Friday, 1 October 2010

From one of my fav bloggers

He sent me this a few weeks ago, his blog was very hot if you like spanking and anal (as you know I do) He has awarded my blog twice for which I am grateful and flattered but none more so than what he wrote for me....

She is the most sensual, most sexciting woman that I have ever met, and I haven’t actually met her yet. We’ve only corresponded and exchanged photos. Every thought from her provokes me in a tangibly thrilling way. Every photo she shares engorges me and I ache with desire as I read her every word.

Now, in my trembling hand is an invitation to see her in the flesh, the very flesh that has filled all my dreams and fantasies. My knees shake, the paper shakes wafting its intoxicating odor to my nostrils. I can only hope that she carried the paper against her vulva day and night. This alone sends me to ecstasy undreamed of.

How can I answer this incitation? How can I dare face my dream in the flesh?

I am not worthy. I would bow before her, but I must not.

She’s the one to bow, to kneel, to grovel, to obey.

Hers is the need and desire most important.

I must take power over her and make her my own, if only just briefly.

She must remember it, the time of ultimate submission, shame, and humiliation.

Her devotion must be to me and me alone…..for that time alone.

She must remember the tears, the joy, the pain, the love expended in a fleeting moment …come and gone as an eye blinks, never to be repeated exactly that way again.

I must plan a plan worthy of a goddess supremely submissive

Counting on me and me alone

to make her juices flow unendingly,

to make her flesh quiver in rapturous ecstasy,

to open her holes to accept more than they’ve ever accepted before,

to pinch and squeeze and stretch her tenderness and dearness

harder, tighter and farther than limits should allow.

Yes, a plan……….one of ultimate possession.

Here is my plan.

She will have her orders and she must obey them.

Consequences would be severe indeed.

She must be ready and waiting.

Waiting for me, yes, me, her master in this moment, the one of all moments.

She will have arranged herself in this manner:..........

He watched her lying on the floor. Without instructions, she did not know what to do. She laid there trying to relax, waiting. She didn’t know if he was in the room or not. She put her right hand down between her legs and fingered herself. She just could not help it, it was too tempting. It was just too much of a habit. She had to do it all the time, all the time.

He approached quietly, watching her. She was wet, she was breathing hard, she was nearing…

He would not let it happen. He used his foot to push her hand away. She cried. He bent over and separated her legs, pushing them as far apart as they would go. He picked up the strap and straddled her abdomen. He raised the strap and brought it down hard on hr vulva. She jumped and cried out. He hit her again and again. She softened her voice to whimpers. Three more times the strap fell on her pussy. She squirmed, her buttocks clenched, her legs wanted to close.

He brought a bucked of ice cubes and knelt between her legs. He pushed an ice cube into her vagina. Then another one and another one followed until no more would fit. He pegged her lips closed with as many pegs as would fit on the whole length of labia. She shivered.

He took the ropes on her wrists and extended them to the legs of the bed and tied them securely. He raised her legs over her and tied the ropes from her ankles to the bed posts. He tied a rope around her both her legs at the knees. He made it taut, but did not force it. From the box of pegs that he had, he selected two that had hooks. These he clipped to her nipples. He twisted them and ran a rope from the hook to the line across her legs. He stretched her breasts as far up as they would go.

He started just above her elbow and clipped pegs on the bottom of her arm to her armpit and down her side to her waist. He did this on both sides. Then he started clipping pegs to her breasts. He formed two circles of pegs on each breast. He put more pegs on the backs of her thighs until he ran out of them.

He used his fingers to squeeze and raise a part of her ass and he put his mouth over this and bit her hard enough to make her gasp and to leave temporary teeth marks. He did this in several places.

Play time was ending. Time to get serious. He picked up the riding crop and struck the pegs, knocking them off. He just swung at random. There were enough on her and it was hard to miss one regardless where he struck. Any stubborn ones that remained required him to aim and to hit very hard. Eventually he got them all off, even the ones holding her labia together, letting the water from the melted ice cubes to spill down her abdomen.

He picked up the strap and used it on her now open vulva. He slapped it hard causing more water to spill from her vagina. He slapped it until she cried out loud and then he slapped it a few more time, just to hear her yell.

He jammed the handle of the strap into her asshole as far as he could force it.

He untied her ankles and let her legs fall to the floor. He untied her wrists and rolled her over onto her stomach. He pushed her legs wide apart and pulled the strap out of her rectum and used it to whip the insides of her thighs. Again, he kept it up until she yelled and begged him to stop.

He retrieved the stainless steel hook and reinserted it into her rectum. He used it to lift her into a standing position. He forced her to the foot of the bed and tied her ankles to opposite legs of the bed.

He tied her wrists behind her back and lifted them up as high as he could forcing her to bend over until her head was almost on the mattress. He hooked her wrists to a rope hanging from the ceiling.

He retrieved the strap again and beat her ass with it. This time he did not stop when she yelled and cried and begged him to stop. He hit her until he got tired. She became hoarse from yelling and crying and was finally silent.

He was quite hard now and stepped behind her. He put his cock at her ass hole and rammed it in. He went it to the hilt in one thrust. He grabbed her by the hood and pulled himself into her time after time after time.

He pulled out and got on the bed with his cock right under her head. He forced it into her mouth and holding onto the hood again he plunged her head down onto him until his cock rammed against the back of her throat. He did this until he felt like coming. He let himself go and filled her throat with his cum.

Now bored with her, he left.

(thank you BT xx)


  1. And she did what she was told. THERE'S a good girl!

  2. A very sexy story of submission indeed. You were a very good girl.


  3. I had forgotten about this.