Monday, 18 October 2010

a week in review

24 orgasms 4 of which I gifted to myself in one day

2 men kissed me

1 woman pushed a toy inside me while she was taken by the therapist

1 old lover got back in touch and made me smile

1 man shared an intimate evening with me, we caught up and got naked

2 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
only 4 people loved my HNT offering - will have to try hardedr this week!

Have plans for Wednesday to meet an old friend, havent seen him for over a year.

Need to schedule a slot with the therapist, I am in need of a session.

This week I changed my profile picture on the swinging site, it has created alot of interest but as ever it underlines and put in bold that there are some idiots out there and so many people seem incapable of messaging with out using text speak! do you have this in the USA? it drives me mad!!


  1. As usual you've enjoyed an eventful and fun-filled week.


  2. Not everyone on there uses text speak do they ?

    : )