Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Popped for lunch and asked the question "should I have any expectation of sex?" We both have loads of work on at the moment and while passions always run high we both keep our eye on the ball work wise.

Yes, sex is likely to occur so both if us get our head down and finish off our emails. I close down my laptop and head upstairs, 5 minutes later YSL joins me naked in bed. He's full of compliments after my recent weight loss and strokes his hands across my curves before pulling me closer and kissing me passionately.

We both move and as my hand reaches for his cock the words are already by YSL "lie back" I relent from his cock and part my thighs.

His fingers already smothered in liquid silk glide over my entire cunt, instantly I can feel my arousal grow exponentially and my clit starts to fill up. Before long I can feel my first orgasm start to build and I'm encouraging it with the thoughts if this weeks erotic fun we have planned. His hand slows and moves from my clit, I gasp and lock eyes on his, he smiles and I realise it was intentional. His fingers encircle my aching clit again and I ready myself to cum, waiting seems so worth it as I know this orgasm is going to rip through me. He stops again and holds my cunt a moment, I realise that cumming isn't going to happen for a while. He pulls me close and starts to whisper in my ear "imagine if I just made you put your panties back on and send you home like this" I'm so wet and unable to image how I could cope with not cumming given my state of arousal.

YSL starts to stroke the entire length of my cunt starting with his fingers dipping into my hole and scooping out my wetness then parting my lips and just grazing the top of my swollen clit. It's not enough to make me cum but it has me in a state of desperation, I'm breathless and pushing my hips forward to try and increase the pressure against me, failing though as he doesn't allow it to make a difference. I'm so on the verge of cumming but this time YSL leaps out the bed, I'm confuse and unsure what toy he is going to get.

He stops and picks up my clothes I had left of the floor, I had been in a hurry to get naked. I touch my breasts while I wait, not helping my state but not caring as I don't believe I will be leaving here without release. He throws my panties at me, I'm confuse as he nods at them indicating I should put them on.

The realisation of what's about to happen washes over me, no, I can't leave here with out cumming?? I play along and slip on my panties as part of the game but my leggings are passed next, he nods to put them on. My face must be saying "no way" as YSL asserts I need to dress. I stand and put them on and check what time it is, I need the reassurance that I have time for this to play out.

He passes my dress and I slip it on, hating and loving what is happening. The rush of his control over me married with the desperation of my arousal levels. Clothed and frustrated he tells me to sit on the chair he has positioned at the bottom of the bed. I sit and he sits before me stroking his cock and he allows me to lick it to capture the pre cum that's escaping before having the watch again. He canes hold of my cunt through my leggings and panties, again it's not enough but it comes close and any touch is welcome. His cock looks angry and so hard, I want it inside me so badly,

He stands and pulls out my breasts from under my dress and slides his between them, I'm grateful but it's just driving me closer to the edge of madness. I feel like my cunt will explode and my whole body is shuddering with the urgency, YSL tells me to bend over at the window. All I can think of is he is going to pull down my panties and cum in them then send me home.

I brace myself for the extreme of the denial and I'm taken by surprise as I feel the hardness of his cock push inside me. Long slow deep strokes have me in raptures immediately, he keeps the pace slow and makes me wait for it. Im about to start to cum half worried he will stop I gasp "I'm about to cum" if he's going to stop do it now, he doesn't stop, he fucks me harder and it starts, it swirls from the pit of my stomach and rips through every inch, it's beautiful and worthy of the wait and then he spills cum inside me pushing my climax on even further until my legs start to give way. I'm clinging to the window sill as he slowly pulls out, he strips me with care and affection and leads me back to the bed. He holds me so close as I bathed in the moment, our mixed juices dripping from me as he loves me.

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  1. I held my breath, hoping he gave you the release that you needed. I hated being denied, or even waiting, when I'm right on the verge and it need it so desperately.