Friday 8 February 2013

Cap D'Agde 2012 Foam Party (AKA mousses party)

Its the last full day of the holiday, tomorrow we fly home after what has been another amazing week together. 

No beach today, last time we were on holiday in Cap D’Agdewe had dismissed going to the Le Glamour foam party as we were having so muchfun on the beach but this time we decided to see what all the hype was about.

We joined the queue outside just as it was opening, the dresscode is simple, naked. A couple of young girls are on the till and we check inour bag and shoes but hold on to a few Euros to buy beers. The entrance isn'tthe normal one for the club, it’s to the rear, a part if the club we hadn'tbeen inside of.

Lots of Bedouin type loungers already have bodies and towelson them, we grab a couple of cold beers and find a rock to hide our money underso we can climb into the pool.

Just to the left is the main part of the club, the outdoorbar we have seen on an evening isn't recognisable it's covered in foam, peopleare dancing it the suds that are waist deep. The DJ is in a turret abovethe bar and the tunes are thumping.

There must be about 100 naked people in already and there isstill a steady stream of party goers coming in. YSL is sits on a shelf in thepool and I sit on his knee, his are arms wrapped around me as we enjoy ourdrinks and enjoy watching all the couples and groups around us. A woman is saton the edge of the pool, lay back with her legs spread, her partner is in thepool licking her cunt with a passion. A woman wearing a sarong comes over andspeaks quickly in French whilst shaking her head, I gather quickly she thinkswe are having sex in the pool which is forbidden. We resolve the confusion anddecide to head into the foam. Just as we wade in to the middle more foam is delivered from the roof, quickly it's up to our necks and I can feel hands from unknown people on my body, we move towards the wall as its getting too deep and surprisingly hot, the foam seems to insulate body heat and there is plenty of that. The foam keeps coming and I'm literally drowning in it. I've gone from party mode to survival! I've got tight a hold of YSL and trying to keep calm. I realise if I tip my head forward it stops it going in my eyes and creates a breathing space, I lead YSL out and discover he is in the same state. We are ill prepared newbies at this foam party lark.
 We shower off the foam suits we are wearing and stand at theedge of the foam watching. It seems the first time shock is something of aregular initiation. Lots of people emerge from the foam bewildered like wewere.

This time we are prepared. We stay at the exit edge and onlygo as deep as our shoulders. In the corner is a naked woman in a wheel chair,she's English and having this time of her life inviting males over and suckingthem. We dance rubbing our bodies against each other, lubricated with the foamysuds and really get in the party mood as the DJ hypes it up. A tall handsomeguy with a tanned six pack in a cowboy hat is behind me and I reach through thefoam and find a hard cock to hold as I’m dancing. Other hands explore me, anold couple, must be in there 70’s enthusiastically rub my breasts and try tofinger me. On the bar is the woman who works here alongside a bar tender in apolice hat and not much else and 2 other guys. One is mind 50's very fit andwearing a cowboy hat, along with a the next is the hunk of a guy I had hold ofjust moments earlier. He looks like magic mike, he couldn’t be cooler, andevery man in the place must want to be him, including YSL.

To the left of us a tall guy with a petite wife are stood. Helooks reserved and unsure whilst she is enthusiastic and clearly aroused,deduced from her using her partners cock as a dance partner.

We grab another beer and watch a woman ride her husband on alarge chair, she must be in her mid 50’s and she expertly grinds up and down onhis cock until she cums. To the left of her is a woman receiving attention from2 men, it looks pleasurable but a little false so our attention is lost.

Wading back into the foam as the DJ salutes the crowd, he has us all hypnotised with some of the best beats. We dance euphorically until I find myself clinging on to YSLas an unseen stranger in the depth of the foam is working his hand inside meand then fisting me to orgasm. Just as the shudders of the orgasm pass anotherset of unseen hands stroke my arse and circle my hole. Its a woman this timeand she works her way around her body and her partner joins her again I’mclinging to YSL as I’m being played with, its not so much their expertise it’sthe scenario that has me in a state.

I need a break and I’m back in the pool and I decline YSL’soffer to sit on the edge and having my cunt licked, I’m frightened I’d fall offor even worse look unattractive! YSL ops for sitting on the edge and I enjoyhis cock, a couple sit near us and do the same. His cock is rigid and I’madoring every inch of it and slowly taking him close to coming. YSL wants tocum and we climb out of the pool to find a bed “get on all fours I want to fuckyou hard” he says as we stand in front of the first empty bed. I’m in positionin seconds and waiting for it. I gasp as his length slides inside and his handshold my hips firmly. He slams into me hard and starts to build up pace, itshard to stay upright with all the wetness on the plastic mattress but theincentive of the hard cock has me clinging on and staying in place. Abruptly hestops and tells me to move round. There are a couple fucking and he wants me towatch whilst I get it from him. With the erotic site before me and the thoroughfucking I cum hard, my juices are flowing down my thighs. YSL spills inside ofme and collapses next to me as we finish watching the couple fuck.


  1. Wow, sounds like you both had an amazing time. Glad, especially in light of your recent threesomes not looking as promising.

  2. I loved the photo's and then read the story and I could feel your fear with the foam, that would have scared me.

    My favorite part "an unseen stranger in the depth of the foam is working his hand inside meand then fisting me to orgasm. "

    That would be so unbelievably hot!

    Once again, I am green with envy!

  3. Looks like you had a great time; I'd love to have been there!

    Beautifully written