Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hard Day Working From home

We were meant to be having a MMF 3some but between the bad weather and a useless single male it was off. I had already made my excuses to away all day and back late so I went to YSL’s for the day. Work had set a few demands for YSL and I did a little work of my own and blog stuff then headed to bed, partially to keep out of the way of being a distraction and for the comfort, my ribs were aching from the bad cough that developed over the weekend. At lunch time YSL brought food and kisses as assured me work was almost finished.

Shortly after lunch YSL returned to the bedroom, naked and smiling, looking more relaxed now and ready to play. His arms were wrapped around me before his body was even on the bed, pulling me close and delivering tiny kisses around my cheeks and forehead.

“You’ve been so good and patient you deserve a treat” YSL said smiling,  he moved down the bed and then disappeared under the covers. His tongue dragged over my lips, teasing me and making me mentally urge him to lick deeper yet not wanting this sensation to end. His next lick started to part my lips and just caught the tip of my cliterous making me gasp with delight. A few more licks then YSL buried his face deep in my folds and took my cliterous entirely in his mouth, sucking it hard and making me grab at the pillows as if it would stop me falling. His fingers traced in a circle around my hole before slipping inside, the mixture of stimulation had an orgasm building within me and before long shuddering with delight. He didn't stop, in fact it got more intense using the wetness from my orgasm he pushed more fingers inside until my cunt grabbed his whole hand and pulled him in deep.

YSL shifted position to allow more movement of his arm but maintained his mouth around my cunt, slurping at the juices as they spilled out. The fisting was hard and vigorous, only slowing in tempo as each orgasm crushed his hand. I was in such a state unable to speak or move unless it was the involuntary reactions to yet another climax.

Just as YSL slipped his hand out of my soaked hole his phone went, I gesture its ok to take. We are both self employed and both understand the play days like these still need us to have an eye on the ball. Emails need to be sent following the call and I joke that I will entertain myself while he works. YSL grabs the cupping set that is on the top of our BDSM tool bag and gets 2 of the cups ready to attached to my nipples. The sting of the first one surprises me with how strong the pain is, the second one is attached and only serves to distract me from one pain to another. YSL grabs the 3rd one and pushes open my thighs, holding open my cunt lips he strokes my clit then places over the cut and pumps the handle until my clit is drawn right up inside. I'm breathless and off the chart with arousal.

“And be quiet until I've done these e-mails” YSL said as he sat down on the bed with his lap top. Each email he wrote was punctuated by flicking and pulling at the cups and then returning to writing the next. After 3 emails I ask how many more, I was on the verge of cumming and I knew if I came with the cups on it would make me hit the roof with sensitivity. “As many as I want” his stern reply sent ripples down my body, I adore feeling so much at his mercy. He closed the lap top and moves between my thighs and gasps at the sight he clit has swollen to almost fill the cup, he gently teases me around my entrapped cliterous before freeing her. He frees my nipples making me wince as the blood runs freely again, even my breath against my nipples makes them feel touched.

YSL jumps of the bed and grabs something else from the bag “oh no, fuck” were my words as I saw him return with the glass paddle. He straddled my tummy and forced my legs apart and strikes my lips. “FUCKING HELL” the pain was so much and as the arousal washed over my body another strike hit. With each strike the paddle  parted my lips and first it stung my lip and labia but as he removed it ready for the next the paddle caressed so smoothly through my folds and over the hardness of my cliterous. Again I don’t want to cum this way as I know it will be too much but it seems I have little choice, the more I worry about cumming in this way the more my body surged towards a climax. Screaming as the strike hit that tipped me over the edge and I’m trying to get my hands between the paddle and my clit that feels like its going to explode. He strikes me again and I can do nothing but wait while the orgasm rips through me and makes me feel like I could cry with raw emotion.

Gently his fingers trace around the base and he insists I masturbate for him pouring liquid silk onto my fingers so that my tips glide over my swollen and sensitive cliterous. I was expecting it to be swollen but not like this, I’ve never felt my clit the large, hard and sensitive, my lips are burning hot from the spanking, it feels like i have a cock. As I slowly explore my amplified cunt I can see YSL masturbating as he watches me, I love to see his arousal, its wonderful to know I have that effect on him.

“Get on your knees” as I move round YSL slips deep inside me and pounds me hard, grabbing at my hips as he anchors himself and slaps his balls hard off my swollen clit and lips serving to turn me on even more.  I feel his cock stiffen more and expand before the reward of his cum is given.

(if you are interersted in the cupping set we got it from the direct link to it is Rimba cupping set

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  1. Nice how you can mix business and pleasure in such an unusual way.