Tuesday 31 January 2012

For YSL Thanks for the detailed answer, it certainly shows how much depth their is to your relationship. What I meant by different was how open minded and sexual she is or is that normal in your company?

For YSL Thanks for the detailed answer, it certainly shows how much depth their is to your relationship. What I meant by different was how open minded and sexual she is or is that normal in your company?
I'll answer your question directly first and then proceed on to my usual rambling qualifying tangents :)
How open minded is Yummy? Erm, she doesn't have a closed sign.
How sexual is she? Very! The most sexually driven person I have ever experienced.....erm.......since me.
Is that normal in your company? Depends.
Now for the rambling bit.  There is no doubt about it, Yummy is very sexually driven, in fact she has told me that she even got 'dumped' by a past lover on the grounds that she was 'too sexually demanding'.......from a husband it could be understandable, pressures at work, domestic arrangements and so on and so forth, but from a lover, where surely the arrangements are that you enjoy each other's company, have wonderful sex and carefree times, shouldn't sex play an important part? I guess that as this is a sex blog, you would expect me to say that....erm.....and as we met on a swinging site, well, do I really need to say any more?  I'm sure that lovers who meet through the local book club have a different view of what a clandestine affair is like, perhaps a mutual appreciation of James Joyce and snatched kisses are seen as naughty afternoons.
I have been a member of two swinging sites and as you would expect, the number of single males on these sites far outstrips the numbers of couples and single females. From tales that a number of ladies have told me that I met via the sites, the approach, tact and skills of single males they have met varies considerably. I have heard about a lady going 'round to a guy's house and he couldn't look her in the eye, kept a cushion clutched to him tightly and focused on watching the football on TV (she got fed up in the end, yanked his trousers down and sucked him), there are guys who don't wash, guys who send facial pictures of themselves.......from literally twenty years ago and are beyond recognition at the first (and last) meet and guys who think that boasting about their material possessions and great successes in life make them the greatest catch in the world with the underlying implication being that they are doing the lady a favour by even daining to spend time with them and show up in the first place. So, with this perspective laid out, I like to think that throughout my life, even in teenage years, you remember, when you actually had to go into bars, buy drinks and chat up women (you try to tell the kids today and they don't believe you) I have never been in those categories. I have always tried to be open, honest, relaxed and go with the flow, and I think that that is the approach that I have taken even more strongly on swinging sites as I recognise that I am one of the multitude of men on there and ladies and couples can freely take their pick.
So what does this all have to do with 'is it normal in my company'? Well, as in may initial answer, it depends. As outlined in an earlier post, I always take the best from any given situation and build on that rather than concentrating and dwelling on the negatives and combined with this, I never had a pre-determined idea of how a meet or evening is going to pan out. I should imagine if you do, you will have an awful lot of disappointing days in your life. With this attitude, I have never once had a 'bad' meet and although it sounds a little boastful, every meet I have had has ended in full sex, on meet one. Having said that, the way that we have got to full sex can be different in both length of time and approach. I have met couples directly in a hotel or their home and sex commenced within fifteen minutes and with others there has been long preludes of conversation including one night I remember where I went on a full night drinking sesson around the bars of town with them before they got around to asking me five hours in if I would like to come back their place. Equally with single females, some are more comfortable with a long conversation first and others are more direct including one who took me to the corner of a quiet bar and within ten minutes of meeting her told me how wet she was and that she wasn't wearing any knickers and then proceeded to grab hold of my wrist to push my fingers up her pussy!!!
So whether it is the direct approach or the more lengthy way, I don't have a issue with either  and I don't feel that I am going through some ritual or charade with 'I hope this ends in sex' foremost in my mind. Desperation shows, and it is very unappealing.
Now all of the above relates to people who have agreed to meet with me. Let's not forget that when I was a single male looking to meet and sending initial messages, there were a lot of messages that received no reply. Did I get upset? Of course not, even though I may have been interested or attracted to their profile, I didn't take it for granted that they would like mine. This stems from a long held belief that I have had about job interviews. You can think that you are the perfect fit for a post, you have the experience, the skills, the knowledge, you have an interview and they turn you down. Political reasons aside, perhaps they turned you down because they didn't think you were a good fit with the company or wouldn't align with the values or culture. Even if they got it wrong, they are the people who are doing the hiring and it is their decision that you have to accept, no matter if you feel that they are right or wrong. So, back to sex site no reply turndowns, apparently a lot of males start sending abusive messages if they get turned down. What's the point? Ranting and raving is hardly going to change their mind to: 'you know what, putting myself in a vulnerable position and having the most intimate interaction possible with another human sounds a great idea now that you have shown yourself to have a fragile ego with unstable emotions'.
A last point about the messages that I used to send out as a single male and the ones that Yummy and I do now to meet other couples outside of a club environment is that they are always very discriminatory, i.e. not spamming all couples or females and doing a bit of trawler fishing to see what we can snag. I would make it akin to line fishing where I and we only send messages to those who we really feel attracted to or like the look of their profile. And as things naturally filter down to those who reply and wish to meet, there is a much higher chance that you will meet with compatible people and it will be successful. What's the point of purporting to be something or someone who you are not, or contacting people who you may not or are not attracted to, just for the purposes of hopefully getting some disconnected, empty and emotionless sex?
Patience, no expectations and going with the dynamics and mood of the situation, in my opinion lead to a more contented and I would suggest a more sexually active life.
As in my last post, it isn't about the person, it is far more complex than that, it is about how you bond together (or otherwise). Yes, Yummy is highly sexually driven and we have very regular and amazing sex together. She wants me and I very much want her. But as she has written in earlier posts, she has met many men..........and very often it was only for coffee, it didn't go any further.

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Monday 30 January 2012

TMI Super Bowl (ok maybe not)

Since we don't do Super bowl here I'm going to tweak my answers a little... Ok a lot!!!

Even if their team is not going to the Super Bowl, millions of people love an excuse to party. So party we will. Tell us what your ideal Super Bowl Celebration (or any sports party) looks like by answering:

1. What’s your favorite _____ that you’ll serve at the party (name one item for each):
a. choice of beer Peroni
b. choice of wine St Emilion
c. choice of distilled spirit Irish Whisky
d. choice of mixed drink Whisky and diet Pepsi
e. choice of chip not fussy
f. choice of dip. Whatever's going
g. choice of take-out food (pizza, burgers, Chinese food, wings, etc) curry
h. choice of homemade food Fajitas!
i. choice of salty food. Cock
j. choice of sweet food. Pussy

2. What will you wear at the party? Assuming its a swingers free for all I'm going in a baby doll/chemise

3. You will be having your very own half time show at the football party. What is that half-time show? Briefly describe.

I think I'd go for masturbating, I did try this once to distract the husband at half time when the soccer was on but he told me I was in the way!

4. What team do you wish was playing in the Super Bowl?

I love being fisted thanks for asking, there's a video of it here. http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2011/12/warning-fisting-video-nsfw-sound-on.html (yes jack you have to watch it again to be polite)

5. The NY Giants and New England Patriots are in Super Bowl 2012, who do you want to win? (ummm…yeah, I had to google that info…LOL)

Yes masturbsting is a hobby of mine and I adore that YSL has actively encouraged my hobby and often joins in. Video here. http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2012/01/masturbating-for-ysl-video-warning.html

Bonus: Have you ever made a football (or Super Bowl) bet that involved sex? Tell us about your own Super Bowl of Sex.

I bet I can cum more than the combined scores of the Super Bowel next night away with YSL.

Does fucking the captain of an international soccer team count?

Bonus Bonus: Will you watch the Super Bowl? Do you even care about the Super Bowl? American football at all? What’s your can’t live without sport?

I only do sports that can be done in high heels; sex and dancing.

Go see who else played at http://tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com

Prostitution (actual) nope (unless dinner and drinks count as payment) so you would accept that, but not £150 for sucking a guy off

Good god no! What an awful suggestion that frankly I'm quite shocked by. I have 2 issues with this.

1. I give oral sex to my partner because I love him and I love cock

2. If you were to value my oral skills £150 isn't going to cover it

So either I need to like you or up the offer mate.

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Just wanted to say lovin YSL soon posts on blog, he seems as candid n confident as you. Would he write somethin about what he thinks about you, you clearly are summit different to any woman I've ever met??

Thank you for your compliments and saying that I am as candid and confident as Yummy. From just that line I think that you have really identified why it works so well between us as the chemistry is just right between us. I really don't think that it a case of Yummy being different or me being anything particularly special, it is that thing that you just can't put your finger on where you just connect and get along so well with someone.
I have been in a number of relationships in my life, however there have only been three where I felt that there was a really special connection where we just became one when we were together and Yummy is one of these. I'm sure that some people go through life never experiencing this and just assume that relationships are what they are, with differences, periods of loving punctuated by disagreements, difficulties and then back to a normal working relationship and I too thought that until the first time I had experienced this different type of relationship at the age of 27. For those who haven't been lucky enough to experience it, my best description of it is that you can feel that connection within the first hour of meeting someone and you just know that this isn't some honeymoon period style infatuation, but you have just undeniable belief that this person is a perfect fit and that your views, preferences, paradigms and ways of thinking will be the same as theirs.
I felt this on the first night I met Yummy and after she left at 5am, I had no doubt in my mind that we would have a very close relationship, although it has got stronger and closer than I could have ever imagined, and I certainly didn't envisage that I would be spending a week with her in a swingers resort in the south of France less than five months later!!
With Yummy I have perfect trust and confidence in her.  There are a lot of things that I have never done with any other lover that relate to daily normal life that I have had the confidence in Yummy  to do. I shan't be expanding as they are too detailed, but Yummy knows what I mean, and that's what counts.
So, with the above in mind, what do I think about Yummy and what attracts me to her? First of all, physically, as I have mentioned before, she is a very striking lady and has great presence. After all, she is six feet tall and a larger lady, which is something that I adore. Yummy often talks about her height and I joke that I am the man who has finally tamed the 50 foot woman, saving the town by ensuring that she doesn't go on a sex fuelled rampage. I believe that she is very beautiful, she dresses very stylishly and well and she has a lovely smile.
For her personality, she has a very infectious cheer about her and is someone who always takes the best from any given situation rather than dwelling on the negatives and if there are any difficulties that she encounters, she is a problem solver and leads the way to a better outcome. She is very generous spirited with her time and emotions as well as with material things as she always brings good wine and food and on occasion brings fantastic home baked goodies. Talking of which, she is a very talented cook.
Without a doubt, Yummy is very quick witted and can come up with one liners that are hilarious in a split second, however her humour and observations are very cutting and sarcastic, so may not be to everyone's taste, but they certainly are to me.
So on to the thing that brought us together in the first place. As readers may know, we met through a swinging site, so clearly we are both interested in sex and sex with a number of partners. Yummy has a very high sex drive........and so do I, which makes us perfectly compatible. There is one area where we do have different perspectives and it relates to sex. I have always been a fairly vanilla guy, but liking many partners, whereas Yummy has great interest in the bdsm side and prior to last year wasn't an area that I had any interest or thoughts on. To be honest I didn't really understand the attraction, although I have always accepted it in others. Yummy gave me some books to read and it helped me understand this area further and it is something that I have become involved in and fully enjoy, although I will admit that I had some reservations and felt a little uncomfortable at the beginning. This brings us back to the point at the top of this piece, about mutual attraction. Even though we met through a site that brings together people who wish to meet for sex, it was the attraction that we had for each other that was paramount above the type of sex we were looking for.
Having said that, we have never once had 'bad sex' or 'frustrating sex' and this is because we have mutual respect for each other and accommodate each other's feelings and needs every time we are together.
Our sex is all about giving to the other person, there has never been any hint of selfishness or one person taking all of the time. We are open to new ideas and will give them a go. We enjoy meeting new people to enjoy sex with, however once again due to our closeness, as in my last post we know what each other are looking for in potential new playmates, so there has never been an issue of one person diving into a situation head first and having the time of their life whilst the other sits on the sideline feeling uncomfortable.
Hope this provides some insight into us, what Yummy is like and my take on Yummy. If anything is taken away by readers, in my experience, it is not the characteristics of a person that make a relationship work, it is mutual attraction and shared paradigms combined with ongoing respect for each other.

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Saturday 28 January 2012

Sinful Sunday - holding me so deeply

I adore feeling so full of him. YSL told me when I cum as he fists me my cunt grips his hand so tightly, he can feel every spasm, one day it actually hurt his wrist I gripped it so tight.

YSL did a post this week, his first contribution to the blog, he answers about how he feels about me in group situations, go read and show him some love as its an amazing and candid post. YSL post

YSLs thoughts on the subject... You answered on your TMI WYR question a gang bang, would you do this in reality?

This is in reply to the formspring question about gangbangs:

I love to see others enjoying Yummy in my presence and I have always been very relaxed with her being the centre of attention on occasion whilst I stood back as a voyeur. I like the idea of Yummy being so sexually desired by so many men (and women) at the same time and for her to saviour the attention, but she has felt a little uncomfortable mentally thinking that it is selfish (towards me) and hence the guilt that she has mentioned.

There have been a handful of occasions where we have had wonderful group sex with multiple partners and the players have all been respectful, knew boundaries, knew the right things to do, everything felt so right and the mood of the atmosphere was one where everybody just clicked. However against this ,there have been more times where, whilst it has been fine, there are some people that you just don't want there, chancers, unskilled/inexperienced people and those that are just plain disrespectful, out to 'fuck/cum/fuck off'.

Unfortunately at the club this week, whilst we had a great time, there was a guy there who was good looking in a masculine kind of way, very fit and gym hard body, but sadly only there to satisfy himself. We arrived in a room where he and another guy were pleasing a lady and as soon as he saw Yummy, he dropped her and made straight for our favourite blogger. Well, he got on the nipples straight away, did his best to tune in the radio for about five minutes, tried to get her to lay back (Yummy wasn't having it) and then the call goes out, 'anyone got a condom?' WTF??? This is a sex club, and you haven't brought condoms?? Having said this, this is not unusual and to us is completely bizarre. I always have at least 10 condoms in the room with me and almost always the answer is 'sorry mate, haven't got any', just to piss them off and rub in their stupidity. I love the idea that these idiots who think they know what they are doing are just a cunt hair away from a fuck, but their idiocy prevents it. The desperation in their eyes never fails to lift our spirits and it is so funny to see a man with a hard on frantically pulling on some trousers to race downstairs to the bar to buy a condom and he's hoping that the action hasn't moved on in his absence and he's missed his chance. Anyway, this loser didn't get to fuck Yummy, but I was giving oral pleasure to a lady next to her, she was really wet and in to it, when he suddenly announces that he's got to fuck her and I've basically got to move along. She physically looks up when I stop wondering what's wrong, he starts banging away, lasts literally 90 seconds and then fucks off straight away. No kisses, no thank you's, of course no cuddling...what a twat!! We've seen similar previously and just seeing it looks awful, so being on the receiving end is not something that I ever want Yummy to experience.

Another example is when we were in a club before Christmas and we spent half an hour watching a lady being pleasured by several men. She was revelling in it, guys where fine and there were about ten male voyeurs with us who just watched and kept a respectful distance. When they finished, me and Yummy decided to get up and carry on a show, but damn, it suddenly turned in to a scenario like when the zoo keeper throws out the fish to the penguins, men just descended on us with no subtlety, thrusting cocks in her direction like she was about to suddenly walk out of the room.....and hey, guess what guys, it became a self fulfilling prophecy. We just stopped and went back to the bar.

So, to get back to the original point, even as shown above, things can be going well one minute, then downhill the next for this sort of scenario and as I said to Yummy the other night, I never thought that I would ever be a 'cock blocker', but that's what my role often is, to either physically shield Yummy from cocks or to assist in pulling her out of situations that we aren't comfortable with. Gang bangs and a lady being the centre of attention can be great if the mood and players are right, but often they can be tarred by the desperados that are either unpleasant or think that the moment may go soon so they have to get in quickly and if there are people around like that, it does put you a little on edge and on guard which detracts from just mentally letting go and wallowing in the hedonistic pleasure of it all.

The above covers the downsides of it and unfortunately it is a reality and something that we have often seen, but we always take away the good from situations and rarely dwell on the negatives. Anyway, denying having condoms always makes us laugh and brings them down to earth.

On the upsides, we have had some wonderful group experiences and totally let go because the mood and people were right and you could just feel it in the room. We were part of a 20sum in a club last year and Yummy enjoyed multiple cocks, I enjoyed many ladies, everyone was stroking and touching each other and the high point was when I was fucking a lady who was lying down (who has since become a good friend of ours) and then Yummy straddled her face, we cuddled and kissed and Yummy came all over her face whilst I pounded away.

It doesn't necessarily have to be large groups that make it exciting. We went to a club that is a lot quieter and had a room with Yummy lying on the bed and me and four other guys around her enjoying her. All of the guys were really pleasant, very respectful, almost to the point of being too hesitant (but we would rather have that than those who charge in) and it was such a pleasure to see a number of men drink her in, appreciate her, take the time to make her feel comfortable and of course to pleasure her.

Yummy is a very striking lady who is always noticed as soon as she walks in to a room and there have been so many times where even though there have been other ladies in the room who are clearly up for 'play', it is only her that they are interested in. We both have similar views about the type of people that we would want to play with and so we instinctively know when to come to the rescue of the other. An example from earlier in the week was one guy who made it very clear that he only wanted Yummy even though there was another lady in the room playing, but he just wasn't suitable, so I had to get 'cock blocking' and he still came back twice more.......and still showed no interest in anyone else in the room.

We are self confessed 'sex snobs' and only want to play with people who will give us a good, positive experience. We make a good team, sexually, helping each other out and I know that I am so lucky to be the one that she has chosen. I never take Yummy for granted, I only want to care and look after her and for her to experience all of the pleasures that she chooses and has the opportunity to pursue. As I have said before, I love the experiences that we share together with others and I dearly love Yummy being at the centre enjoying as many hard erections as she desires and can take, but most of all, it is always Yummy that I desire most every night and the one who I am always proud and pleased will be coming home with me.

Friday 27 January 2012

Worshiping his cock

He tells me to suck his cock until its hard. I place his flaccid cock in my mouth and start to suck. He tells me to stop. He tells me to keep his cock in my mouth and feel it grow.

It fills my mouth quickly, it isn't fully hard yet but I can't take any more. I move back a little and allowing it to grow more until its pressing against my throat, so hard for me, a measure of his arousal and desire of me.

He I suck, lick and entice his cum from him, I needed it to complete all holes full of him.

You answered on your TMI WYR question a gang bang, would you do this in reality?

If you had asked me this last year the answer would of been no. If I was with YSL yes, after experiencing being shared by him on a few occasions I have enjoyed being the centre of attention and being given so much pleasure. I do think I would feel an amount of guilt though after, not from the act, I'm comfortable with my sexuality and high sex drive but because I had taken the pleasure as opposed to it being shared.

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I hear that swinging couples are actually very loyal to their partners. You clearly are loyal to YSL with your sexual openess in your blog. Do you consider yourself something like a swinger?

In short yes I do consider myself a ‘swinger’ but so many people have such differing views of what swinging is.

I remember when I first read about it in the book Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker that it totally blew away the myth of it being middle age suburban couples chucking keys in a bowl. I learned it was about enjoying my sexuality without complications or boundaries. As a single females swinging its more like dating with the sex rules upfront. I found it refreshing to be able to explicitly state my wants; safe sex a must, I want oral, love fisting, anal and want conversation and sustained all night fun.
I’ve learned so many other things about swinging and yes the loyalty is true but that comes down to having such openness between each other. Since I met YSL last April I haven’t met with anyone else without him present and I don’t want too. Any pleasure I have had with others YSL as been in touching distance or as my first full swinging experience of being fucked by another man YSL was holding me close and encouraging my pleasure. The first 3 months of our relationship was also totally exclusive to each other, we even joke we were the worlds worst swingers, which gave us the strong foundations and trust that we enjoy now.
On the downside you hear of marriages that go wrong due to trying swinging but this is often due to couples thinking it will spice up a mundane sex life. With ourselves we only play with others to add to our experience, not to create one. I think the key to swing successfully comes down to clear communication between each other. Before and after each swinging experience we talk through expectations, making sure both of us are happy and not just seeing it through and taking one for the team. It’s always about shared pleasure.
In Cap D’Adge I remember commenting to YSL as we sat outside having dinner one night, as couples left the apartment blocks dressed up for a fun night swinging, how visible the affection and the pride in each other was, how tactile, not in a over sexual sense but just the kissing and hand holding all things often missing in marriages as the years build up. There was certainly no signs of complacency or neglect in any of the swinging couples which is more often the case.

I've read lots of other points of view and some great advice also over at www.edencafe.com the sex community part of www.edenfantasys.com I highly recomend having a look.

Thursday 26 January 2012

Wednesday 25 January 2012

A day off; tied, cropped, face fucked and loved

I try to be as quiet as possible and undress downstairs, tiptoeing up the stairs and I see him asleep in the bed. I slip under the covers and spoon him. His body is toasty warm and as i press by body to his he instinctively pushes closer to me.

He turns to snuggle in and intermittently delivers kisses to my lips and forehead as he stirs from his sleep, his eyes still tight shut but smiling. His cock is hard and I take hold of him, slowly and firmly wanking him as he holds me. His hand reaches round to finger me and finds my arse and he presses inside with 2 fingers.

I’m aroused but my focus is on his pleasure, I want to make him cum more than I want any pleasure. I move to sit on his face just as he asks for the same, I adore we are so in tune with each others wants.

I straddle him and enjoy his face buried in my folds and watch as he wanks his cock furiously for me until he covers me as he climaxes.

A serious amount of cuddling follows, I ask him to pass the Hitachi and he declines, commenting on how he had read about my enjoyment of orgasm control on my limits list, NO! Not now! He laughs and says don’t worry I know it’s more than that and heads under the duvet, I cancel the requirement for the Hitachi knowing I'm about to experience my favourite of all delights.

He licks me relentlessly, I’m cumming so much I cant catch my breath in between the onslaught of pleasure. Just when I think he is done with me his fist pushes inside me and he locks his mouth so firmly around my clit, its airtight and pulling everything physically and emotionally from me as he fists me deeply. Im going to cum, not just my clit but gspot as well. I feel like I’m almost going to vomit a climax from me it’s such a overwhelming sweeping wave passing through me.

He knows I need holding, he takes me in his arms and caresses me as I shudder, eventually I calm down and I feel so restful in his embrace I drift off to sleep being held by him.

I wake from his kisses and his offer of breakfast and coffee. After a brief spell of responding to e-mails we curl up together again. He lavishes love upon me in so many ways, I feel uplifted by his affection. Every touch, every kiss, even the way he is looking at me has me overflowing with want for this man.

He takes his time appraising and appreciating every inch of me before slowly manipulating my clit and sucking on my breasts. He holds me close and firmly as I start to cum and presses his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. If the day ended now I would leave so sated but it was only just beginning.

Both of us have important calls to deal with. I finish before him and take the chance to write a blog post. I notice on his bedside table are my pegs he bought me for Christmas. I put them on my nipples as he finishes his call. He laughs and kisses me making me gasp and he pushes his chest against the pegs making them pull at my nipples. He leaves the room a moment and returns with the riding crop, pulls back the covers and without ceremony goes to work on my arse.

There is no warm up, immediately he strikes me with purpose, I instinctively roll back to cover myself as the intensity builds. He pushes me back and makes it clear to stay in place.

He strikes me again, alternating cheeks and holding my cheeks open so my hole gets a seeing to as well. As I retract he strikes my cheeks harder I know I have to keep my hole open and presented.

It gets too much and I reach back to cover myself. He throws down the crop and leaves the room returning with bondage tape and he secures my hands together ensuring I can’t interfere anymore. He picks up the crop and starts again, I try to be good and take it, he rubs spit into my burning skin and blows on it sending more intense sensations through my body, another strike lands and I pull away earning my feet being bound and another thorough cropping.

I hadn’t noticed but when he had left the room before he had retrieved from the toy box a butt plug and the large dildo. He pushes me on my back and stuffs my holes before going to work on my nipples with the crop. Its too much, the pegs are still on and each strike to my nipple is more than I can take, I hate it and love it so much. I want to tell him to stop but frightened he does.

He reaches for the flogger and flogs my breasts and stomach, not so much using force but the stinging bite setting my skin alight feels so good.

He sits astride my face and teases me with his cock, rubbing the precum over my face before fucking my mouth. I feel so taken by him, affectionately abused, I swear I could cum from just this act alone before adding both holes being full and stretched. He teases me again and intermittently forceing his cock in my mouth and throat so deep until he spurts his cum into my open and cock hungry mouth. I hold his cum in my mouth and wait for his instruction “swallow it now” i do what im told as he starts to untie me.

The peg removal was so intense, the cropping had made them so sensitive and tender, he slowly removes the first, I grit my teeth as the blood rushes through them and accelerates the pain. He waits a moment and removes the next , pulling me close as I feel it before taking them gently in his mouth and caressing it with his tongue.

After lunch we watch a programme on TV, one of his favourite shows, I love learning this side of him, things that give our relationship depth and more things to share. As it finishes we swap sides on the bed, I was on what was normally his side. I reach to get a drink and he tells me to stay in that position and pushes his cock inside me.

He starts to slowly make love to me but then begins to fuck my mind with the words he says to me. My leg is locked back over his as he fucks me, my cunt exposed, he tells me he wants to invite Steve, a guy we have met at the club, he enthusiastically licked my cunt for ages one night when we met close to the standards of YSL, YSL wants him to lick my cunt while he fucks my holes. I want this too and it’s very evident as my wetness increases so much its covering his balls and thighs. He tells me to roll onto my front and stuffs the dildo in my cunt and mounts my arse. He fucks me with such enthusiasm and depth, I’ve never had my arse fucked so perfectly.

I’m so close to cumming and he bites my back hard knowing it will throw me over the edge. He switches hole and fucks my cunt hard until I’m clawing at the pillows, his hands around me, almost at my neck and its driving me wild as thoughts fill my head. I start to cum again almost crying as the feeling rushes through me, I feel s so raw and lay bare now, I’ve cum so much.

He pulls out and lies back on the bed and places me between his thighs, my head on his groin, his hand firmly directing my head next to his cock. He lets me lick the tip but then wanks it close to my mouth, I'm aching for it, I need him to cum and give me it. He allows me to suck him again but only a moment then he expertly wanks himself until he offers it back to my open mouth and spills his climax into me.

The day was finished of perfectly, more closeness in bed followed by a long hot soak in the double tub together. I don’t want the day to end, as we bathed my thoughts go to wanting to remain entwined all night, a carpet picnic and a film or dinner, cocktails and falling asleep together. When I get back home he sends me a message reflecting the same thoughts, proving how connected we are and wanting each other, yet both of us understanding the limitations of what we have, valuing every moment we have together.

I have a question for YSL. How does he feel having every detail of your relationship on your blog? Does it not devalue your intimacy?

I think that it is a disgrace and a gross intrusion of not only my privacy, but of what should be a private act between two committed people for the sole purpose of procreation, by which I mean that I think that it is absolutely fantastic and absolutely encourage Yummy to carry on.
For those who are long time readers of Yummy's blog, you will know the reasons why she originally started writing and following on from that she finds it a good outlet to verbalise her feelings as well as a release to be able to speak about the exploits that she gets up to. The majority of the feedback that she receives is very positive and she has made a vast number of good long term friends through her writing.
Whilst we are both very driven and assertive in our professional lives, away from work and in our leisure time we are both very accommodating for each other and care for each other whilst acknowledging and happily accepting each other's needs, wants and desires. We have never once stopped the other person from doing what they wanted and I can't think of any instance where one of us has done something that has jarred or irritated the other. So, Yummy was a blog writer before I met her, so not only do I not feel it right that I demand that she stops just because I have come along, I am actually very proud that she wishes to tell the world about me and I feel very fortunate that it is me sharing these experiences with her when I know that there are so many people out there who would not hesitate to swap places with me.
In the time that I have known Yummy, everything that she has written has been accurate and factually correct with no embellishment or exaggeration, so when you read about the 16sum that we had on the beach, I can assure you that it was exactly that  :)
I read her posts as they appear on the blog and sometimes she sends them to me a few hours before they go live, but I have never once asked her to change any of the content and I have always been very proud and happy to be associated with her, her writing and just being part of everything that we do together.
I have a very busy working life and because of this I have not read very much of her blog that relates to the time before we met. It is not out of disinterest or even jealously, I think that when you get to our respective ages, you have to accept that you both have sexual pasts and as you will have read during our time together, I am very happy for Yummy to experience and enjoy sexual pleasures with others as I don't believe that I have any right to deny her of any of this. None of this devalues or diminishes the love and intimacy that share together and as I often say to her when we have come back from a club or group meeting, I am always proud to be with her and it is always her that I want and am pleased to leave with.

Ask me anything

Tuesday 24 January 2012

What have you not done with YSL yet but want to?

I was updating my limits list 2 weeks ago and there were a few things that crossed my mind but know that in time as we explore each other further i am sure they will happen. 

We have never done orgasm control as such, something YSL mentioned the other day. Its a tough one to do as he enjoys making me cum so much and I'm certainly not about to grumble about that! When the mood is right I'm sure it will occur and i look forward to being teased to the point I'm begging for permission to cum or happy to take the consequences of  to being able to stop myself. 

Another thing I'd like to do is sensory deprivation; blind folded, earplugs or earphones, tied up, totally his and have to trust him so entirely. Every touch amplified as its my only sense left. 

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Monday 23 January 2012

TMI- would you rather

This weeks TMI is a game of Would You Rather

Join in and add in comments which you would rather.... Especially the naughty bonus question

1. Would you rather wear the same pair of unwashed socks for 2 years or wear the same pair of unwashed underwear for 1 year? Explain.

Socks! I'd rather be known as smelly foot woman than the other alternative!

2. Would you rather eat a baby or be eaten by a giant baby? Explain.

I think with the right marinade a baby would taste ok and since it's eat of be eaten...

3. Would you rather steal money from your Grandfather in the past or steal money from a Grandchild in the future? Why?

Grandfather in the past because it could be something I've learned from and something I've grown better because.

4. Would you rather be trapped in a cave full of vampire bats or put a large jar full of bees (opened) in your pants?

Hmm tough one here, I'm a bit iffy with the dark but the bees have a potential to hurt so it comes down to body or mind... Bees, I can recover from the physical.

5. Would you rather be a person with a head that is noticeably big for your body or have a head that is disproportionately small compared to the rest of your body?

Big head please, I can wear big shoulder pads to balance things a little and tell everyone it's due to my superior intelligence!!

Bonus (not from WYR): Would you rather have sex, with your significant other, in a sex club with all eyes and a spotlight on you OR would you rather get gang-banged & groped in darkness by a bunch of strangers.

Now this is my kind of question!! Although I don't want to choose.

I'm going with gangbanged and groped in darkness, I've done the groped in darkness part before on holiday in Cap D'Agde and it was amazing, I was also fucked by a stranger as YSL held me and that was so erotic. So a fusion of this has it's merits! (the details of groped and fucked by a stranger are here http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2011/12/part-13-cap-d-last-night-at-cap-d.html )


An unplanned evening together

He arrives home at 6, I'm sat on his sofa wearing a new blue chemise, as I get up to kiss him and put the kettle on the wet slit mark was visible on the cushions. I was so aroused and had been since the moment we arrange me coming over. He comments on my new hair cut and outfit, loving them both and pulling me close as he smiles and kisses me, his hands tracing my curves and taking hold of my ample bottom.

He puts dinner on and freshens up before settling down to eat together we enjoy both talking over work stuff. Our friendship and support for each other is something I value so much with him, both of us have focused and driven business values so we make a good sounding board for each other.

Dinner over and I suggest a spot of nakedness, he laughs and guides me to the bedroom. It's been over a week since we have seen each other and I'm aching to have my body pressed to his and his arms around me.

He holds me so close, kissing me and bathing me in so much love. He smiles at me and whispers goodbye as he goes under the covers. I know what's coming next, me. He feasts on me for almost and hour initially licking, sucking and drinking me and eventually fisting me and fingering my arse as I convulse in a orgasmic state. The bed is drenched and so is YSL. I've covered him in my juices.

He lies back next to me to hold me, I'm trying to recover but his enthusiasm for me cumming beats me. His hand is back on my clit I can feel how swollen it is as he wanks it almost like a cock, the thought of 'this must be what it feels like to have your cock wanked' goes through my head and it turns me on even more. As I started to climax my clit feels electrified, his touch is too much for me to bare but he continues, his fingers delving into my wetness every now and then but immediately returning to torturing my clit and drawing more orgasms out of me. My legs are locked apart, he has them pinned so there's no escaping, all of a sudden the biggest orgasm crashes down on me, I cum hard I feel my own cum ejaculate from my cunt onto my thigh.

His hard cock is already in my hand, in the throws of it all I had taken hold of it, not to wank but for my own pleasure and to measure how aroused YSL was.

He puts on one of the new cock rings around his balls and base of his cock and gentle pushes me on my side. I'm so ready to feel his cock inside me. It feels good, I don't know if it's the cock ring, the absence if sex for a week or just how perfect the angle is but his cock is filling me and pushing the right places, his balls are forced against me, I feel thoroughly taken.

He fucks me hard until I'm cumming on his cock, his hands adoring me as he pounds my cunt hard. He reaches for some lube, his cock still inside and not missing a stroke as he starts to ply my arse with it. He switches holes, slowly at first, his cock is so rigid and engorged it's hard to take. Once inside he starts to fuck me harder, I'm clawing at the bedding it feels so fucking good. He starts to talk dirty to me, he tells me how much I turn him on, how much he wants me, that he loves that he is the one I choose to expose myself to. He starts to tell me what he going to do to me, the very thought of it as he fucks my arse is enough to send me into another climax, I think I'm going to have to ask him to stop, my whole body is now electrified and hyper sensitive but I don't want him to stop, I want much more. His fingers work their way into my cunt, he takes hold of his cock that is inside my arse still and gentle holds himself through my walls, he tells me he can feel all the contours on his cock as he moves slowly in and out my arse.

I'm unable to speak, it's not needed, my only job is to lie there and take his cock, he explains that so clearly. He pulls his hand out and pushes his cock back inside my cunt. This time he fingers my arse until its as full as I can take it, he pushes against his cock from my arse, I'm so full of him, he tells me I'm being good taking his cock and just how good I feel. He pulls out again, this time he works both hands inside, one in each hole, I'm biting the pillow and reading to unleash the mother of all orgasms when he also pushes his cock into my cunt. I feel my cunt crush against his hand and cock as I can't stop myself from letting go and cumming in such a way I've rarely experienced. He pulls his hand out my arse knowing I need it gentler while I recover a little and slowly wanks his cock a moment still inside me. The lube is replenished and he pushes his cock and 2 fingers into my arse again. I love how much he is taking from me, how much pleasure he is getting from using my holes, I want him to use me this much, I want him to fill me with his cum. His cock throbs as he pushes deeper depositing his seed so deep inside.

We curl up and watch some comedy in bed, so close my head nestle on his chest he places kisses on me as we watch, he can't see my face but I am smiling so much, I'm very happy.

His cock is hard again and he starts to stroke it, he knows I adore watching but I want to hold it as well. We change the programme, some porn, I'm already restless and aroused the porn is pouring fuel on the flames. I can't focus on the screen I want his cock too much. I take it in my mouth and adore it as I glance at the screen I between taking his entire length into my mouth, his cock tastes of his arousal and mine. His hands reach and caress my back, it feels like a perfect moment, just lazily enjoying the pleasures of each others bodies.

The clip ends and we clear the laptop away and put on some music, kissing and pushing out bodies against each other. He continue to masturbate his cock for me as I slowly finger myself. I see he is close to cumming and move closer, I want to be covered. The warm raindrops of cum land on me, some making it as far as my lips. We kiss and pull close enjoying his climax together. I need to go soon but plan to be back early before he even wakes but the charade for the husband tonight needs me to arrive back after my business meeting.

Before I go I plug in the Hitachi, I hadn't cum when I was fingering myself but I had been so close and I wanted the release still, greedy of me considering how much pleasure I have been given all night but YSL never makes me feel anything but encouragement at these moments and he gladly holds me close as I masturbate in his arms. I ask him to finger me as I hold the wand hard against my swollen clit. He knows exactly what to do, I'm close to cumming but in need if tipping over the edge, he takes my pierced nipple firmly in his mouth and without warning or expectation he bites me. My orgasm sweeps through me so rapidly, so powerfully, the surprise shock of the pain send my mind into a sheer euphoric climax.

After a lingering kiss and cuddle I dress and make plans to return early in morning, we are spending a day off together, pure indulging pleasure all day.

Saturday 21 January 2012

Sinful Sunday - a day off relaxing

YSL messaged me Thursday, I was sat at the hairdressers getting my hair done. He tells me he's free tonight and taking Friday off would I care to join him?

I was in such a fluster I thanked my hairdresser for a wonder blow job!

I spent the evening in his arms and left full of him to sleep at home returning before YSL woke.

We spent almost 9hours indulging each other, he loved me so much, I felt every ounce of it.

Just realised it's my 2 year blogging Anniversary! Oh my god! How did that happen? Thanks so much for reading, commenting, perving and lurking. All very appreciated.

Friday 20 January 2012

You are disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself!

I am, I'm very deeply ashamed and highly disgusted on a daily basis.

**by ashamed and disgusted I mean extremely pleased with myself and currently enjoying filthy sex with my secret lover whilst ignoring your narrow minded ignorant comment. Please re read your comment and apply it to self.

Ask me anything

How many times can you cum in one day/session? And can you cum from just penetration? Or anal?

It depends on what I'm doing, if it's me on my own 3tops as I struggle to touch my own clit when it's so sensitive and I often loose focus when on my own. With YSL it's different I'm fortunate I can cum lots but it's not about climaxing for me, it's the pleasure getting there.

Also I come differently depending on what I am doing and state of mind. I can make myself cum sometime in under 2 mins with a vibe but it is worthless, It is a physical reaction, still pleasant but nothing earth shattering. When I cum from interaction, both mental and physical stimulation that's when the earth starts to move. If I am stressed or distracted I struggle to cum when alone, it frustrates me as I often find cumming helps me relieve my stressed state, something YSL has seen in recent months with me.

Clit - my whole body convulses, its like every nerve is set alight. Recently YSL has had me in such a state, the best i can describe is I emotionally came as well as physically. I was so affected by it in a positive sense.

Here's a video of me rubbing my clit for YSL http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2012/01/masturbating-for-ysl-video-warning.html

Gspot - its almost animalistic, watching myself back on film I almost growl as I cum its so primeval. Deeply satisfying also. When being fisted when this occurs, YSL has said I almost crush his hand.

Here's a video of me cumming from fisting : http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2011/12/warning-fisting-video-nsfw-sound-on.html?m=1 

Anal - it is so hard to explain, it is more an enrichment of other orgasms, i love it if I can achieve this and another at the same time, its just so intense, more of a mental stimulant.

Urethral - I have twice cum from this alone and a few times in conjunction with other stimulation. Best way to describe it is you know when you were bursting for a wee and when you have been you get such an uplifting sense of relief and reward.

Orgams Control - To intensify my orgasms I like to absatin or be forced to earn it. HE used to tease me for hours then start to count backwards from 10, I had those 10 seconds to make myself cum or have to wait an hour to try again! I would be frantic and he would often ensure I failed and remove me hands as I begged and start teasing again. YSL threatened to not let me cum this morning but instead he disappeared between my legs for an hour and had me quite the opposite, the bed is soaked!

Forced Orgasms - When I have climaxed especially through clitoral stimulation I become hypersensitive, I can hardly bare to be touched but I love it, to be pinned down and forced to take it, often I can sometimes cum again in seconds. 

Ask me anything

Would you ever consider having a naughty tweet up party?

Probably not, I think I'd worry too much that people had a higher expectation of me than reality. I would like to meet some of my twitter/blogging friends though buts that's on a more personal basis. I've met one fellow blogger, outsidevanilla.blogspot.com and stayed with him and his family. We are now great friends.

I'd love to head stateside with YSL and meet lots of you but top of the USA list is jacknjill and nolenvolens as I consider them personal friends but there are many more I couldn't even start to list like I want to have a girlie day with Gucci mama, be sandwiched between Hubman and 13messages.... The list is endless!

I do hope to meet jillboyd when she gets moved over here, I plan to get her tipsy and take advantage of her!

Ask me anything

Wednesday 18 January 2012

HNT or TNH - isolation

He's away, I'm bereft without him, my entire being, inside and out is aching for him more than I dare admit. I need his arms around me, sex isn't needed, his eyes upon me are.

He sent me this, it is officially my favourite picture of his cock. I want to lie my head upon his tummy and stroke his cock, my cock as I gaze upon it.

Dont forget to post a comment if you are playing so I know to visit.

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Part 15 - Cap D'Agde, the journey home (and falling asleep in themiddle of an orgy)

We were initially amused as 'andy'the guy who had faked being diabled on the inbound flighT and later been seen running up the beach to perve at sex was back to his disabled self. Refusing to even walk a step without aid or the use if a wheelchair. Both of us were tempted to whisper to him that we'd seen him run up the beach naked but thought better of it.

                                                                                            After checking the bags in I grabbed a coffee and sat down, my foot was hurting, it got a small blister on my toe earlier in the week but it had gotten worse.

YSL had been called back to the security area, I started to giggle, nervous laughter, knowing YSL was probably being asked what was in his bag! Sure enough the large aerosol shaped items that he hadn’t declared were the strap on and the Hitachi!!! Im sure security at such a resort doing it for the sport of it, im sure I would given the chance.

We landed and headed slowly as I was limping to collect our bags, all the way through the holiday guilt of my escape had been manageable, the fear of capture was minimised by knowing people that knew where I really was had my back covered. But right now I had a horrid sinking feeling, added to that my lack of sleep and that my phone wasn’t working so I couldn’t just call and check, I had it in my mind outside the gate would be an angry husband and I just couldn't shake it.

I tell YSL of my concerns and as ever he settles my mind and offers to keep his distance as we head through the gate, even to the point of telling me if he is there just to go and he would get home on his own (350miles!).

Once on the bus to the car park I breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed a warm hug, he truly is the most amazing man. He had also fixed my phone god bless him!

We started the journey home, but tiredness was too much, I could feel myself drift into a trace and pulled into the next services. Food was needed, along with sleep as it had been almost 2 days since we had slept for more than an hour. We laughed as we ate our food and both looking at people as sexual targets and giving each other the nod. Joking we really must stop it now back in the UK.

One last stop planned; it was just as well as I know I couldn’t of made it home. We had tentatively planned this stop off before we went on holiday, its a club we have been wanting to go to, one of the top in the UK by all accounts. We checked into a hotel, initially tempted to have a nap but feared if we did we would be out of it for the night. Instead we sorted the bags out, ensuring my bags were back to ‘business trip’ status, YSL took the toys and lingerie.

Dressed and ready to go out to our final sexual adventure of the holiday. We weren’t going to miss the chance of going to one of the UK’s top swing clubs just because we were tired. The cab driver dropped us off outside and we headed inside La Chambre http://www.lachambre.biz/ . Greeted by a friendly bar lady we signed up, I had forgotten my ID but she loved my excuse of being so tired due to still fucking at Le Glamour at 6am that morning.

We were given a guided tour, the most effecient we have ever experience the only damper on the show round was the couple that were on the tour with us lacked decorum and deodorant, 2 very important aspects when swinging!

The format of the club was different to others we have visited, they encouraged people to stay out of the play rooms until later in the evening and to enjoy the club style socialising and entertainment downstairs. Neither of us were drinking alcohol, we people watched from seats around a dance floor and enjoyed each others company.

A man dress as a judge took the stage and what began was a court hearing of the case of the missing banana, 2 of the regulars where charged with the offence that had occurred at the party the week before. Having been found guilty they were stripped tied to a pole and cropped then, taken to the dance floor and foamed and feathered.

As the entertainment finished people filtered off to the changing rooms and some straight upstairs. We changed and headed to the play rooms, after a cursory look around we headed to the dark room. It wasn’t as dark as what we had experienced in Le Glamour but we liked the ambience and there were lots of couples playing. We lay down our towel and I enjoyed sucking YSL’s cock slowly until the deodorant dodgers arrived, purely detected by scent.

We up sticks and head to the mirrored room. A 3some was happening in the corner but we headed right onto the bed and YSL buried his face in my wetness. I enjoyed the mirrored view, I’m not normally one for wanting to see myself having sex, I find it distracting, but right now watching YSL between my legs was doing it for me.

He started to fist me as well as lick and I end up squirting everywhere, a wonderful start to the evening. He moves behind me and spoons me. Slowly fucking me as we watch the 3some and now another couple fucking. I climax again and we decide to head back to the dark room. We slowly fuck and watch a large blonde woman next to us be licked and then fucked. Her body language was inviting and I took the invitation on our behalf. Initially caressing her breasts and then inviting YSL to lick her as I held open her thighs for him. I sit back and masturbate watching YSL give pleasure, her soft moans turning to loud groans and gasps as she neared climax. A foot touches me and starts to caress my leg, then a womans hand reached for my breast and starts to play with my nipples. She then leans in to kiss me and I register it was the woman who stole the banana. She is taken with my breasts and spends the next 20 minutes purely taking pleasure from them. I’m soaked from her play and when YSL joins us he takes full advantage of the situation. He parts her lets and has her in the same state as the blonde, his enthusiasm and skill for licking pussy is matched by no-one. She cums hard and loud, I lie back and seamlessly he moves from her to enters me while she continues to play with my breasts, kiss and caress me, a group play merges with us. Its slow, rhythmic and so calming as all the bodies undulate together. Next thing I know YSL is waking me up! I fell asleep in the middle of group sex! And I think I snored! I seriously cant believe that this happened, ive never, especially with the passion that YSL takes me with have dozed off before!

After a revitalising orgasm and post sex introductions we decide to head back to the hotel and fall asleep together.

We have an early start and get to his place a couple of hours later. I enjoy a coffee and hate that we were about to part. After 10 solid days together, not a crossed word just pleasure in each other’s company, the holiday had surpassed my expectations by far, YSL had been so caring, loving and adventurous, I could not of wished for a better 10 days.
If you missed any of the Holiday posts they are here..... lots of pics, video and naughty Tales of our time in Cap D'Agde

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TMI video we took while away a
HNT - naked in the sea http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2011/09/hnt-cap-d-naked-in-sea_28.html
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Monday 16 January 2012

TMI - Hoo Doo (who, do)

In the history of TMI to don't think any of my answers will shock anyone...

1. Play naked twister with?

An average of 76 people a year die playing twister, and about 23 of which are through playing the nude version!

2. Love?

I love him more than I ever thought I was capable of, in more was than I thought possible.
this says it all..

3. Excites you beyond belief?

I think you already know what YSL does for me sexually but I was re reading an earlier post from when we just met. Our passion and connection we have today was so palpable from the very beginning.


4. Enjoy ass play with?
Giving and receiving. We both enjoy the pleasures of anal play and to more extremes than most. I adore being anally fuck, fisted and otherwise abused with toys.
Here's a video of us being very naughty.

5. Shower with?

We had such fun in the shower in Cap D'Agde but best shower sex in Leeds on our first trip.

6. Undress?
One my most favourite things.. To be lay naked with YSL, skin to skin, not an ounce of air between us.

7. Rim?

A pleasure we both enjoy, I'm very lucky that he indulges me so and he has a very long tongue. I enjoy giving but I have a little tongue so end up paying for it for day's after with tongue ache!

8. Elope with?

I think this post frames my thoughts on this better http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2011/12/my-secret-lover.html

Bonus: Who do you want to wake up in the arms of? Why?
Erm do you want to guess the answer here?

Go see who else played http://tmituesdayblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/tmi-tuesday-january-17-2012/

E-Lust 32, the sex blog round up

lady grinning soul - january
Photo courtesy of Lady Grinning Soul

Welcome to e[lust], the sex blog round-up- The best posts from the hottest and smartest sex bloggers all in one place! This edition highlights topics such as libido, fake orgasms, teenage lust, voyeurism, BDSM consent and so much more. Want to be included in e[lust] #33? Start with the rules, come back in February to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ The Top Three Posts ~

Assent Matters by SherynB - Find your emotional power to recognize and say “no” to what you don’t want BEFORE you get naked and tied up and give up your actual physical power to walk away to anybody.

Forever The Night - ‘Why the hell shouldn’t I listen? This is my home, my bedroom after all’. So I do listen and I do feel myself twitch at every minute sound on the other side of that fucking wall.

Hands. Fingers. Pleasure. - This was the first time a boy's fingers had such unfettered access to my pussy. Prior gropings under and through clothes had never been like this.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

The Fake Orgasm: You think you know, but you have no idea - I am 34 and I have faked orgasms. There ya have it. But I have never and will never qualify doing so as “I did it for him”.

~ Featured Post (Picked by Lilly) ~

Sadie Says... Awake - In the haze of my missing libido I also lost myself. I began to wonder if I remembered who the hell I was?

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Friday 13 January 2012

Are you and YSL in an exclusive relationship together, I know you swing together but I mean do you both still see others?

Wow big question! It's not something that has ever been discussed or expressed either way beyond our initial meeting when we were not looking for a relationship. I have rightly or wrongly intuitively assumed a level of exclusiveness.

That said I haven't had sex with anyone else since the night we met other than in his presence, nor have I wanted too. I can't speak for YSL but I don't think he would have the time although I would hope if he wanted to he would feel comfortable enough to tell me as I would want it to be part of us not something to hide. 

Besides guys why fuck another woman on the side when I'd be happy to make it a 3sum ? 

Ask me anything

Are you going back to Cap D'Adge this year? And if yes will you be publicising when you are going in advance?

I certainly want to go back again!

It was such an amazing experience that we did together at a relatively early stage in our relationship give we had only been together about 5months. Whilst the resort is a swingers haven the holiday really solidified 'us', it gave us quality time together and the closesness and trust we have in each other today.

The lovey stuff aside it's a mind blowing sexually experience that many don't get once in there lives... So going twice? Erm yes please!

As for will I share it on blog, if we go again its likely I would be too excited not to share, the resort holds about 40k+ so you're all welcome to join us, we will be the couple with the crowd around us.

Ask me anything

How often do you and YSL meet?

More than we ever thought we would! I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't see him weekly. We met with the hope of finding someone to meet once or twice a month for good sex, thisweek I saw him twice, one of those  I slept over. 

We both have busy lives though and I won't see him for another 2 weeks due to work and family commitments.  When I miss him it's not the sex I miss, it's his arms holding me, our conversations, just being with him. I recently asked him, following a joke that he sees me more than his Girlfriend, if I asked too much of him, his reply was what I wanted, he is pleased with what we give each other and the space we occupy in each others lives.

Ask me anything

footjobs ... fair or foul???

It's all about the moment, last foot job I gave was at the Dungeon and i was on a table, YSL and a woman pleasuring me while a Dom fingered me and fucked my feet. Can't say it's a fav of mine but when your hands are full and your holes occupied....

Ask me anything

how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?


Erm thanks for question

Ask me anything

Will you participate in next week's HNT theme?

I did and I will! I'm pleased bloggers are keeping HNT going.

Just checked out next weeks theme at http://thenaughtyhangout.blogspot.com and can't wait to post!

Ask me anything

Thursday 12 January 2012

HNT or TNH - Health

Still posting my HNT and Ive posted at OHNT as well. Theres a new place, TNH that lots of HNT'rs are using to continue the weekly meme. Its not the same without O's but I love what he gave us, a community, and Im wanting to keep with it. TNH are posting themes for you to be inspired by but you can just be yourself if you want.

This weeks theme was health... Well that does look like a healthy nipple doesnt it? but if the truth be told that pic was taken was because my nipple was broken, YSL broke it, it was stuck in the 'on' position for days after the Dungeon Club visit

Just before this was taken...Masturbating for YSL - VIDEO **Warning sound on**

Last week lots of you also posted on here and my twitter if you played, please continue to do so as it will keep other readers in the know as my HNT normally gets 1500 or so hits.

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Masturbating for YSL - VIDEO **warning sound on**

This was taken on birthday treat weekend.We had been to a swingers club and headed back to hotel. We were sipping drinks at the window enjoying the night time view of the city and I asked him if I was asking too much of him, his answer made me smile, his answer was an affirmation of how confident he is in me as I am in him. Both of us happy with the space we occupy in each others lives. Neither of us thought we would become what we are but both of us pleased to have each other in our lives.

As the coversation drew to a close I open my legs and start to slowly touch myself. If you put the sound on you will here YSL, tell me to show him my clit.

Sorry if you cant view the file, its a Windows Movie File .WMVso wont work on mobile!

try this MP4

Or this Mpeg

What more can i do other than a house visit! Ok try this link to drop box

Limits list

I have this on another page on my blog but I thought I'd update it, add some video and postlinks and share it over here as well... If you want to join in and have a link from my page let me know youve posted of done one of the list. There is a blank list at the end of my Limits page for you to copy and paste. Following the limits list being posted I've had lots of emails from you and peeps posting theirs on there blog so I thought I would find some space to put them on here.

Id love you to contribute with new things for the list, tell me your top does and top oh my god I could never do list. Send it to me and I will post it along with a link to your blog if you want to yummyx at hotmail co uk

a) submit your list (part or in whole
b) submit your top 10 does and top 10 donts
c) submit a new limit to the master list
d) ask me if id do it or done it before
e) send a funny or true tail of one of the limits

nice and easy!

here is mine....

Anal Sex YES PLEASE!!!!
Anal Plugs (small) er as above
Anal Plugs (large) mmmm yes please and help me get it in if you dont mind?
Anal Plug (public under clothes) yes but i must say it made me fidgit during dinner
Animal Roles , neigh! no my bag but do like those pony but plugs, they look like fun.
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) is that the bondage tape stuff? if so yes love to try I can tick this off now
Aromas yep, very sensitive to smell
Asphyxiation - not sure on this one, i like breath play, just experimenting with that at the min
Auctioned for charity ???????????? and have the embarasment of nobody bidding for me??? no thanks I'd be mortified
Ball Stretching - dont have any
Bathroom use control - yep, love to not be allowed to pee and forced to have sex
Beastiality - erm no thanks
Beating (soft) - yes so long as its done with affection.
Beating (hard) - no, I have a family to go home too so I cant risk a mark
Blindfolding - love it! love any sensory deprivation
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood) - does that included having sex when on period and getting messy costhat I can do??
Being Serviced (sexual) yep
Being bitten - on my back and ass please! add tummy and thighs to that please
Breast/chest bondage - yep, harder please!!
Breath control - i am enjoying some breath play but not extreme, just enough to help the imagination still enjoying this especially when YSL uses his cock to gag me
Branding - not a chance!
Boot Worship - on me yes please
Bondage (light) - check
Bondage (heavy) - check
Bondage (multi-day) - checkety check!
Bondage (public under clothing) - hmm off to ponder how so!
Breast whipping - yes please just dont mark me erm ok mark me (please) see post
Brown showers (scat) - nope, not my scene
Cages (locked inside) - have to be a bloody big cage! but id fancy that, always fantasized about being in a grope box in a club
Caning - yes
Castration fantasy - not my bag
Catheterization - yes, think I'd lik trying this as I do love medical type stuff
Cattle prod (electrical toy) - hmmm, get back to you
Cells/Closets (locked inside of) - nope
Chains - any bondage is good for me
Chamber pot use - nope
Chastity belts - yes please, something so sexy about them, was wanking last night over thought of being waxed closed.
Chauffeuring - is that like driving my dom around?? if so he will be so pissed of with me, my usual trick is to get to venue and get drunk before anyone else so I can't drive!
Choking - not my bag, but i dont mind gagging on a big cock in my throat?
Chores (domestic service) - i pay £9 per hour and the list is on the wall in the utility room
Clothespins - hell yes! love them
Cock rings/straps - yes love to see them on a weel hung chap New one for YSL on its way from Eden Fantasys
Cock worship - i do, i love thee, i love the shiney helmet down to the broad base it meets my lover
Collars (worn in private), get back to you, Id like to wear a collar next time at a BDSM club with YSL, for him to surprise me with it though
Collars (worn in public) , nope
Competitions (with other subs) nope
Corsets (wearing casually) god yes, thats why god gave me curves!
Corsets (trained waist reduction) i wish!
Cuffs (leather) yep
Cuffs (metal) oooo love to try
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas)- no thanks not my bag
Diapers (wearing) not for me
Diapers (wetting) not for me
Diapers (soiling) defo not for me
Dilation - need help here, are we talking being held open or something totally different
Dildos - god yes as many as you can fit please
Double Penetration - Ive only done it with a toy and a partner, Ive always had such a fantasy about this that I dont want to blow it on a quicky
Electricity - love to try a violet wand
Enemas (for cleansing) - yes so long as evacuation is in private, ok this has to be the biggest limit i pushed, see video here (dont worry scat free zone)
Enemas ( retention/punishment) - love to try
Enforced chastity - mmm sounds a good game
Erotic Dance (for audience) - yes but im sure it doesnt look as good as it does in my head! It would be like that scene when jamie lee curtis falls on floor when dancing for Arni in true lies
Examinations (physical) yes - is there a doctor in the house? Especially on a medical table in strirrups!
Exercise (forced/required) - FFS why would I do that for sex?
Exhibitionism (friends) - yep
Exhibitionism (strangers) - yep
Eye contact restrictions - nope
Face Slapping - erm dunno - kind of like it but can risk any marks Adore being slapped by YSL's cock
Fantasy Abandonment - yep
Fantasy rape - yes
Fantasy gang rape - yes
Fear (being scared) - only if i really trusted the person
Fisting (anal) - er yes! have you read my blog!
Fisting (vaginal) - yes (and now double fisting) video here
Fisting Anal and Vaginal - yes, and OMG what a sensation
Flame play - nope my insurance wouldnt allow it!
Following orders - yep im a good girl
Foot worship - worship mine
Forced bedwetting - only if putting out afore mentioned flames
Forced Bi - oh no! please dont make me kiss a beautiful woman
forced dressing - yep
Forced eating - depends on what it is
Forced homosexuality - have a fantasy of it but dont think I could force someone to partake
Forced heterosexuality
Forced masturbation - i think id cope, really comfortable masturbating for YSL
Forced nudity (private) - yep
Forced nudity (around others) - dont think so OOO another that I have busted big style! a whole week at a naturist resort put pay to that
Forced Servitude - nope, role play in bedroom maybe
Forced Straight - ok
Forced smoking - I'll bring the cigs
Forced TV / Gender Change - sounds fun
Full head hoods – yep
Gags (cloth) ... use my panties please x
Gags (inflatable) ... id give it a bash
Gags (phallic) ... why go false when you could have real?
Gags (rubber) .... see above
Gags (tape) ... yes, will save on getting waxed x
Gas masks ... only if partner had a curry night before
Gates of Hell (male) .. have a glorious picture of a partner wearing this... fond memories (back in 5 mins, need to ponder a moment)
Genital sex .. im stumped, whats this mean?
Given away to another Dom (temp) - could be fun if done kindly
Given away to another Dom (perm) - if only this worked in marriage
Golden Showers - just don't ruin my hair or make up! or i will be more than pissed with you Did this with YSL in Cap D'Agde, I gave and it really was a lovely turn on having him hold my cunt while a pee'd
Gun play - nope
Hair brush spankings - that's why god (john frieda) gave us the paddle brush!
Hair pulling - ooo yes harder
Hand Jobs (giving) - if i must! rather give a tit job or BJ take that back... I adore wanking YSL, i get so transfixed on his cock it turns me on so much
Hand Jobs (receiving) - love it
Harems (serving w/other subs) good god no! sex is meant to be my brake from life
Harnessing (leather) - could be fun
Harnessing (rope) - ditto
Having food chosen for you - hmmm not sure id like this unless the person know i would kill him if he picks a salad and no pudding! Happy to let YSL choose dinner, we like all the same things.
Having clothing chosen for you - could cope
Head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) love it, have several Olympic medals for it
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) god yes and don't come back up until your covered in my juices please! YSL has been responsible for giving me the best oral sex EVER just last week I was i a post orgasmic paralysis for hours after a marathon oral session
High Heel Wearing - I don't think I need to answer this do I?
High Heel Worship - as above
Homage with tongue (non-sexual) whats this about?
Hoods - been there done it, got the t-shirt but... ruined my hair and got very hot.. was still fun though
Hot oils (on genitals) - sound fun
Hot waxing - yes yes yes
Housework (doing) - FFS! why would I do that? I get a woman in for that stuff Vacancy for cleaner
Human puppy dog - now if this means i get to lie on the sofa and be stroked, where do I sign up?
Humiliation (private) - depends on context really dont think I could do this these days I think I struggle with that in reality enoug
Humiliation (public) - no thanks
Hypnotism - What so I could behave like a chicken having sex n stuff? seriously though have spoken to a Dr who is into sexual hypnotism and it sounds great, I have a kink for sleep sex so it ticks my box
Ice cubes - as punishment for being a bad girl do you mean, then putting them in my ass? making me hold it while they melt?? while im spanked?? no never thought about that much! ha!
Immobilisation - is this just a big word for being tied up? if so yes
Infantilism - kinda like the role play but not the connotations of this so tend to not do it, but for the record I do want to be a good girl x
Initiation rites - got me?? dunno?? neither does google??
Injections - does having lube squirted into my holes from a syringe count?
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage - love to try, they can look so sexy
Interrogations - "honest I haven't just bought them" I'd stand up well I think!
Kidnapping - now this is fun
Kneeling - nope, broke both knee caps
Knife play - no thanks
Leather Clothing - rather rubber, silk, lace...
Leather restraints - yes
Lectures for misbehavior - daily!
Licking (non-sexual) - how can you lick non sexually? especially on a list of sexual limits??
Lingerie (wearing) - yep, love to dress to please x
Manacles and Irons - ooo yes
Manicures (giving) - lmao have you seen my nails!
Massage (giving) - yes, love it, so sensual
Massage (receiving) - see above
Medical scenes - yep, bought the busband some scrubs, was hoping for a full ER George Clooney thing but he tried them on said they would be great for deorating in! FFS do I need to take out a front page advert? So enjoyed the medical table stuff we did on holiday, my head was cumming before anywhere else was even touched
Modeling for erotic photos - love it, done it twice
Mouth bits - love to ty
Mummification - suppose this is a step on from immobilisation, depends on if id by bound and pleasured or if your just bound and left alone cos that isnt going to do tried this with the Therapist, I looked like something off a bad US drama waiting for my bandages to be removed, I deleted the pics they were so bad
Name change (for scene) yep
Needle Play - like to watch but scared to try
Nipple clamps - yes please and hard
Nipple rings (piercing) - got the one done
Nipple weights - not tried YET
Oral/anal play (rimming) yep, giving and recieving
Over the knee spanking - love it especially with some role play thrown in
Orgasm denial - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Orgasm control - double mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Outdoor scenes - can be fun but always prefer the comforts of a bedroom
Pain (severe) - hmm so subjective cant answer
Pain (mild) - yes
Persona training (in scene) - que?
Personal modification (rl) - que?
Phone sex (serving Dom) nope
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends) nope
Phone sex (commercial provider) nope
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce) yes
Piercing (permanent) yes
Plastic surgery - if you're paying???
Prison scenes - sounds fun! (can any one remember prisioner cell block H? vinegar tits!)
Prostitution (public pretense) nope,
Prostitution (actual) nope (unless dinner and drinks count as payment)
Pony slave - dont get it
Public exposure - nope, change that to a yes
Punishment scene - yes please
Pussy/cock whipping - mmmmm this can be sooo good if done right
Pussy worship - come pray at the alter!
Riding crops - got one in the car for emgancies! love this, especially as YSL is enjoying administering!
Riding the "horse" (crotch tort) - dont understand but sounds good, need to know more
Rituals - i like to read erotica about this kind of stuff so i think Id like a bit of role play on it
Religious scenes - see above
Restrictive rules on behavior - depends, very subjective
Rubber/latex clothing - yep, big girls sizes though please
Rope body harness - mmm i love the sight of the rope bondage it can look soooo sexy
Saran wrap - i think this is like the mummyfication stuff??? if so see comments for that
Scarification - dont know what it is?
Scratching - getting - yes
Scratching - giving - yes
Sensory deprivation - love it, makes everything feel soo good.Must buy some ear plugs as Id love to go whole hog wih YSL on this
Serving nope
Serving as art - nope
Serving as ashtray - nope
Serving as furniture - nope
Serving as a maid - nope
Serving as a toilet (urine) peeing in my ass only wouldnt drink it
Serving as a toilet (feces) eeeewww nope
Serving as waitress/waiter nope
Serving orally (sexual) yes
Serving other Doms (supervised) nope
Serving other Doms (unsupervised) nope
Sexual deprivation (short term) see marriage
Sexual deprivation (long term) see marriage
Shaving (body hair) daily adore having YSL shave me, its such an act of intimacy and care
Shaving (head hair) nope
Skinny dipping - can be fun Busted this big style in Cap D'Agde having sex in the sea while others watched
Sleep deprivation - who wants to sleep when in bed with a sexy partner?
Sleep sacks - que?
Slutty clothing (private) - Im more of a classy lady and Id rather do sultry than slutty
Slutty clothing (public) - Im more of a classy lady and Id rather do sultry than slutty

Spandex clothing - for gym only!
Spanking - yes please, i never realised how much I loved it though (video of it here, scroll down post past pussy spanking vid)
Speech restrictions (when/what) - nope
Speculums (anal) - god yes id love to tr
Speculums (vaginal) - absoloutly!
Spitting - depends
Spreader bars - ooooh yes, only tried it the once and loved it
Standing in corner - never going to happen
Stocks - que?
Straight jackets hmmm that could be lots of fun
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on) dont see the pleasure?
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by) yep
Strap-on-dildos (wearing) yep Busted this, had never given it before until the weekend away in June
Strapping (full body beating) nope
Suspension (upright) nope
Suspension (inverted) nope
Supplying new partners for Dom - nope
Swallowing feces - nope
Swallowing semen - yes
Swallowing urine - nope
Swapping (with one other couple) yes
Swinging (multiple couples) - yes
Tampon training (in ass) - que?
Tattooing - nope
Teasing - love it, make me beg
TENS unit (electrical toy) - love to try
Thumb cuffs (metal) - yes
Tickling - no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Triple Penetration - yes Id love to
Urethral Sounds (metal rods) - like to try
Uniforms - maybe depends
Vaginal dildo - owner of over 10
Verbal humiliation - see marriage
Vibrator on genitals - well i dont want them on my knee do I???
Violet wand (electrical toy) - love to try it
Voyeurism (watching others) - yes, love to watch an orgy
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others) - nope
Video (watching others) - yes
Video (recordings of you) - no! erm ok i think I might of pushed this limit a tad
Water torture - dont know enough about it to comment
Waxing (hair removal) - monthly and it hurts!
Wearing symbolic jewelry - does my toe ring count?
Weight gain (forced) - daily, cadburys force me to!
Weight loss (forced) - maybe this is the relationship i need, a date with weightwatchers!!
Whipping - yes just no marks please
Wooden paddles - mmmm love the sound they make
Wrestling - yes please

Master lists below on limits page>