Friday, 25 January 2013

3 years blogging

In some respects I feel like Ive been blogging for longer than 3 years but I think that's due to the fact that I felt like I blogged so much before I met YSL and now we have been together nearly 2 years, its doesn't feel like it adds up.

I initially started blogging as I needed a friend to talk to that wouldn't judge just listen and be there if I needed them, I needed to get stuff out of my head and process it, the blog provided this and so much more.
Its funny looking back, the initial few months there are no pictures other than the odd HNT which by my current standards are very very tame. The blog has helped with my body confidence, my discovery of myself and certainly has helped keep my sanity.

These days the blog and twitter gives me a window to a world of pleasure even when I'm trapped in the confines of my marriage. It gives me such pleasure  as I read back over my own archieves reliving the moments, I often sit shaking my head thinking 'no way' in sheer disbelief I had the confidence or audacity to do such things!!

At the end of my first year I rejoiced that 70,000 visitors had graced the blog, these days that's just over a month of traffic which hurts my head to even think about.
 My first visitors and people to comment where:

I'm still good freinds with Ron and Out Side Vanilla (hopefully catching up with him in March when I visit London), Secretly naughty stopped blogging a while back and I'm not sure what happened to her.

My first real introduction to the sex blogging community though came from participating in HNT, every Thursday we all use to post a Half Nekkid picture and unite. HNT isn't around anymore but I have found a new friend and community in Sinful Sunday (highly recommend participating and even just viewing).

My first ever post was during the decline of my relationship with Him, I was starting to resent the one sided nature of the relationship, my dropping everything to work around him and his jealousy turning into paranoia

So thank you for coming to visit, I value the friendship, comments and the lurking. I hope to keep blogging for many years to come and hopefully continuing to share more of mine and YSL's adventures and passion for each other.



  1. Congratulations on three years of blogging! :)

    Rebel xox

  2. Congrats on three years of blogging, that's quite a bit of dedication, and it's awe-inspiring that you have experienced/created that much (material) to write about.