Wednesday 26 October 2011

Cropped and squealing! Video

If it won't play try this link but do come back and leave a comment please!

I think the video speaks for itself how much i adore this new addition to our sex toy basket. The sting from the riding crop is so different to the spanking that both myself and YSL are passionate about.

We both enjoy the closeness of over the knee spanking and have been hesitant to remove that level of contact but always willing to explore new options.

I wasnt sure until we went to Clair Obscur the BDSM club in Cap D'Agde about using a crop but after using one on a restrained sub, who was totally un aware his wife had handed the riding crop to me a complete stranger, the noise it made on contact was arousing and seeing how hard it made him intrigued me as i cropped his cock.

A little later YSL stapped me onto what I can only describe as a horse type bench, he retrieved a selecion of whipes, crops and floggers and we experiemented. Having watched a professional Dom and the resident BDSM advisor/trainer at the club deliver a thorough lashing YSL set about my ass with enthusiams and new skills. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed and as you will see from the video we are enjoying exploring beyond just cropping my behind.

We also tooks some great pictures which I will be posting a couple tomorrow for my HNT,


  1. Sensational! You've got me all hard and I'm still at work, you naughty girl!

    We got our crop from a country store, much cheaper than the ones they sell in sex-shops. No prizes what I will be fetching from our toy box tonight!

  2. The video won't play for me, but having used all of these implements I agree that the riding crop is uniquely intense, to judge from my lovers' reactions.

  3. No trouble playing the video here. It is wonderful and intense, and I've enjoyed watching it a couple times now. The glimpses of you and YSL are exciting, your sounds even moreso.

  4. I love my crop :-) The noise as it makes contact with skin is wonderful, as are the sounds you make as it strikes you. Thank you for sharing this moment.

  5. The video is delicious! My nipples actually stood to attention just watching it. I love having my nipples teased with a crop. It was usually followed by flicking pegs off of them with it!

  6. mmmmm so delicious... I might be sending SC over here to take a peek.

    Thank you for sharing and sparking my interest.


  7. What a marvelous video. I especially loved when he was teasing your nipples.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. oh WOW
    just WOW

    we have a paddle but I've never used it on a partner's breasts - note to self... try this :-)

  9. Never had a riding crop used on me...but after watching this, I can't wait for it. Such a sexy video!

  10. The video played fine for me. A riding crop is one of my favorite toys it is the combination of the sound and the sting.
    There is also the mental build up that YSL does by gently running it over your nipple is intoxicating to say the least and to hear your sounds of pleasure was incredible.
    A very hot and sexy video, thanks for sharing.