Friday 29 July 2011

The spanking I needed - WARNING there is sound on the video

Earlier in the week YSL had sent me a link to a video, the message title had been Spanked pussy.

I was in a meeting when I got the message and instantly my mind wanders to the last time he spanked my pussy. Im driving home and my mind is full of what he has planned for me the next night, the video must be setting the scene, suggesting what might happen.

Im so aroused, I walk in the door, grab my bullet out of the bag, ditch my now wet panties and oppen up my web browser

So shall we say I was slightly disapointed, though still laughing!YSL kindly corrected this by sending me some other more suitable porn links and had some downloaded for an adults only TV dinner.

When I got to his within minutes he had me bent over the kitchen bench, whispering to me to keep my legs straight and stay where I was. The first few spanks were firm and took my breath away then he got harder. It was so close to my limit. He asked me how many more I could take. I say 2 more, he makes them count before spreading my cheeks and starting to spank my pussy.

My ass and cunt are so tender, I love the reminder of how much pleasure he gave me last night.

I will share more in a few days, lots to write up as we had a very naughty night, certainly notched up a couple of firsts including a clit pump, fucking hthe sex swing with the strap on and some fun with pegs!


  1. OMG! Laughing my ass off!!! at the pussy spanking. Yeah I would be really peeved after he got you all worked up.

    That cat is a freak!! LOL
    (don't call the Human Society, clearly it's a kinky cat...I think he signed a consent form)


    Clit pump...Yeoowwww!
    Ok, I've never tried it but it sounds painful. But then you like it hard, and rough....dontcha! ;-)

    I like your panties. Man is your ass red!

    Thanks for the hotness Yummy.


  2. That cat is a straight up freak...and trained well to turn around and take it the other way. lmao.

    Now as for your spanking...good lord woman that was pretty hot. Ouch...but hot. Thanks for sharing

  3. YSL has a great sense of humor! That video is too funny!

    Your video is too freakin' hot! WOW!

  4. Cute pussy spanking. Ha Ha.

    I preferred seeing you get your ass spanked. It would have been better with a paddle, but you colored nicely anyway.

  5. Hang on... your married...
    You have a lover on the side.
    Does your husband know about this, considering its on the internet!?