Monday 29 February 2016

TMI - Look Inside

1. Tell us your top 3 flaws and shortcomings.

1. Occasionally abrasive in things that I say….without realisation of this until it is pointed out
2. I don’t have a healthy work/life balance
3. I don’t take well to conformity

2. Who do you look up to the most:

– Professionally?
Yummy. She has been quite an inspiration to me for a lot of work related issues

– Sexually?
Yummy. I never thought that I would meet a lady like her who is so unashamedly sexual and likes to explore new experiences

3. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?
a. Give me a hug or acknowledge my situation and sit quietly with me.
b. Talk through the situation give me advice or say uplifting things.
c. Leave me alone, let me sulk and wallow in misery.
d. Work out, be active to distract myself and up the endorphin and dopamine.

Always c if I am emotionally upset as I just prefer to be left on my own in those circumstances, but always b if it is a practical difficulty where I am looking for a way forward and I am not emotional about the position

4. Which parent do you identify with the most?
My father. See forthcoming post for further details on this one

Bonus: If you had to choose one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?
Sex!!! Obvious answer, but the true answer. In all of the time that I have been sexually active, no matter how much I have changed in other areas, sex has always had a high priority in my life and it is something that I have never become blasé about or tired of.

TMI Tuesday blog

Very Wet Fucking Video

Very Wet Vagina
Very thick and sensitive clit
Soaked cock

Me & YSL

Saturday 27 February 2016

Sinful Sunday - Dressing up - His and Hers Perspective

A two parter with part one last Sunday

YSL took some of the clothes that I keep at his place and tried them on for size during the week. 

He sent me pictures of the very arousing results.

For the next vist to YSL HQ, he was lying on the bed wearing my long black negligee and my favourite hold up stockings.

He was aroused, erect and ready for me.

I sat at the head of the bed, he lay in front of me with his cock and balls pushed against my tummy.

I commenced masturbating him.

Part 2 - The Heelsnstocking pespective (this Sunday)

Sinful Sunday

Lots of fucking and lots of writing...and pics

Long time readers of this blog will know that due to 'real world' commitments that Yummy and I had to attend to we had to forgo some aspects of our lives that we had got used to over recent years and sadly one of them was the blog. However, things are getting a little more back to normal and manageable now and we have the time to set aside for writing again.

To mark our return we set about updating on a daily basis for the whole of February and completing the unfinished business that was the 2014 Cap d'Agde trip as we enthusiastically provided all details about day one and then suddenly left without any notice. 

We believe that this site offers the largest amount of information about swinging in Cap d'Agde on the planet and covers everthing from flights, taxi issues, food, the beach, details about the clubs, what to expect on arrival and throughout a stay there, what to take to the beach and a whole lot more. Yes, there are bits and pieces of information out there, but they tend to be scant on detail, only focus upon one thing and the vast majority are very much out of date. Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman is the 'go to' site for all aspects of Cap d'Agde swinging information and it's all helpfully laid out here for you!!

We don't know too much about cycling around there though :-/

Friday 26 February 2016

Cap d'Agde, Final Day + AbFabs Parties Review

We come out of the medical table room in Le Glamour and are surprised that there are so few people around and it only when we look at the time that we get an even bigger shock as we find that it is now quarter to five in the morning!!! The night has absolutely flown over.

We go up the spiral staircase to the dance/bar section and numbers are very low. There are streamers all over the floor along with glitter and other items that have gone through the air over the course of the night and it looks like the end of a wild New Years Eve party. It is time to leave and head back to the apartment.

We get a few hours sleep in with the deadline being to hand the apartment keys back to the rental agency by 10am. Fortunately we are all packed and ready to go from our preparations yesterday, so the alarm goes off at 9am, we enjoy a quick final trip to the boulangerie and enjoy great fresh croissants and coffee.

Bags in the car, shutters pulled down on the apartment, keys handed in to the agency and it is time to bid farewell to the village. It has been a fantastic week, however things are not over yet, we have the best part of the day still to enjoy in France as our flight isn’t until 5pm and we have plans for tonight too.

We are flying from Montpellier and the airport is only a one-hour drive from Cap d’Agde, so we take the coastal route and stop off along the way to take in a final view of the sand and sea before heading into a town called Sète. It is a lovely little town that feels vibrant and busy. We wander the streets and shops before deciding that it is lunchtime. 

We opt for a lovely brasserie called Le Flore that we had coffee in earlier and take an outside table that overlooks the crossing of streets and has a variety of musicians playing on one of the corners. Steak frites are ordered, they arrive and they are fantastic.

We slowly head back to the car and then off to Montpellier airport. The rental car is handed back, we check in and we head back to London taking off at 5. It is a short flight of only 90 minutes and as France is one hour ahead of the UK, we land in good time at 5:30.

A short drive to our hotel, a bite to eat and it is now time to get ready for our next club night…AbFabs Parties near Heathrow  This a well-known club in the UK and amazingly we have never visited it previously. It’s really been down to the location never having been convenient for us previously, the website doesn’t inspire confidence as it is very basic and this is combined with a very hefty premium price for entry at the weekend, which is much higher than any other UK club that we have experienced. However, this weekend the stars have aligned, we are in the area and following a week of being used to paying €10 per drink in clubs, the entry fee doesn’t feel as steep as it normally would (but of course, it’s still high) and the club does have good reviews.

We arrive by car and parking is away from the road and even has its own marshal on hand to guide you to your space. First impressions are good. The car park is filled with prestige cars, Range Rovers, Mercedes, Audi and BMWs are all present so we feel that it will be a good clientele in there. The ‘club’ is essentially a large house with huge grounds and lots of extensions. We enter the house where we pay our entry. £20 to join and £50 entry, so a staggering £70 just to get in to the place!!! As first timers we are given a guided tour and the place is absolutely huge with so many facilities. Added to this, everything is a good state of repair and there is a good atmosphere.

In the house there is a large living room area with plenty of seating, behind it a large dining room type of area that is really used for dancing and has fridges/storage for your drinks (no alcohol licence here or bar) and along the corridor there are some private rooms off to the side. Out of the doors there is a covered walkway and at the sides there is a full size swimming pool, a hot tub, a tea/coffee station and then further along there are a number of private cabins with lots of window space to look out or look in on depending upon your fancy. Finally at the extreme end there is a dungeon zone, which is a converted stables and is most impressive with its atmospheric brick construction.  

The dungeon has a number of features such as a cross, a spider’s web rope feature, a cage, a swing, public rooms and most appealing to us, a dark room. We slip into the dark room through a heavy curtain that covers the entrance and it is just how we like it….completely pitch black, nothing can be seen whatsoever, very similar to the only other room that we have known like this at Le Glamour. It appears to be a very large room with very little seating, so mainly a standing affair. As we were in there early, it was reasonably quiet in the room, however it was also very hot so after 10 minutes or so we really needed to get out for air.

We made our way along the walkway, back into the house and wander through the living room to check out the cinema that is attached to the outside of this room. We stayed in the patio area just outside of the cinema entrance to enjoy the fresh air and take in the last of the UK summer warmth for this year. We talked, reflected on our great week and then headed back inside. We went for our drinks and to our surprise a food buffet was being laid out. Fantastic, a mid evening snack, just what was required. By this point the club was really filling up so we took our seats in the living room, ate, drank and enjoyed watching the people around us. The clientele was more upmarket than we have traditionally seen in a UK club and very much international with so many different languages being spoken, a high proportion of which appeared to be Russian. There was also a wide mix of body styles in there, not just the young and beautiful. Young to older, tall to short, skinny to amply proportioned and all were relaxed, appeared to comfortable with themselves and in good spirits.

We decided that it was time to play and if anyone wished to join us we would welcome it. We played in the small room off the house corridor that is shown in the image here and whilst the occasional couple looked in, no-one joined us, however that did not stop us from enjoying each other.

We fancied the dark room again, so it was time for a stroll along the walkway. Interestingly, all of the ladies were dressed in standard very sexy outfits or underwear whereas all of the men were fully dressed, which once again is very unusual for a UK club, where towels for the guys is the norm. However, what was good to see was that all of the men took pride in their appearance and were properly dressed for an evening out as opposed to the ‘jeans and T shirt’ style that we always see when they enter a club and not exactly a statement which screams ‘come and get me girls!!’.

We enter the dark room and it is busy, but with it being the end of summer and filled with people, the heat and lack of air is overwhelming and we have to leave after only a couple of minutes. We really wanted to enjoy the room, but it just couldn’t be done, so we move further down the stable block and proceed to enjoy each other on a table in one of the open rooms. We have a wonderful hour in there that culminates in Yummy having a monumental orgasm through being simultaneously fisted with her thick clit being licked. Yummy is overwhelmed and the lack of sleep from the night before has got to her and she is all out of energy. Just at that point a quite attractive couple who had been playing alongside us for the last 5 minutes or so invite us to join them. Yummy is exhausted and we don’t play separately, however I can’t resist seeing them in a 69 with her on top and her arsehole looks divine, so whilst he is lapping away at her cunt, I give her other hole a cheeky tongue for a few seconds.

It is time to head away and back to the hotel.

With AbFabs, it was quite an investment at £70, but once inside, it is palatial in size, lots of features, all well maintained with a good atmosphere and there is nothing further to pay with even complimentary food being offered so all in all we were very happy and will be returning when we are next in the area.By the way, they are active on Twitter here too.

The next morning it is time to head home with the holiday finally over. As always we have made the most of it from that very early morning at the airport for departing to France to AbFabs at the end with a 3am return to the hotel. We couldn’t have physically packed any more in to this great week.

Yet another wonderful week in Cap d’Agde with Yummy.