Thursday, 31 January 2013

YSL - Giving and Sharing

This is the YSL point of view of the experience that Yummy and I shared and the account that she posted on 13th January 2013, Sinful Sunday - Giving and Sharing

As you may know, Yummy and I are members of a swinging community and we have a main account that we have used for over a year now and it does state on there that I am bi curious, which I am. However we have found that whilst it appears to be perfectly acceptable, if not the norm for the majority of ladies in the community to be bisexual, this is most certainly not the case for males. We have had instances where males in a couple of have been quite frightened that they may be even so much as touched by another man and it certainly isn't something that is the norm in clubs, although for ladies it is nothing unusual to see.

So, with the above in mind, we have another account that is specifically for meeting single bi males and it is amazing the number of genuine males who have 'straight' on their profile, but in reality they are actually bi. How do we know this apart from taking their word? From the feedback that others have given whom they have met, it is single males, TVs etc.

We used this secondary account to contact a number of guys and one took our fancy as he sounded intelligent, could write well and there was a good tone in his messages. Initially the day that we wished to meet he was otherwise committed, however his plans fell through mid evening and he asked us if we could still make it that evening. We said yes, and fifty minutes later we were in a very quiet bar adjoining a hotel waiting for him.

Unusually for us, this was a completely blind date as we hadn't asked for any face pictures and took confidence from his writing abilities. When he arrived, facially, it was a little more disappointing than we expected, however we were there and 'never judge a book by its cover, etc (unless it's a really ugly book, obviously) so we waited whilst he got a drink and started conversation. His conversation was a little at odds with his writing as he turned out to a bit more of detail obsessive person than the genial host that we were expecting, however he was interesting and there were points where he really seemed to come alive and warm to the conversation. After about forty minutes conversation in which the benefit of the doubt was given and thinking about the description of this being a 'hung guy', I asked if we could see his room.

We retired to the hotel next door and as it was getting relatively late in the evening, the front door was locked and we had to be let in by the receptionist. Nothing new for her I'm sure, after all, she works in a building that is full of beds!!!

Within minutes, Yummy was laid in the centre of the bed and 'hung guy' followed suit with whatever I did, shirt off, trousers off, sucking nipples and so on. All very respectful and a man not wishing to overstep the mark or do anything unwelcome. When his underwear was removed, he was indeed a 'hung guy', not a monster, but certainly an inch or so above the norm and nicely thick. It was fairly hard from the start and Yummy simply enjoyed having a cock for each hand!!

After a period of double Yummy appreciation, she set to work on sucking this fine cock whilst I rimmed her. Once everyone felt more settled with the situation, I moved up and joined Yummy. Hung guy was sitting up at the end of the bed and both Yummy and I were laid down on our fronts between his legs. Yummy passed his cock to me and I greedily took it. It felt thick in my mouth with that warm sponginess that you get from the head. For a guy, he was very clean and had very little scent to him, which I liked and it got me even more enthusiastic about this cock as I am not really that attracted to male muskiness, although I probably have it myself. We proceeded to enjoy this cock between us for what must have been a good 20 to 30 minutes. We grabbed the cock out of each other's mouths to suck it, we kissed each other with this member in-between our mouths, we licked the shaft, kissed the balls, wanked it and of course we each enjoyed traditional deep throat and sucking. All of the while, pleasurable moans could be heard from him no matter who was doing the pleasing.

I then sat at the head of the bed and Yummy started sucking me. She looked at him with encouraging eyes and it was quite obvious that she wished for him to join in, as we had done for him, but he clearly didn't wish to. We didn't force anything and we didn't make an issue of it.

After about ten minutes of enjoying me, I stayed at the head of the bed, Yummy turned around onto her back with her head in my lap and hard erection pressed against her cheek and hung man started fucking her. It was wonderful to see Yummy being fucked from my vantage point, as I could view her tits, her fabulous tummy and see her thighs and legs as they pointed directly up to the ceiling whilst this chap pounded away into her. He was fucking her hard for a good fifteen minutes and it started to become clear that he was close to cumming but wanting to hold it in to keep going, however Yummy just said 'Biting your lip isn't going to stop you cumming, give it to me'!!! And on hearing this the fucking got even harder and more intense and he came inside her cunt.

The whole of the way through this, my cock was absolutely solid, I didn't touch it at all and it remained pressed against Yummys cheek. Whilst she was being fucked, I held her, stroked her face and brushed my hand over her hair.

I like the idea of Yummy receiving multiple cocks in one session, so I had no hesitation in moving out of position and down between her thighs to place my cock in her cunt only seconds after another one had left having cum in her. For me it is the thought of a different feeling for her inside her with a different cock, slightly different technique and most importantly, a fresh cock that isn't weary and is ready to start again hard!!!! And hard it was, Yummy simply sprayed her cum everywhere as soon as my cock entered. I pulled out and took advantage of this heightened arousal by vigorously rubbing my cock up and down her cunt and across her clit, to which the splashing just began fully like turning on a tap and raindrops shooting in all directions from that delicious juicy cunt.

Hung guy was at the side of the bed now mimicking the tenderness that I had shown Yummy when our roles were reversed, I began fucking in earnest, however within a few minutes the mood in the room had changed, Hung guy seemed distant and it was clear that he was tired having been at work all day as he had a faraway look in eyes and wasn't engaged. Nothing was said, however for us there has to be passion there with all parties, so I withdrew from Yummy without cumming and we proceeded to wind down.

Over idle chit chat we proceeded to get redressed, kind words were exchanged and we left the room and suffered the ignominy of the receptionist having to tell us how to unlock the front door of the hotel, at one in the morning, whilst we tried to avoid eye contact.

Overall it was a good meeting. The downsides being his face didn't meet our expectations, but he was fine and nice, his loss of engagement at the end, but then it was late, and his refusal to reciprocate male oral attentions. However...........when we arrived home, we found that we had such passion for each other. Not that this is usually lacking for us, but we just devoured each other as we retired to our own bed. We deeply kissed, we fucked hard, Yummy's juices simply poured over me like a torrent from a river and we held each other so tightly...........all after sharing a cock between us!!!!

When we discussed this as we were recovering, we felt that we both had this euphoria as we could be so open and honest with each other, which we can't be with others. There are always things that we hold back from others, even in the swinging world, which is why I put the context of this in at the start. Even with other swingers that you can be having the most intimately physical exchanges that any human can have with another, there are often thoughts and desires that you have to hold back on, but this evening was a physical demonstration between the two of us of what we find exciting, what we both want and wish to do and how we can simply enjoy viewing the our other partner revel in their desires and what they find arousing without any holding back or shame.

Whilst the evening wasn't perfect, it was a good evening and it did so much to reveal to us things that we perhaps hadn't thought about previously and what makes what we have so special and valuable.

Taking into account all manner of risk factors, physical and emotional, and mitigating them as much as is possible, it is such a wonderful feeling of relief and freedom to be able to share, uncensored, your true thoughts, feelings and desires with such a close friend who feels the same way too.



  1. It is really amazing and wonderful the relationship you both share!
    thanks for sharing YSL, it is great to hear your side!


  2. I really need a YSL in my life .... you two have something so wonderfully special.

    Loved this post , so hot and such a turn on xx

  3. I love the open and honest communication, the courage to express and explore, that you two have . It sounds like an amazing experience.

  4. I loved reading this from your point of view! And it is so true that many bi men have Straight profiles. I'm someday hoping for a MFM with vaginal DP and hoping I can find someone who isn't afraid of touching another mans cock!.

  5. I'd give anything to have Daddy go for this. OMG! It sounds so hot! Such a great relationship indeed.