Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year

Another wonderful year with YSL in my life.

In some ways it's been the worst year of my adult life, losing a parent and all the crisis that happened leading up to that point, if your interested in the details I have another blog http://marriednoparole.blogspot.com
I've not tweeted or posted about it but I've had a spot of misfortune health wise which is on going yet when I look back upon what I have been through one thing shines out from it all and that's the love and care YSL gives me.

We've been together some 20months now and our relationship rings me such depth and comfort not to mention the adventure we have enjoyed. Some of the moments we've shared this year include:

Had a sexual rampage in Scotland




A weekend swinging in Paris

A week in Cap d'Agde swinging



And so many more exciting moments but tonight as I reflect on our year it's not the sex, the adventures and fun it's the loving, support and depth of care, the romantic aspects of our trips, the appreciation of fine dining that stand out. Our trip to York that didn't make the blog but will be in my memory forever as we celebrated a year together. The night we made pasta together and watched movies before curling up together.

We've shared special days like the Jubilee my birthday, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve (day time) together, which given our circumstances has been and outstanding achievement and such cherished time.

He's been there when I needed him, held me as I've cried, held my hand and gave me strength. The day mum died after the police left I went straight to him and he was everything I needed and continues to be do.

We've celebrated successes together, made plans and surprised even ourselves.

In short YSL has been everything I've needed and more than I've ever dared to want. I love him more than I can find words to explain and lust for him more than I can consume of him.

2013 I expect will have its own ups and downs and I'm looking forward to everyone of them with YSL in my arms, heart and thoughts.

Thank you for reading another year of my adventures and to YSL:

Did I mention I love you?


  1. Wishing you peace and love in the new year..

    Happy New year..

  2. I continue to be thrilled with your happiness and sexcapades :)



  3. Incredibly sweet and here's to hoping for another year of awesome sex story sharings. Hope your health and that of your love ones is strong.