Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The foursome 2 weeks ago

I arrived at hotel just after 6pm and enjoyed kissing and chatting with J, he was helping me relax from a stressful day.

&pm came and the phone rang the couple were outside, we greeted them, it was a sexy couple I had met for drink some time ago so it was a delight and a lush surprise to have there company for the night.

We went to the room chatted and j started to play with me, trying to get the evening started, before I knew it i was undressed and breathless.

Within a few minutes j tied me to the bed and the 3 of them started what was such an indulgence, I was to be there toy for the night, all taking turns fucking my mouth and cunt and with her toying me and riding my face.

When they left j dominated me, tying me, spanking me and fucking me, then he made me beg to cum, keeping me on the edge until I couldn't hold back any longer, ending in the most wonderful cuddle.

(although I did wake in the middle of the night to discover the bullet was still inside me and on!)

As ever we woke and enjoyed slowly passionate sex in the morning, him burying him self deep inside me.

I will let the pictures say the rest


  1. I would have very much loved to have been an observer in that room!

  2. In the room? Hell, I want to fuck this bitch as hard and as fast as possible. Rest up and then do it again!!!

  3. Fantastic!!!

    The pictures do say everything!!

    Os cereja

  4. Man, I was hard after reading this. Worth the wait to read. ;)

  5. I like photo #1. The way J is in good.


  6. Personally picture number three is all I can think about. I would be finding a way to breathe through my ears....PY