Monday, 25 February 2013


I picked up a few groceries this morning ready for the next couple of days, I'm staying at YSL's and I wanted to do something nice for tea. An email was sent to YSL to let him know if be dropping by. What I didn't know was that the email was received by an aroused man who decided to save himself for me.

As I walked in the door, he was on the phone and I silently edged to the kitchen to unpack. Moments after the call ended he took hold of me and kissed me, the passion and intensity of his kiss clearly indicated I should start stripping. As he released his hold he suggested I head upstairs and get naked.

I often hope that these brief moments together turn into something physical but today I hadn't even considered that we would be fucking, thank god I shaved anyway!!

He followed me up the stairs and quoted a moment from our first holiday at Cap D'Agde "you will never know it was me" as his disappeared under the covers to bury his face in my soaked cunt. He licked, fingered and then fisted me until I was a quivering wreck then lubricated my anus before serving his entire length to me.

I reached between my legs and rubbed my hard and sensitive clit while he filled my arse hole and fingered my cunt, he was stroking his cock that was in my arse through the walls of my cunt, this just fucks my mind, him using both holes to gain pleasure, using me... I cum hard, every inch of me is screaming with pleasure.

He wasn't finished with me yet, he grabs the hitachi and returns his cock to my arse. His fingers push inside my cunt and I'm instructed to masturbate. It's too much and I love it, I cum again and again but I know my body is working its way towards something more. .
Suddenly I feel the swell of the orgasm build inside me, I can hardly catch my breath, every physical sensation is overwhelming and mentally I'm awash with sheer bliss. I start to cum, vaguely aware of how much I'm shouting and crying out as I give in to it.

Shuddering and whimpering as YSL takes hold of me but its only brief respite "get on your hands and knees, I'm going to fuck your arse hard". Without hesitation i move into position. He slams his length inside me and rides my arse hard and fast, the bed is swaying with our motion and I feel his cock fill me and his balls strike my cunt lips. I'm close to cumming again, just then I feel his cock thicken in readiness, the idea itself is enough to tip me over the edge but the reality of feeling his warmth spill inside me is even more powerful and has another strong orgasm rip through me.

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  1. It's very depressing to me that anal is not an option as of now, not sure it will ever be (unless it is the tiniest of cocks). I really really want to be DP'd. And the thought of a fist in me with a cock in my ass sounds fantastic, if only I was brave enough in my 20's to get a tear fixed. I was horrified at the thought and the scar tissue makes things very very difficult. I have been able to use a skinny vibrator with lots of lube but I have to be very careful or it messes me up. Guess I could still make a trip to the ass doctor, but i don't wanna do it still! lol