Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Dutch (part 5) Lazy day and a filthy night

We ventured out after breakfast for coffee and bought some strawberries, it was so hot after an hour or so we headed back to the shelter of the air conditioned room. We spent the next few hours discussing sexual fantasies, viewing my favourite bloggers and discussing which I/we would like to fuck... top 3 are....

Playfully yours
Hedon (pleasure principle)

We talked about things we had done and thing we wanted to do, it was so intimate, sharing such inner most thoughts.

I gave him a massage as his back was aching and my fingers wandered slowly over his lower back and towards his ass, going from being a remedy to hearing him moan gently as my fingers teased over his hole. I gently rubbed around from his ass to his balls, testing the water and seeing his reactions. I pressed a finger gently against his hole and he moaned more. Slowly I pushed in deeper, I was aware we hadnt discussed this and I waited for him to push against me to say yes. My finger tip reached his prostate and his breathing changed, I could tell I had the right spot and massaged him, moving slowly and deeply until I could tell he needed to cum. I turned him over and wanked him until he came over my face, cum was dripping off me.

He played with me while talking to me, telling me what was going to happen tonight, tell me exactly what I needed to do. He was going to fuck my throat then cum in it, dip the glass butt plug in the cum then push it hard in my ass, while fisting me.

I was cumming so much and so aroused and laid bare as a power tremendous orgasm came over me I came, he was encouraging me to let go, I did, we drifted off into an dreamy nap together. I woke before him and slipped off to shower, returned to bed fresh and blogged on my blackberry in his arms. When he woke he pushed inside my ass. When we went out for dinner my ass was full of his cum. As i left the bed though a naughty thought passed my mind, it grabbed the lube covered his foot and slid down it slowly until I reached his ankle. His flaccid abused cock showed me it approved immediately thickening again.

Dinner was full of laughter and intimacy... and very very hot thai food! we grabbed cocktails then and early night, well an early return to the room. I went to the bathroom and gave myself an enema, I want some serious anal play. I dressed in bright aqua and black lingerie and matching stockings. He was on the bed smiling when I returned.

He pinned me down and licked me, making me cum for him, coming up for air to feed me strawberries or seductively dribble the juice in my mouth before going back to eat more of me.

We kissed and held each other then he told me to lie with my head tilted back over the bed. He pushed into my throat and fucked it. When he neared cumming he straddled my face and came into my mouth, telling me to hold it, he grabbed the glass butt plug and dipped it in. The cum was dribbling out my mouth and covering it.

He turned me over and pushed the cum cover plug in my ass slowly at first then pushed it home firmly. His hand pushed immediately deep into my cunt. He took hold of the butt plug through the walls of my cunt and ass and moved slowly. I was cumming so hard and fast, he pulled my hair and moved in close.

He pulled the butt plug out and replaced it with his cock, fucking me hard in the ass until i felt him pulsed cum deep inside me again.

We lay together in a heap lazily touching each other. We shared more intimate thoughts but before dozing off again he brought me to another amazing orgasm so intense he kept touching me throwing me straight into another and another, I wept and begged him stop as I came again, not wanting it to end but hardly able to cope with it, he had me at my limit and pushed my through it


  1. Now THAT'S the way to spend a weekend! *fans self*

  2. Goddamn! I need to duct tape my fucking cock down for the night!

  3. Oh I love hearing my name mentioned and sex is involved.....
    Sure hope I hear a fantasy or two....wink wink

    Damn sexy and Hot, and you are just yummy.
    mmmm prostate play, very nice.


  4. You are just fabulous. I'm salivating now...why don't we know about other women like YOU???

  5. I am more than a little jealous!

    BTW... prostrate is a position...

    A prostate is the gland you were massaging.

  6. 1. You orgasm more than anyone I know...someone call Guinness Records.

    2. OMG! You do things I have never even dreamed of: Did you fuck his foot!?!

    3. The whole finger in Dutch's bum hole was very sexy. I would have loved to have seen his face, watch his reaction.

    4. I'm honored that you want to do deliciously, naughty sexy things to me and that I'm on a list with the sex-pot.