Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tmi - dating

1. You’re on a speed date. You’ve got 7 minutes with the potential partner. You already know the person’s name. What are the first three questions you would ask?

Where are you from?
What do you do?
Your place or mine?

2. Have you ever participated in speed dating? Did you get a regular date/second date out of it?

Nope but I have offered to do it with a friend of mine who is single, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel!

3. Do you participate in online dating? How many dates have you had as a result of online dating sites/matches?

I met YSL online but through a swingers site. I've enjoyed a lot of coffees, a few kisses and the odd sexual partner through online sites. The reality compared to someone's online persona is often a mile apart! Folks using old pictures or even someone else's!

4. You are attracted to:
a. Who people are?
b. What people have?
c. What they can do?

Who people are, what the can bring to the relationship. Care, compassion, intelligence, humour are all more valued than material stuff.

5. What “little red flag” will cause you to end a date or immediately decide this person isn’t for you?

Bad manners! Or being over assumptive can really get my heckles ups

6. What do you feel you need to sacrifice or have sacrificed to be a part of a relationship?

I'm fortunate that with YSL I feel o can be entirely me, no holding back or compromises, especially after the last week together. There hasn't been a moment where I haven't been able to voice my opinion.

7. If you cooked for your date, what would you cook? Well tonight I'm cooking scallops & king prawns with rocket ravioli served with a tomato and chorizo sauce, fresh tomatoes, rocket and Parmesan and for desert I've made plum and pear crumble (even picked fruit myself) with fresh cream (didn't milk cow).

8. At the end of a first date, how would you kiss your date?
a. Press your lips against theirs
b. Gentle kiss on the cheek
c. Lots o’ tongue, like you’re on a tonsil exploration
d. I don’t kiss on the first date

Never a plan, just how it feels at the time, lean in close eyes and see what happens next.

Bonus: You just put up a profile on a dating site. You must describe yourself in 10 words or less. What are your 10 words?

I'm going to invite you guys to answer this!!!

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  1. So many words I could use to describe you but the best way is you are like the sister I never had <3 xx

  2. 1. Ha! You just get right to it, don't you?

    5. Yes. Must have good manners and good hygiene.

    7. Oh dear gaaaawd! I'm drooling. What time is dinner served?

    Bonus: Feminine, tall, professional, giving, sensual, smart, straight-forward, kinky British sensation.

    Happy TMI Tuesday.

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