Monday 26 September 2011

TMI - like youve never seen it before.... including a video

A whole 9 days together at such a resort meant I was going to get sore but adding sand and after YSL discovered half the beach was still inside me at the club on the Sunday night Monday meant we needed to be extra careful and adopt a few techniques to ensuring it didn't happen again.
Id planned in advance and had packed a douche kit, one with both attachments, vaginal and anal. Because Im a huge fan of anal sex and rimming I always anal douche or give myself an enema where possible before seeing YSL and on holiday this wasn’t going to be any different, if anything more important to me as I know he won’t be able to resist fucking my ass in a club.PLus I kind of like it, I do consider it part of sexual preparation, so I suppose its a sex toy as well as being practical.

Previous douche kits I’ve found hard to use as the ball part you squeeze has been too rigid but the new one was soft and really easy, plus had a far larger capacity for water so it did a few ‘goes’ without having to stop and refill so an absolute winner for me.

The next night as we came off the beach, both covered after enjoying a 10some on the beach, we headed straight for the shower.

We took turns showering each other, it became a daily ritual, taking our time, scrubbing the sun lotion, sand and in some cases spunk off.

This time though I unscrewed the shower head and passed YSL the hose, he told me to bend over and he slowly inserted it into my cunt.

The water circulated and splashed out, YSL dropped to his knees, visibly aroused by doing this to me.

I clench my cunt muscles tight, captured the water until I could hold no more then pushed it out, covering him. His arousal clearly increased. Once done I then used the douche alone to remove sand and potential embarrassment from my ass.

Each night we pushed this a little further but this night YSL thought he would help out and pushed the hose into my arse and then walked out the room to allow me my privacy to expel the water as it's hadn't been planned for. This action turned me on so much, him making the decision, making me do it.

Then on Thursday night he took things further as he showered me he leant in close, kissed my neck and whispered that I needed to prepare myself, he handed the hose and I knew exactly what he meant.

I give myself an enema, 3 times to be sure, I'm nervous but excited, I tell him I’m ready, he returns and tells me to bend over, he does my cunt first, cleaning me, filling me, arousing me. He drills his tongue in my arse, opening it up, the hose is pushed inside and slowly he fills me up. When I can take no more he stops, pauses then without choice the water starts seeping from me, I feel it squirt out, feeling so laid bare and fragile, trusting so much in YSL was mind blowing. I let go more and the water starts to jet from me, it feels amazing.

I never knew he had recorded it but very pleased he did.


  1. Beautiful . . . what can I say other than I am trying to decide which of my lovers might be brave enough to try this! The bent-over sex after you drained yourself must have been hot, too . . .

  2. Sexy post also love the wonderfull ass and the sneak peek of ysl you can see ;)

  3. So sexy! Loved hearing you moan and watching the water squirt out!

    Sitting here with a very hard cock now.

    dbuk7768 from twitter