Tuesday 17 September 2013

2 et 2 sex spa review - Cap D'Agde

2 et 2


12:00 - 18:00 and 20:00 - 02:00


Another website that is hopelessly out of date (2003) and the pictures are nothing like what the place looks like now. The website shows velvet reds and a generally cheap looking wood finish, however the reality is far more appealing.


This is a chilled out spa as opposed to a full on dance/fucking club experience and very restful, but still arousing and erotic.


The exterior is black and white tiled and there are two entrances. One is for 2 et 2, which is for couples only and next door is called Histoire d'O which is for single males. As a couple we go in the 2 et 2 entrance and the fee is €35. You are given your towels and a locker key and buzzed in to the changing room opposite the reception desk. Off with all of the clothes and the dress code is wrap yourself in a towel.


You then come out of the changing room through the metal chain curtain into the bar area. All soft drinks and coffee are complimentary and alcoholic drinks are to pay for and added to a tab for when you depart. Don't bother with the house red wine at €5 a glass, it ain't great.


Next to the bar there is a seating area that is well maintained with staff constantly placing back cushions in their rightful place and the decor is tranquil with clean well maintained white upholstery. Throughout the spa there is very soothing low key music to set the mood, and if your mood isn't set, there are plasma screens playing hard core pornography to assist, although they are aren't obtrusive.


Following the path of the spa around, to the left are the toilets and a little further round to the right, there is the first of the play areas with a large sofa style section and opposite it a more cosy little caged section. Following the corridor down, out to the left leads you to the wet spa section. Through the double doors and it is straight into the pool area. A very nice room with a series of tastefully installed showers with an interesting pebble floor below them situated opposite the pool itself which has a constant flow of water entering it, seating around the edge and great for having fun in.


Through the next door is the steam room, once again a good size, seating around the edge and a mosaic massage table built in to the room too.


Back out of the wet area and turn left, we enter the main room. It is dominated by what can be best described a large raised play area. Simply climb aboard and enjoy!!! The atmosphere is low key, quiet, sensual and arousing. Quiet play between couples and sometimes groups. A few appear to come here as 4somes and others make up 4somes as they play, but it isn't always guaranteed and a lot of couples seem to prefer to keep to themselves and simply enjoy each other in the relaxed environment.


In two corners of the room, there are a couple of private rooms behind metal chain curtains, where occasionally more vigorous action can be heard. They are not closed off and couples often wander up and become voyeurs for a few minutes before moving on.


And that is it for the couples side, however, you can visit the male side too from the internal door that runs between the two sides. The Histoire d'O side can be visited by couples, but no males are allowed in the 2 et 2 side, even by invitation. To get through, you press a buzzer and a member of staff remotely unlocks the door for you. This side is just as clean and chilled as the couples side, there are a usually a reasonable number of men in there and they have always been very cool when we have visited as opposed to pouncing on couples as soon as they enter. This side has toilets, a pool, St Andrews cross, open beds and private rooms. the far end of the corridor contains a bar area with lounge seating and of course pornography on the plasma.


We really do love this place as it is so relaxing, the clientele is always really cool and it is very well maintained, however if you are looking for party central, this won't be for you. A lovely place that is always a pleasure to visit.

Here is a post sharing an arousing night we enjoyed there on our 2013 visit.


  1. Thank you so much for your information you are providing to everybody who wants to go to CDA.
    One question regarding the 2et2: is it allowed to have sex at the jacuzzi and pool, or just at beds and around the water zones? we want to have it at jacuzzi bit don't know if it's allowed.

  2. I can't remember if there are any signs up forbidding it,perhaps there is, but I really don't remember.

    However, although it is nothing that I would condone, it can get quiet in there on occassion, so as long as you are not too overt.......

    2et2 is one thing, however I can tell you for sure that it most certainly will not be tolerated at the Le Glamour Mousse Parties. This is one rule that is very strictly enforced, so don't be trying it on there.

    Have fun xx

  3. Thank you so much for your answer. You are providing a lot of information for people like us that will be our first time there. We are not swingers but we want to have sex while watching and also being watched. Let see if we can play inside water all at jacuzzi or pool (at 2et2). I will update you his information late June.
    Just to know a little bit more.. Everybody swings there or we can be at our own as we want? I suppose watching and being watched without contact is possible there.
    And regarding the Glamour, at the dance floor it's also quite wild or people just Dance? I mean.. Playing at the dance floor is allowed?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hello and thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

      Throughout the whole of the village, no matter if you are on the beach, in a club, spa or just hanging out, you can make your trip whatever you wish, i.e. join in with others or simply enjoy yourselves as a twosome with people watching.

      It can sometimes be difficult to make the first move with another couple, not only at Cap, but as we have found, in English clubs too, so it is very likely that if you choose to play alone, it will stay that way.

      The only note of caution to this is if you are in an environment with single males around. They will try to get involved on the beach and possibly in the few clubs that do allow single males, however a strong 'non mousieur' is always respected, although some are persistant and try a little later again. However 'No' is always respected.

      Also with single guys, take care when walking around the village late at night (i.e. after midnight), especially in the quieter areas as you will get pestered by distinctly creepy guys and NEVER think that a romantic time on the beach during the night will be all that you hope for.....single guys are always there.

      OK, above are the negative bits, 2et2, Mousse Parties, Le Glamour are all couples environments (aside from the male side at 2et2, should you enter) so you won't have any pestering problems there.

      Re Le Glamour, the ground floor with the dance floor is just like any other regular dance music club (except way better!!), perhaps with more revealing clothing, but sex does not take place on that floor, it is all done in the downstairs area.

      Have fun and happy to help if you would like to know more. xx

    2. Hello and thank you a lot for your answers and your advices, they will be very useful for us.

      We already thought to avoid places with free male acceptance because we want to be at our own, and with single men around.. Not so nice for us :)

      Regarding le Glamour, we already thought that the dance floor is for dancing.. I just wanted to know if little play is allowed for example, touching and fingering under my girl sexy dress while dancing , or play with her nipples or even that she touch my friend there at the dance floor.. Just small playing on mean.. Other things at the downstairs area. Can you tell us if at the dance floor is allowed to do this little play?

      Thank you again and yes, we hope to have a lot of fun there :)

    3. The Le Glamour dancefloor is usually fairly busy and a little light touching and play would not be an issue at all.

      Just remember for entry to the club that you both need to be appropriately dressed, which means closed toe shoes for men and strictly no trousers for women.

  4. Thank you so much for all your information and advices :)

    My girl want to go to the glamour dressed just with a corset and a tanga.. I suppose no problems for entering there dressed like she wants right?

    We will continue following your blog because we like your descriptions and feelings.


    1. Sounds like the perfect attire for Le Glamour.
      Have fun!!

    2. :) thank you :)