Tuesday 3 September 2013

2 et 2 - Sex Spa

After an afternoon of fucking on the beach we came back to the apartment. I prepared dinner and YSL headed to the shops for limes, ready to make cocktails after dinner.

Dinner was French style tapas with a chilled bottle of Sancerre, everything was delicious.

For desert we enjoyed the caipirinhas YSL made while I started to do my hair. Dress choice was simple as we were going to the Spa and as soon as you enter it's towels only. 

As we walked to the Spa the Swiss couple from the night before spot us and wave, we smile and wave but keep walking as we want to get to the spa. 

We pay the entrance fee of 35€ and get our towels. The receptionist is mesmerised by my nails and fetches another member of staff to look at them and ask how they are done. 

Just like the beach this year the age range in the spa is 40+ and clearly all loving couples in the lifestyle.

We grab drinks and the receptionist asks to photograph my hands and toe nails, it amuses me but also makes me feel attractive..

The club always has been furnished to a high standard, each year we have visited they have improved it and we were pleased to see this year is no exception.

The lounging area was full of couples cuddling, masturbating and giving oral so we headed to the massage area. Bodies filled the platform, all tangled together, in the half light I could easily imagine this to be like a roman orgy, like a scene from Spartacus.

We ventured into the main room, a Bedouin styled area with a huge platform bed with already about 10 couples playing on it. We spot a space at the back and clamber over to it.

A couple to our left are locked in a 69 position, the man is eating her cunt with such care and love but also with a passion and hunger for her. There show ends as a couple unknowingly lie in the way of the view. We turn our attentions to each other.

YSL reaches between my thighs but I push away has hand and whisper "make yourself hard for me first while you tell me what you want" he grabs his cock which is now already growing. "I want you to sit on my face" was his want, we haven't done that in public before and I move to give him want he desired. As I moved back a soft warm hand caressed my lower back. I remain still to invite another touch. YSL smiles and nods as he realises what has happened. I turn and caress both the male and female, she leans in for a kiss and our hands wander. 

I lie on my front and bury my face in her cunt, my fingers exploring her hole, her husband rims and fingers me as I do so. YSL kisses and caresses her breasts before joining me between her thighs. It's like an erotic tag team, ySL is on oral cunt duty now as I turn my attention to the guys cock. He didn't get fully hard but seemed to enjoy my attentions as we both watch his wife climax at the hands of YSL. 

Her husband goes to hold her and she grabs both YSL and him as she enjoys the moment. I thought they were done but instead she climbed between my legs and began to manipulate my clit before locking her mouth around it.

YSL climbed onto my chest, and held open my thighs and fully exposed my cunt for her to enjoy. Feeling so exposed, feeling shared by YSL had me in a spin and I felt the orgasm start to build. She forced more fingers inside me and it pushed me over the edge.

We kissed and said our good byes, the first time we had exchanged words with them.

Both needed a drink, we slugged them back and went for a walk about, the single males side of the club was quiet but still action happening with some greedy wives in the rooms.

The couples only jacuzzi had our attention, we climbed in and relaxed together in the water. Conversations reflect upon our first ever visit to the spa, it was the day he had said he loved me for the first time. We had spent the night here entwined and in deep discussion of how much we meant to each other. Little did we know it would only get stronger.

After a quick shower we headed into the jacuzzi, there was a tiled massage table that I asked YSL to lie back, i sat between his legs forcing him to fully expose himself. I took his balls in one hand and told him I wanted what was inside. My other hand grasped his cock and stroked it firmly to make sure I got what I wanted. His cum spurted high into the steamy air in multiple streams of it as I continue to milk every last drop out of him.

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