Sunday, 16 October 2011

Greedy girl and the riding crop

I was already at YSL's house when he arrived home, I was making us tea as he paced the floor finishing off a phone call. He kept admiring me, stroking his hands over me as he talked business, moving up close behind me as I stir the curry.

As he switches off the phone he tells me what a wonderful welcoming site I am and pulls me in close to kiss me.

After dinner YSL goes bathe and sort things for the morning, I join him in the bedroom to change. I remove my dress and he stops what he is doing and tells me not to move.

He leaves the room and quickly returns with the riding crop in hand, a new addition to our sex toys. He motions for me to bend over, I do as I'm told, perched on the end on the bed on all 4's.

He pulls down my panties and exposes my bottom.

The first strike lands, it's gentle, he just taps it rhythmically. Just as I relax he strikes me harder, it takes my breath away, it stings beautifully but doesn't hurt. Instantly my arousal jumps. He strikes my other cheek, the riding crop whips my other cheek as it reaches across, it's a more intense feeling, it hurts but in a good way, its unexpectedness was an added thrill.

He pulls my cheeks apart and lands more strikes against my exposed holes. I'm clinging to the bed as the intensity builds, I can feel my juices trickle from me. He pauses a moment and as I get my breath back he surprises me again, his tongue penetrates my arse and then laps at my cunt before he resumes whipping me.

The next pause is punctuated by him slamming his cock deep inside me, he pulls me back on to him, my stinging cheeks pressed against his thighs. He then pulls back and whips me again.

Each strike increases in depth as he builds confidence and as I become more sensitive, as I buck and instinctively pull away he pulls me back to position and tells me to keep still and present my open bottom to him. The direct instruction is another arousing dimension, just the simplicity of his hand placed against the middle of my back tells me to relax and push back. I'm rewarded again by YSL's demonstration of his arousal, he dips his cock deep inside me again to the hilt. He doesn't fuck me he just shows me how much I've turned him on.

He tells me I have 2 more to take and tells me how good I've been, the first strike is the hardest I've felt so far. I gasp and enjoy the sting, as I recover the second is announced and delivered, harder that the last, I'm so aroused and needing more but he knows that and isn't going to let me have it just yet.

We dress and depart for the club, my cunt dripping wet and my bottom tingling as we drive there.

The club is new, it only opened last week, we park and head to the unmarked door, a single guy joins us as we work out the door entry system.

Once inside and the mandatory show round is complete we grab drinks at the bar and survey the others in the room.

There are 2 other couples and 3 single guys so far in the club. A single guy at the bar makes an introduction, he seem nice and polite. He tries to endorse his experience with an unintentionally amusing story about a 3some he was part of where he had to dress up as a game keeper.

We grab seats and chat, a few more people arrive and YSL suggests we get things started. The enthusiastic single guy has already stripped down to a suspicious pair of Speedos and his socks and stands back at the bar. We walk past and head to the changing room and I strip down to my leopard print basque and stockings.

We head to the first play room and ysl goes down on me. I'm soaked and in need of his attention and it doesn't take long before I'm cumming. He pushes his hand inside and starts fisting me as a couple of guys walk in to watch, it's the young game keeper and the older guy from the door.

They both watch respectfully and I can see in the half lit darkness their appreciation of what they see as their erections are visible.

They move closer as YSL has me squirting, they both want to see, the game keeper clearly quite new to all this gasps and exclaims 'she's really cumming!'

YSL pushes his hard cock inside and starts pounding me, he takes hold of my hands and places them on the erections of the 2 guys. I feel myself blush and I'm pleased the room is dark, I’ve never done this before, been so greedy or so the centre of attention, it feels indulgent and a guilty pleasure. Both guys expose my breasts and both exclaim their delight at my nipples, the older guy adds he has never seen such nipples in his life, I'm giggling and so aroused by the attention.

I suck the older guys cock as YSL fucks me, the gamekeeper rubs my clit, I feel like he is wanting to touch YSL as much as me and the thought turns me on more.

YSL tells the guys to hold my ankles, I'm pulled wide apart, ysl fucks me the hardest he has ever, I'm holding the 2 cocks still and wanking them when I remember!

Each pound slaps so hard against me it feels like he is spanking me at the same time. I cum hard and it's spraying all 3 of them. YSL steps away and moves to the top of the bed, he lifts my head so I can lie against his chest, he holds me close and invites the guys to lick and play with me. The gamekeeper licks and fumbles about, it's pleasant but the pleasure is only from the scenario, YSL takes hold of my wrists and continues to instruct the guys to pleasure me, I see how hard he is watching the men give me pleasure, that alone was enough to make me cum. I go sensitive and we take the chance for a top up of fluids as I was losing them rapidly!

The bed was ruined, I’d squirted and gushed so much when we returned to play we headed to the next room. Another couple were already playing, the 2 guys from earlier joining in, we move in and join the fun. I suck YSL until he was hard and the woman grabbed hold of his cock I hold her ankle as the gamekeeper licks her, she sucks the older guy and wanks her husband. The amusing thought that I bet she could be a one man band runs through my head!

She cums and leaves the room, YSL pushes me back on the bed and starts to fist me. I suck the older guy while holding the other woman's husband's pierced cock.

YSL again invites the other guys to lick and pleasure me, the pierced hubby guy immediately demonstrates his ability navigate a wet cunt. He licks and fingers me perfectly, the other guys presenting cocks to wank and suck, I cum again and I soak his face.

I continue to suck and wank the other 2 guys and they both are getting close to cumming, I tease the older guy, stopping sucking just as he is about to start cumming. I flash a naughty smile and he calls me a dirty bitch, I repay the compliment by wanking him hard until he cums over my breasts, the gamekeeper joins him and covers me.

The room empties as I straighten myself, once alone I bend over and beg for YSL to fuck me. He pushes inside, holds my hips and gives me what I need. I cum hard on his cock before we go to the bar.

As we all chat together YSL slips his fingers into my cunt and coats them in my juices before working them into my arse. I can feel my juices trickle from me as I try to remain composed. The gamekeeper notices and the odd smile at the bar acknowledge they know something is happening out of sight. YSL takes my hand and leads me to the large play room.

Before long we are joined by the gamekeeper. He optimistically announces he has never done dp or anal before but wants to try it. Ysl shares his wisdom without chastising him "whatever happens will be spontaneous".

I'm lay on my side kissing YSL as the game keeper holds me and kisses my neck and back, his hands wandering, not very skilful but I'm enjoying being held by YSL and having another man hold me that I cannot see. The gamekeepers large hard is lay against my arse cheeks, he moves in to fuck me and I tell him to put a condom on. He hadn't brought any to the room! He runs back to the lockers and returns with now a semi.

He struggles to get hard enough once the condom was on so we swap places. Ysl moves behind me and without any delay rams his hard cock deep in my arse, I felt like announcing 'that's how it’s done and how I like it'.

The gamekeeper wanks my clit while wanking himself, ysl is so hard and deep inside me, I feel like had we been somewhere else we could of shared this guy but as it was the pleasure I felt was amazing.

The gamekeeper is close to cumming but failing to deliver, YSL shoots what feels like a bucket of cum inside me. I tell the gamekeeper my ass is now full of cum and I want his over me.

He still can't cum so I tell him he has 30 seconds, I take hold of his balls tightly and whisper "5" he face was a mixture of panic and delight, "10" determination to cum now takes over, "15", "20" panic sets back in as I knows if he doesn't cum I’m walking away "25" he starts to cum "30" he is shooting his load and trembling.

When we get back to YSL's it's late but we are both aroused from the nights fun, we snuggle under the covers and YSL holds me close and masturbates me as we talk about the night. I hold his cock as he tells me next time he is going to hold me and invite the men to fuck me nod at a time. I can't hide how much this turns me on, my whole body shudders and starts to cum, I beg him to fuck my arse again and put more cum in it. He pushes in and fucks me hard, I'm cumming and soaking his balls as he fills me again with more cum.


  1. "I felt like announcing 'that's how it’s done and how I like it'."

    Nothing more exciting or appealing than a woman who is in control of her sexuality, who knows what excites her and isn't afraid to take it! This post really turned us on! Your use of present-tense for most of the story gave it a welcome sense of urgency. This blog entry inspired the sex we enjoyed this afternoon and again this evening. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What a fantastically erotic article - really made us feel like we were there - and wanna be there - nice bit of pre orgy whipping!!! Where is this club?

  3. Oh Yummy you are such an incredible woman, so sexy and so free. A really great story that has me very hard.

    dbuk7768 from twitter

  4. Lovely writing (as ever) Really envy your visits to clubs with ysl. Makes me wish I could go again!

  5. Nothing like reading your posts at work for a quick, thick erection in my pants. Well, there is something that would be better, but it would require a ticket to London.