Monday 3 October 2011

Part 7 - Cap D'Agde, the Germans, sharing Margarets cunt

After dinner we dress and head out to find another club we had read about earlier, on our way there we had discovered some bars, they were packed, heaving bodies, people on tables all in varying states of undress. Out the corner of my eye I see a TV, he must have been 6ft8 in his heels, so skinny, dressed very goth. He is trying to dance on his heels and as he does a high kick he ends up on his back, he bounces back and walks out the bar, seemingly still with a small amount of pride intact. Giggling at the specticak we continue past the bars and head to the club.

Café bars line either side of the walk way and people sit and enjoy the outrageous to the beautiful as they go past on their way to clubs.

As we emerge at the other end of the walk YSL pulls me in close and tells me he was so proud to be with me and watching everyone admire me as we walked through. I adore how much he loves every flawed inch of me.

We don’t like the look of the club so we head back to the busy bars and wade our way to get served. We enjoy drinks,the music is sexy and almost hypnotic, we start dancing and ysl lifts up my skirt and starts to fingers both holes in the midst of the crowds.

We decided to head back to La Tantra and it was a great decision.The place was quiet and we were greeted by the owner/manager wielding air fresheners like a ninja, he immediately leant in to kiss me and ‘num num’ my breasts, it made us laugh and feel welcome, clearly we had left our mark yesterday.

After a few drinks YSL started lifted my skirt so my cheeks were just exposed then delivered a few stinging spanks as people watched.

I was so aroused from the earlier fingering and now the spanking, We headed to the play rooms and enjoyed some private play time. I unzipped my skirt and revealed the black basque and panties, ysl removed them slowly, i told him to lie back so i could suck his cock.

The owner was back and as i was bent over sucking YSL he trntatively touched me, i didnt flinch and flashed him a smile as did ysl solidifying the invitation. He fingered my cunt then slowly rimmed me, continuing to finger both hols then rubbed my clit hard until I came. He kissed me, told me I was beautiful and left us to enjoy each other again.

We fucked vigorously declining offers from the odd single guy, im bent over and loving how deep YSL is filling me, telling me to cum for him, to cover his cock. I cum hard like a good girl and we dress and head to the bar.

A pretty young girl arrived with her buff boyfriend she had such wonderful and large breasts that begged to be played with, I smiled kindly, like any predator would.

We headed upstairs and within 5 minutes the owner brought us champagne. Trying to balance to glasses of champagne and fuck me proved too much and we spilt half a glass over me.

(you can listen to me talk about the next bit while masturbating by clicking here Sharing Margarets Cunt)

While we mop up the champagne a couple come up the stairs on to the deck, the woman catches both of our eyes, she's has the most amazing curvaceous figure, it's like a real live Jessica rabbit. The guy sits down and she dances round, clearly drunk but amused by herself.

She starts doing a lap dance and teasing her partner. We get ourselves a front row seat, I'm now bent over a bar stool, YSL fucking me hard both enjoying the floor show.

She sees us watching and removes her trousers, giving us teasing glimpses, she heads over to us. Just in front of us is a sofa, without saying a word she lies down almost upside down. Her legs over the back of the sofa, her cunt exposed right in front of me, I accept the invitation and enthusiastically lap at her wetness.

YSL clearly likes what he is seeing I feel his cock get even harder, the pounding getting harder.

She asks if I want to share a gift she takes my hand and leads me over to where her partner is sat watching and wanking. A young guy appears and presents a very well proportioned cock. She asks me to share it with her, I whisper for her to enjoy while I suckled her breasts and rubbed her clit.

The young guy goes down on her, she starts talking to me , she tells me I'm sexy and that she wanted me, I tell her how beautiful she is and tell her to dismiss the young buck and get a proper licking from YSL. I tell her I want us to of shared her cunt. She taps him on the shoulder and tells him to move aside, YSL moves between her legs and I enjoy holding her cunt open for him to devour.

She moves from being aroused and giggly to not being able to speak due to the building need to cum as YSL does his magic. She kisses me and holds me tight as her whole body tightens, YSL is covered by her as she squirts while cumming.

We do the 'swingers thing' and introduce ourselves after the fun was finished and made tentative plans to 'see' them on the beach.

We headed back down stairs and the pretty thing was by the bar dancing, I say hello, and she comments on my breasts, she says in broken English she adores my large nipples. I admire her breasts and ask if I may touch, her Boyfriend nods and she says yes enthusiastically.

I gently trace the outline of her dress and lean in to kiss her plush flesh, lifting her breast out of her bra and start to suck on her nipples and play. She tells me it’s the first time a woman has ever touched her like that, I want to lead her astray but her boyfriend doesn’t want to play.

The Hooker is back with her big German friend, she's giving head at the bar putting on a show, her employer is loving the attention, she leads a gaggle of single guys to the play rooms, he follows merrily. We head along to watch and to see on the large bed at the bottom, a PVC clad German couple are fucking and entertaining some single guys. YSL tells me to lie face down and he rims me then starts to fuck me hard doggy style.

The German couple are pretty miserable, a pet hate of mine and YSL’s is people talking about mundane stuff in swing clubs while others around them are in the throws of pleasure, even to the extent of one night a women ordering a cheese toasty while being fucked in Blackpool!

We make it clear that if they want to play with us we want to but they continue to contradict how they are dressed and are far from being sexy.

As ever me and YSL enjoy ourselves regardless and I cum hard on his cock. The Miserable couple have met more miserable Germans and are now having a foursome on the bed, Swapping partners several times, Im watching through the wrought iron bars, My breasts are exposed and YSL pushes me forward and drops to his knees. The couples will of thought I was aroused by them as out of sight was YSL licking my ass and fingering both holes taking me close to cumming again.

We left the club and walked back to the apartment along the beach, enjoying our toes in the water, he holds my hand tightly, I feel so happy and lucky to be here with him.

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  1. Yet again a lovely post and I think the audioboo is something everybody should hear (again) ;)

  2. The thought of a foursome of cheerless Germans, cock-weakening as it may be, doesn't dissipate the beautiful energy flowing from the rest of your tale.