Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I switched and blissed out YSL

I love it when I arrive and he isn't to be seen, I know he is here, the faint smell of coffee and a certain warmth in the air, his scent. 

I drop the lunch supplies quickly on the bench and hurry upstairs, composing myself before I enter his bedroom. His smile is beaming and I want to jump on him for a kiss but I also want to be naked in his arms so I strip while we exchange pleasantries. He pulls back the covers and we entwine. It's been 8 days since anyone held me so this means a lot. It's been a long week without YSL.

Our embrace changes, kissing naturally becomes more intense until YSL suggest I lie back and allow him to make me cum. His fingers navigate my cunt better than I can, he knows how to tease, how to make me shudder and stop breathing with intensity. He has me in a mess, just as I think we are done he jumps out the bed and grabs a new favourite sex toy  that he has had charging.

He slips the Fixsationvibe panties on me (they go up to big girl sizes thankfully), it’s more like a garter than panties, I love how the straps pull my cunt lips apart as well as hold the vibrating pad against my clit. I feel exposed and I love the teasing vibrations all over my now engorged clit. YSL slips into bed behind me and effortlessly slips his cock deep inside. It feels deeper than usual the straps the toy as they hold my cunt lips apart must be giving him even more access.

He pauses as his cock is fully inside, his hand reaches and turns up the vibrator and I start to cum on his cock. He begins to thrust deeply and hard, the mixture of the toy and his cock has me in an orgasmic mess. He turns it up again and teases his finger against that bit not quite your clit and just off the pubic bone, I feel euphoric and as if I could trip into a permanent climax any moment. YSL moves and mounts me in missionary his body presses the vibrator firmly against me. After a few minutes of divine fucking he gasps the words I'm cumming just as I feel him spill into me tipping me over the edge again.

Im disappointed to remove the FixSation panties but my clit needs a rest. After a playful rest the strap on appears, it's been ages since we last played with it and it instantly makes my cunt ache with delight. I’m readying my cock and YSL's arse with liquid silk and reach round to check how hard he is for me. He is rigid.

I press the tip of my purple cock against his hole and tell him to push back. I like him to take the reins and be in control when I enter him first time. Once inside we lie still together, I hold his cock which feels even more swollen than before. YSL starts to push back hungry for more of my cock and I start to slowly fuck him, just gently rocking my hips as I continue to hold his cock. 

I want to take him more, "masturbate yourself" I instruct as I take hold of his hip and take slightly bigger strokes. His face is pure bliss, it's like he is having an out of body experience, I adore being able to give him this much pleasure. I can tell he is about to cum again and I thrust inside and hold myself deep as I see the shower of his cum shoot everywhere.

I remain still, YSL gets really sensitive when he has just cum and I don't want to spoil this moment for him. He starts to laugh, I've only seen him do this once or twice before, it's the euphoria he has after such an intense orgasm, I sometimes end up in tears. I remove my cock and hold him, kissing his brow and absorbing the pleasure he is in, I feel so pleased I gave him this moment.

I've brought a healthy lunch, fish and veg, we cook it together and retreat back to the bedroom to enjoy before browsing our swingers account and planning a little fun for later this week. 

YSL slips in bed the other side to normal, snuggles up close and asks me to spank him, we tried me switching before and I failed, I ended up begging him to fuck me! I'm pleased to oblige but before I start my task I whispered back "you will have to be hard for me" he starts to stroke his cock as I continue to hold him close and tell him he will have my hand first then the new Jeffery West paddle. He shudders with anticipation and delight at my agenda, especially the threat of milking his cock as I spank him.

YSL gets on all 4's and I move ready to strike. I caress his exposed balls and perineum and it makes him jump as he was expecting a smack. I redden his bottom with increasing intensity until I can see his muscles flinch. I know that I twitch when I start getting ouchy. I'm holding his cock as I spank him and as I swap from cheek to cheek I trail my fingers over his exposed and fucked hole making him gasp and shudder even more. His bottom is well warmed and I reach for the paddle. 1, 2, 3....19, 20, his groans increasing as I move to the other cheek 1, 2, 3... He is taking it so well I decide to give him 20 more, harder this time but after a few light teasing taps to his perenium. 

15, 16, 17, 18, "the next 2 are going to be hard" I've heard him say that so many times to me, I know they are going to be over my limit just as these 2 will push his. His cock shows me just how much he is enjoying this, I'm about to finish of milking him when he asks if I will fuck him again. I caress his red bottom and then reach for my cock.

We fall into spoons position quickly and I push my finger inside him much easier this time and prepare him for my cock. I slip in deeper and start to fuck him much harder than earlier. I leave him to hold his own cock I'm too fixated on fucking his hole and its turning me on too much. His cum explodes out of his cock again, YSL's face tells me this is even better than earlier, the euphoric laughter follows, louder and as if in disbelief of what had just happened. I slip my cock out of him and move round to hold him, cradle him as he enjoys his blessed out moment until he falls asleep with a peaceful grin upon his face.


  1. Wow! Smoking hot tale and photo! :)

  2. By request, my post "When I fuck you" is here:

    It really is an amazing feeling fucking my husband. Tomorrow, he's going to be posting his side of the story. :)

  3. He's a lucky guy that you are so attentive. I know what you mean when you say you can sense him there, when you first arrived.

  4. You in vibrating panties and YSL taking you from behind is sexy.

    How nice that you could bliss out YSL. One day I hope to peg a special someone.