Tuesday, 19 October 2010

TMI - 5 questions you've asked

1. Have I ever experienced subspace?
Yes, twice, first time was with HIM, it was the first time he fisted my ass. It had taken hours of coaching and pushing through a pain limit and I came litterally as he entered me. Then came the subspace or flying as some refer to it. I was sensitive head to toe and trembling, he held me so tight, it was totally awesome feeling.

2. Whats my favourite kink?
Its hard to choose as its mood dependant but I suppose my top 3 would be sensual bondage, orgasm control and anal play... now that would make a delightful session!

3. Why is height so important to you?
Im 6ft and I tower over most, I wear heels mosts days as well, I dont mind being that imposing and physically dominating at work but in the bedroom I love to feel feminine and dominated, I want my lover to be able to wrap me up in his arms when I need it, besides unless you have experienced as a female being bigger than your partner its hard to explain but some basic pleasure like being taken from behind, kissing when standing up, 69'er none of these are practical or pleasing.

4. Why dont you and the husband have sex?
Becasue I stopped begging for it (and I dont mean in a naughty sub style fashion)

5. What sexual act you have done:

a) Do you regret?

I regret nothing I have willingly done, only learned from it and accepted that I shouldnt of done it and wont do it again.

b) Thought you would never do?
This list is long lol i suppose the headline ones are breath play, wax, fisting, spanking and other BDSM acts.

c) Enjoyed the most?
Got to be fisting, I had never been fisted until January last year and I remember that moment so clearly as I came so hard, gushed for the first time and covered the sofa!

If you have any questions you fancy asking for next weeks TMI email me or add them to the comments.

What would your answers of been to the questons?


  1. Hello Sexy Lady
    I love this TMI. Great questions. I am using these questions as well. I have more explaining to do in an email.

    Keep being naughty

  2. @PY: copy me on that email ;-)


    I love learning about your wild adventures. That photo is pretty damned hot, too.

    I'm surprised that you thought you'd never do many of the bdsm acts that you so thoroughly enjoy. I guess we all had to start from somewhere.

    Like you I love love love tall men. Well tall people. I always have. I'm only 5 feet 6 and one quarter inches.


    Read my TMI Tuesday here!

  3. Fisting,eh? I must admit that kind of turns me on

  4. First, great picture! I always love a beautiful foot & heel picture. Also, I didn't realize you were so tall. I'm 5'11" and I do agree with you on the fun a partner that is taller than me is like. I feel so much more submissive when I have to look up!