Saturday, 2 July 2011

A stolen few (dirty,filthy,debauched) hours

On my way to YSL's house I stop off at the shops to pick up sone supplies for our tea. A familiar voice comes from behind, YSL jokes about my basket of goodies. I've turned to mush! I muster a joke in return asking if he has any exciting plans for the night.

We go our separate ways but I can't think, my vagina has eaten my brain! I can't even remember what shopping I need, I just know I wanted him to touch me.

I'm pleased when I get to his and kiss, his arms around me, his gaze upon me, instantly feeling wanted.

As we talk his hands wander and within a few minutes he cups my sex and feels how wet my panties are, the meeting at the shops had made me wetter than usual.

He pulls my panties aside and takes hold of my clit and rubs it hard, almost too hard to bare as it was so sensitive, aching for him, as I squirmed he took hold of me and the bitter sweet pleasure was endured and enjoyed as I came. He turns me round and I bend over the kitchen bench, panties pulled aside he enters me and fucks me hard. I cum on his cock, he pauses removes his cock, pulls down my panties and then pushes back in harder this time. Swiftly followed by a hard stinging spank, another, so firm, its near my limit but loving it. He fucks me with such passion and vigour I'm almost breathless and again about to cum.

He stops. He moves to the side holds me around my waist and spanks the other cheek hard.

Powerfully he fucks me again and just as I'm about to cum he stops, pulls up my panties, straightens my dress and starts to prepare dinner.

I say nothing, my face says everything, loving and hating that he has left me in this state.

Dinner was a pleasure... I'm going to be desert, we move upstairs, I remove my dress to reveal my leopard print underwear, he is a fan of naked but he seemed very pleased with my efforts.

He tells me to lie back on the bed and pulls my panties aside and licks me. His mouth makes contact with my clit, I've been thinking about this feeling off days, it's heavenly as he caresses me with his tongue.

He slips his fingers inside me and the combination of his licking and pushing inside sends me over the top. As I'm recovering he kisses me, his face is soaked in my wetness. I hold his erect cock. He tells me to roll over, he pulls down my panties and pulls open my cheeks, his tongue plunges into my hole and feels amazing. There is something so special about rimming, the intimacy, closeness, sensitivity it brings, it's a multi-level pleasure for me.

He pushes his lube covered fingers inside, he is preparing my ass to fuck, I love the feeling if him opening me up, stretching me ready for his hard cock, all the while he is telling me what is going to happen.

His cock feels so hard as it pushes into me, he pushes deep until his balls rest against my cunt lips. He pulls almost all the way out and plunges inside again. Each stroke as he fucks me is the entirety of his cock length. His hands reach to hold my breasts as he fucks me hard until I'm cumming for him.

He tells me to sit at the end of the bed, he stands infront of me wanking his hard cock, my wet juice laden panties are taken and he wraps them round his cock. I hungrily lick the tip as he takes himself to orgasm, his cum jetting into my mouth.

Lay on the bed together he is so hard, his hand between my thighs and working my clit. Telling me to take my pleasure and cum, looking into my eyes as I crumble and climax. He pushes his hand inside and fists me, his mouth around my clit again. I hold his hard cock as he laps up my juices and sends me into a state, I'm shaking with pleasure, feeling so consumed by him. He sits back next to me and I lick his cock, take it in my mouth and enjoy his precum that is seeping from him. I wank him, encouraging more precum for me. I continue to wank him into my mouth until he cums for me giving me a mouthful. Falling together on the bed we kiss and hold each other so tightly.

When we have recovered and enjoyed each other some more I suggest he finds some sex toys to fill me with and then I want him to wank his cock for me. My new glass butt plug is pushed into my ass, the coldness of it takes my breath away, its smothness is welcome as I fell it open me up. My ass tightnens over the stem of the plug, it feels amazing, not like a cock, just naughty and pleasing. The plug is followed by the large dildo in my cunt and a vibe on my clit, I'm full, my head is resting on his lap as he sits at the top of the bed. The way he is holding me is so arousing, his hand is around my neck/chin, it's firm and has me held in place right next to his cock. it can't move, not that I want to, I'm right where I want to be, cumming.

I'm licking the precum as it appears, his cock is scented with both of our arousals and cum, he is talking to me, every sense is being stimulated. I can feel such a strong orgasm build, I can't tell I will be in a state as it starts to erupt. I push out the toys as I cum so hard, convulsing almost as I lie held by him. He cums over my face and into my mouth as I shudder in a post orgasmic mess.

We enjoy nibbles and curl up on the sofa together, just relaxing with him is such a pleasure. When we return his hand nestles between my legs, he strokes my wet lips and teases my clit, as i relax and enjoy and enjoy the stimulation he slaps my pussy firmly. It takes my breath away, my lips are stinging, on fire, tingling and the next smack lands, this time he had held my pussy open, the sting hits my clit. He massages my clit gently and takes me closer then spanks again, its intense, arousing, taking me closer to cumming and stinging all at the same time. He rubs my hard clit again, holds me open, exposes me and spanks it, rubs again, I'm starting to cum, he spanks me, it feels amazing, he holds my pussy as I shudder.

He is hard again and he gets the glass butt plug and pushes it inside me and ploughs his cock into my cunt from the spoons position. He holds the butt plug, keeping it in place as he fucks me hard, his other hand manipulates my clit.

He tells me he is going to remove the sex toy and fuck my arse and send me home full of cum. It's enough to make me cum hard on his cock, my cunt tightens so much it pushes his cock out, swiftly he pushes back inside as I'm still cumming. He removes the butt plug and eases his cock inside, he is rock hard and I take a moment to accommodate him. Slowly he starts then he becomes more intense as he hammers his cock so deep inside me. I feel his cock swell and his cum fill me so beautifully. I adore this feeling, he holds me tight, still connected, his warm cum inside me.

I return home and sneak into bed next to hubby, he is sound asleep, I lie there touching myself, not because I need to cum, just feeling how wet and sensitive YSL has left me, my ass full of him.

The new glass butt plug is staying in my 'favs' bag. A definate winner.

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