Friday 1 February 2013

A change of plan

Busy days for both of us yesterday and I didn't get to YSL's till nearly 6, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to town. We were meeting a single bi male for a 3some.

Our safe word is agreed, if I'm happy with the guy I'm going to say 'I could just enjoy a havana' any other drink is a no. We have arrange this meet through the swingers community we are members of, he's a bi male, age 52, his pictures have him looking like a well aged graphic designer or architect, the dark polo neck, shaved head and quirky glasses have him a cert for appreciating a Mies ven der Rohe in my book. Traffic in town is heavy and we arrive a little late, having to park 10 minutes away didn't help with arrival time or with how dishevelled I look as we get through the door.

As I straighten my wind swept hair YSL orders drinks at the bar. I spot the eager wave of the bald headed guy and have to immediately hide the horror on my face. The quirky architect clearly knows how to get a good picture and how to be economical with the truth. Bounding across the bar enthusiastically is a short rotund bald man who's drank too much red wine. His big wine stained grin was his only plus point.

Now before you think in judging a book by its cover....
1. We have an honest profile, clear up to date pictures and I specifically emphasise I'm no thin lady. I most certainly would not tick the 'average' box and hope no body would notice I can't be trusted.
2. There needs to be trust, even if its a gut thing, your about to get naked and let this person do things to you, lying for the get go is not a good place to start
3. I have a preference, it's my choice, I know I'm not everyone's type and likewise this guy was not mine. I had already given in to the height thing as this guy seemed to have everything else in his favour.
4. And most importantly.... We have amazing sex together, swinging is merely an extra dimension and element of excitement we like to share, we don't need others and we can afford to be fussy.

I quickly indicate to YSL that I will NOT be going any where near the Havana tonight and say I will handle it.

I apologies for our delay and tell him it was down to being let down by baby sitters, our plans need to change but hadn't wanted to just let him down and not turn up. We have a polite one drink and make our excuses. He was a pleasant enough guy but certainly not a potential sexual partner and most definitely not our first planned bi mmf.

We head straight back for the car and discuss the plans for the night. The guy from 2 weeks ago was free but I'm not in the mood for him and I'm so aroused I doubt he would appreciate the mess I would make on his bedding.

It's my choice of what we do "I just want you" is my reply as I start the car and negotiate the car park bends. We are home in 10minutes and enjoying a warm drink curled up on the sofa watching TV. We both needed to unwind and relax before even considering getting naked.

As the TV show came towards the end the gentle caress of my legs transfers to my thighs then his fingers stroke teasingly over the top of my panties, instantly my arousal shoots of the charts. The next 10 minutes I couldn't tell you what happened on the TV my mind was too busy willing YSL to press harder or pull down my damn panties. I'm trying my best to push forward my hips and part my thighs more so that my clit has a chance of feeling his touch.

He holds my cunt firmly and forces his thumb hard against my clit, my juices are trickling from me and being captured by my panties. He stands and gestures towards the stairs, I beat him up there and start to strip. "Stop right there" he says as he climbs the stairs. I'm stood in just my bra, panties and stockings. He gets behind me and caresses my body, kisses my neck and says "lie face down on the centre of the bed" he walks out of the room and returns with our new under bed restraints from Uber Kinky . He quickly positions the restraints and takes my wrist and fastens the Velcro strap firmly, then the other, my cunt is aching so badly. As each ankle is tied and the restraints adjusted so my legs where fully stretched my cliterous starts throbbing and I know it's growing as I can feel the fullness between my lips.

I can hear him strip and the anticipation of his touch has my skin alight. Feeling so vulnerable and open to him is turning my mind on so much. He pulls down my panties just enough to expose my bottom and his first touch is my cheeks being parted followed by his tongue delving deep in my arse and delighting my hole as he swirls his tongue around it. I can't move much but I'm able to raise my hips and push back onto his face. I want more, I need him to be inside me so badly. I'm on the verge of cumming and I'm expecting him to stop, I know I'm about to be teased beyond what I've ever experienced.

He moves up the bed caresses my body, his touch is amplified, it feels so loving but also full of anticipation. I don't know if he has the crop or paddle, I'm not sure if this is going to involve pushing my limits or just making me beg to cum. His hand taps my bottom and then his fingers trail between my slit, delving into my dripping hole then circling my arse using the juices from my cunt to tease me open. He starts to vigorously finger my cunt and takes me to the edge again, I want to cum so badly I'm tempted to try and be quiet and still so he doesn't know how close I am but I'm loving this as well and uncertain I could stay quiet. He stops and kisses my neck while wanking his cock, I can't see but I know from his eyes and his breathing his cock is hard and giving him pleasure.

He moves between my thighs and slams his cock in deep taking my breath away. I want this so bad. He fucks me hard until I'm close again and pulls out just in time then smacks his hardness off my exposed arse hole, teasing even more.

I'm soaked, I can feel the wetness of my panty gusset as he pulls my panties back up, whilst nothing is touched sexually this act drives me wild it's so erotic. His fingers caress and need my thighs then he trails his nails over the fabric sending ripples of pleasure through my entire body. I want him so much.

He moves back round and this time pulls my panties aside licking my cunt and inhaling my scent before slamming his length back inside me. His body covers mine, his arms encompass my upper body and he talks filth into my ear. He tells me how much he wants to see other men take me, he wants to sit and watch the pleasure from the corner and appreciate me from afar. He asks me how many men have ever fucked me, I surrender my answer without concern of judgement or regret. I think it even arouses him to know 30 other men have been inside me especially as right now my cunt is entirely his. I couldn't give myself any more to him.

He turns me over and continues to tease, holding my cunt firmly through my panties then applying enough pressure from me to grind back against but stopping before any relief occurs, merely adding to the frustration and making me more wanton.

He stands above me on the bed, stroking his raging hard cock and then squats over my head, filling my mouth with is cock and gagging me deeply. I suck hungrily for these brief moments I'm aloud to enjoy and touch it with my tongue before he snatches it back from me and rejoins me on the bed.

The filth continues as YSL tells me a scenario he wants to see in such sensual detail. He starts to rub my clit with passion I feel sure this is it but I'm fearful I go passed the point of no return and he stops. I ask him as I desperately hold back "can I cum?" I can hardly form the words as its taking everything to not cum. He doesn't reply he just rubs harder and I can't stop it happening, every inch of me climaxes, my entire body is alight and shuddering with intense pleasure. He still doesn't stop, my clit feels ready to explode and my climax is still pouring out of me.

YSL holds me close as I float on a large fluffy cloud of orgasm. His kisses seem so soft and tender as I tremble with euphoria. He moves back between my thighs and yanks my panties down to just expose my crotch, his cock is still so hard as he drags it over my cunt before wanking himself, he holds open my lips with his other hand and shoots his hot cum over my cunt, the warmth and silkiness as it trickles over my engorged clit sets me alight again. He pulls up my panties and holds my cunt firmly as we lie together smiling and kissing each other.


  1. Very exciting! A hot read and a trio of beautiful shots. How I wish I was there!

    - Jack

  2. Beautiful accompanying photos, love the prolonging and teasing before releasing. Glad even though the evening didn't go off as planned, it was magnificient anyhow.