Saturday, 9 October 2010

What the critics said about me

The swing site I'm on encourages feedback being posted about people so that you can gauge who is a time waster and who is genuine, i thought you might be interested in what some of my play mates have said about me over the last year or so.

I met Yummy yesterday for a delicious, tactile time both in bed and in the shower. I can't wait to buy you another coffee and discuss the state of the economy!
23 September 2010

met sexy Yummy and her equally sexy friend m 17th sept, J and I had a very yummy sexy time with both of them delving into their delights can't wait til next time we swap toys boys and girls ooooh yes! Xx
19 September 2010

Yummy is a genuine and very sexy lady. What i would say is if your less than 6 foot probably don't bother... but if you over 6 foot she is worth taking some time and effort to get to know then you will be in for a real treat. Would definately meet her again..and yes she does play.
7 September 2010

met this hot sensual woman on several occasions and it just gets better every time. She is gorgeous and has an ass to die for and what a sexy voice. Lads if you are lucky enough grab hold of the opertunity with both hands and enjoy!!!
4 September 2010

well well well,a few one worders to describe our meets, intimate, sensual,probing,leaking,gushing,feckin filthy,, right up my street, articulate, witty,cool,chilled.filthy and dammed good company,,was thast one worders or two,,,, to be frank shes a corker
25 August 2010

Met Yummy on many occasions now and will continue to do so. Great company and totally fantastic in bed. She really knows how to please a chappie be it with her mouth, pussy, tits,feet and whatever else you would care to think of!! Very very keen to please and please she does, great with both the ladies and gents ( as long as you are a gent). Always a pleasure to have pleasure with and long may it continue....xxxx
23 August 2010

Good things come all over those who wait... It's been ages since I met yummy and I'm delighted that she found her way back to Edinburgh again on Friday. She has been on a voyage of discovery since we last met and done some remarkably naughty things. I'd tell you what we got up to, but I'd have to kill you, so you'll just have to ask her. But it was deeply filthy, excitingly kinky and still very affectionate fun. Always a mind-blowing pleasure, even if as ever, a thoroughly exhausting one!
24 May 2010

Known Yummy for over a year now, what a hot sexy and seductive lady, totally sexyal, with a vivid imagination, plenty more I wish to explore with her
12 May 2010

Yummy is a deliciously decadent and extremely entertaining lady in public, and fabulously filthy fun in private. She's also imaginative, interesting and indefatigable, so if you're lucky enough to engage her attention, remember to take your vitamins and have lots of sleep before you meet her... You won't get any when you do!
11 May 2010

And when playing as a couple....
met this sexy and oh so naughty couple for a couple of hours of horny naked fun on Friday. Yummy is a fantastic dirty lady who is such fun to be around and loves to play and be played with, M can pleasure you with his tongue and fingers for hours, can't wait until next time to use the rest of both sets of toys hmmmmmmm xxx

met this cpl in Edinburgh on the 12th for a drink and then on to a club.....A very gen cpl and very friendly....thanks for good night guys. Mark and Amanda

Met Hector and Yummy in Edinburgh and had a fantastic night and morning with them. What a pity we were both working the next day or we would have stayed longer with them. Thanks guys and cannot wait until the next time xxx.

Well! Absolute pleasure to be around with. very friendly, will make anyone at ease and there is nothing i can say other than "perfect". Thanks guys n gals :) If you get the chance to meet up with these two or go to one of there parties, then i recommend it highly.

Fabulous company, positively brimming, nay ooozing with naughtiness! Would love to attend their party on the 12th, might even wear a kilt to allow easy access ;-) Rock on

had an amazing night with these two me and my buddy - not on this site- explored a few new pleasures - lets say seeing yummy under all all three of us was amazing ... H is great fun to and a great laugh .. lets just say do play with these two and ensure a few red bulls are at the ready

Anyone care to add?


  1. Your humility is admirable.

  2. I know that you exude many of those things, but I hope to fully intend to explore them myself.


  3. Only 5' 8" but as long as you are riding my tongue I really don't think it would matter...

  4. Oooh, I wanna play. That way I can write a review :-)


  5. Oh well! Aren't you a lucky little thing. Such awesome words, you must be immensely flattered!


  6. I wish I had the first-hand experience to add to this list of compliments! ;-)

  7. "What i would say is if your less than 6 foot probably don't bother..." I can't believe that's true. I HOPE it isn't true!!!!