Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The weekend away - Friday

I collect him at 1.30 and within minutes the car is packed and we are on our way. At the house I was so aroused, we kissed and he knew I wanted more but we had a hotel waiting for us and we would have to wait until we got there to enjoy each other. The journey is slowed by the torrential rain but I'm enjoying every moment with him, the conversation covers the weather, traffic, group sex and swing clubs... the usual couple stuff! he jokes that we should have an argument about the weather or directions just so we complete the couple feel to the weekend.

We arrived a little after 3 and checked in to the hotel. The place he had chosen was perfect. We headed to the room, it was fantastic, near the top floor with double aspect windows overlooking the city. We kissed and held for a moment, I could feel how soaked I was as it trickle from me. He suggested we enjoyed a glass of wine and the nibbles id brought, kissing in between mouthfuls and being so close. he clears the bed of food and move between my legs, I'm still clothed so is he.

He touches me through my soaked panties, he gasps when he feels how wet they are. As he touches them my juices ooze from them. He teases me and has me near cumming and he takes out his cock, not to fuck me, just tease me more. I want him inside me so much but he knows that and circles my clit with his cock. I move to try and capture his cock but fail and he puts it away and insists we go for a cocktail in the sky lounge.

We sip our drinks and enjoy the bar but I'm fidgeting like a child, I'm so aroused its hard to concentrate. By my second drink I'm calming down and relaxing, but I know when I get up from the seat there is going to be a wet patch as I can feel my juices trickle from me as he talks to me.

We head back to the room and as I sip my wine and enjoy the view he pushes me against the floor to ceiling window, lifts my dress and pulls down my panties. He buries his face and licks me until I cum. I feels so good as I shudder stood there for all to see should they look, my lover between my thighs adoring my cunt as I cum on his tongue.

He leads me to the sofa and he continues to lap at my cunt, he works his hand inside and fists me as he does. There are so many things I adore that we do but this is one of my most favourite things (after feeling his cock inside me) he takes his time fisting me to begin with, slowly working his hand until he hits the pleasure spot. I start to cum, he keeps licking and he triggers a clitoral orgasm as well, I'm cumming so hard, I can feel my eyes well up its so intense physically and emotionally as he keeps me in this state, keeping me cumming.

He leads me to the bed and holds me as I lie there speechless and shaking. It was worth the wait. It was the hardest I think Ive ever cum.

He pushes his cock inside me and fucks me slowly and passionately in the spoons position, he reaches round and holds my clit firmly as we fuck. He almost pulls out with every stroke ensuring I feel every inch of him slide inside each time, it isn't long before his cock is covered in my cum. I taste it, licking my juices off as he wanks himself.

He takes me into the shower and he fucks me hard as I'm bent over, spanking both cheeks firmly as he does, taking hold of my hair he rides me hard until my knees are buckling as I cum, we kiss and and take his cock in my mouth and again enjoy our arousal mixed on him. I tell him to turn round and put his hands on the wall. I move close behind him and tell him to look at the mirror. The room is full of steam but the mirrors were the posh sort that stayed clear in patches. I take hold of his hard cock and wank him firmly. Teasing his ass from time to time but watching his pleaure as he stands there so hard in my hand.

He bends me over and fucks me again, his cock feels so hard and powerful as he does.

As we step out the shower I'm a trembling wreck, he is ready to care for me, he wraps me up in the toweling robe and cuddles me on the bed, both giggling that it feels like we are in an advert with our big fluffy robes in the pristine room.

A few glasses of wine and a few orgasms later we head out for dinner.

As we sit waiting for the table, just chatting, in my head I need to talk to him, I need to explain about when I said I loved him 2 weeks ago, as I'm sorting my thoughts out he starts talking about his feelings, I was so relieved to hear his words, he said that I was proving it possible he could love 2 women. His words reflected my thoughts, in the space that we have a our relationship, not asking for anything else from each other, no expectation of leaving partners etc, just this, I love him, it felt good explaining it to him, saying the words outloud and knowing they were well recieved.

Dinner was amazing but the most wonderful part of the evening was feeling so adored, cared for, wanted, even just the way he looks at me makes feel attractive.

We head to a bar after dinner and kiss, cuddle and sip drinks, clearly being more amorous than we realised when a guy goes past and says 'no fucking in here' I'm full of drunk cheek and reply 'why not?' sending him away laughing.

We head back to the room and enjoy each other as we sip Patron while looking at the city all lit up. We fall asleep holding each other. I'm so happy.

I wake in the night as a hangover descends, I try to stir him but he is sound asleep, so head to the bathroom alone and enjoy a hot shower while I wait for the tablets to work. I slip back in next to him and place his arms back around me and fall asleep smiling.

I wake as I feel his girth open me and lenghth push inside me taking my breath away, its early still but the room is full of light. He fucks me slowly, the quilt pulled up rounds us, so cosy and loving. He moves his cock from my pussy to my ass, I know I'm going to cum soon, he pushes so deep inside and rubs my clit as he fucks me. I know he is going to cum soon, his cock has gone harder, I feel him swell, just the thought he is about to fill me sets me off and in turn my orgasm as I contract starts him off. I feel him spurt inside me it feels amazing.

More to follow....


  1. Sounds like an absolutely amazing weekend! Lucky girl!

  2. that was very erotic... loved it!! Can't wait to hear more.

  3. Left me hard and hanging. Hmm!

  4. Both sexually arousing and surprisingly tender - not sure I've read a post that has achieved this so well - bravo! (yet more applause ;) SLx

  5. How lovely and sexy. I liked the pics. YSL looks tall, but then he would need to be, wouldn't he?