Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cap D'Agde - summary!

Pre holiday we met up with the guys from for lunch and an afternoon chilling. I must say they are even nicer than I already thought and their warehouse... OMG! We were like kids it the biggest well stocked sweet shop!!

Flights and transfers went to plan but it seemed like we had been waiting in a queue for days so when we got to the apartment and got organised the relief was huge. Stripping off and just being naked felt like a weight lifted.

We partied most nights and the nights we didn't we went to the spa which was welcomed relaxation whilst still sexually thrilling.

Throughout the week there were many highlights, funny moments and romance, just as last year I will write it up and share the details.

I felt quite reflective and at moments grief struck me, it was the first time I've really stopped and spent time for myself since Mum died and the funeral but YSL as ever was amazing, hugs on tap and just being there when I needed him.

To tease you with what's to come...

Our visit to Le Glamour and the stranger on the floor
Sex on the beach
Pingu butt plug MIA
The Irish man that yodelled when he came
Tied to a cross and left in the single male section
Naked foam party
Licking female model on the dance floor

And we took lots of pics!

Yet again I feel the holiday has brought me and YSL even closer together. The comfort and confidence I felt all week in 'us' was just what I needed, I feel uplifted, loved and appreciated by him. I adore him, he gives me so much emotionally, physically as well as indulging me with the holiday itself. He means so much to me, words fail me to describe fully the depth of my love and want for him. To quote one of my favourite Idiom's 'my cup runneth over'.

Yummy xx


  1. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to cum!! Hurry up and get these post up!!!!

  2. We've been waiting for this pretty much since we read the last Cap D'Adge post from last year! Can't wait to read the posts!

  3. I rushed over here expecting copious amounts of pictures ......

    I shall wait with baited breath for more !

    Welcome back the both of you xxx

  4. Waiting patiently.....Well trying to!!!

    So glad you were able to re-connect with each other again, especially after recent sadness.

    ~Mia~ xx

  5. I absolutely can not wait! *squeeeeee*
    Lily xxx