through security at the airport, it will be like unplugging a damn later I think when he pulls them out.

Im so aroused, excited, nevrous and a tad scared out of my wits being that Ive just flown to a forriegn country alone to meet a man to have sex... that reality check isnt helping either!! FUCK!!

Saying that I know im in good (big) hands, Dutch has been a friend first and to become a lover today. So need to focus on 'just meeting a friend' (yes im going to fuck his brains out BUT).

I shall be tweeting but unliking to blog due to being tied to the bed posts and abused, only allowed out for drinks, public displays of affection and possbly a sex show... not sure whether to watch one or put one on!! Im sure I will get back to you with the results and the photogrpahic evidence.

she was amazing - flash fiction friday

It was meant to be a 3some, he was meant to be there to fuck both of us but at the eleventh hour he cancelled. Neither of us had been just one on one with a woman, both of us were aroused and not wishing to waste the night. We talked, drank and giggled. I offered to take some pictures of her, I wanted her naked.

As she undressed I kissed her, I was trembling, she kissed me back so perfectly.
We stood breast to breast naked anticipating what would happen next.

I leant to take her nipple in my mouth and cupped her sex in my hand, teasing the lips open, her breath caught in her throat as I parted her and delved into her wetness.


2nd pic was from my first full experience one on one with a woman. She was amazing.

The challenge for this Fridaywas to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of 72-172 words. Additionally, I'd like to see you use the following phrase somewhere in the submission:

"...her breath caught in her throat..."

Go see who else played

Thursday, 1 July 2010

HNT - what to do with a bag of pegs!

I thought an excellent example of how to get naughty while doing the housework!

He saved the last peg for my clit, I came as he applied it x

Only 1 more sleep till Amsterdam, if I sleep at all im so excited. 19 days of abstaining and im ready to explode.

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x