Thursday, 6 October 2011

HNT - post it note theme!

So normally post it notes are used for shopping lists, phone messages or sarcastic notes in my house and I realise Ive ran out!

I messaged YSL and asked 'HELP!'

"Have you got any post it notes?"
"yes" he says "what do I need to do?"
"just write something related to one of our pics and send it through and I will sort out a click through"
"Im in" is the reply I get back

then I got the e-mail....

Smiling and giggling so much, post it notes are now to be used for things I want and wish for.

Last night he gave me so much pleasure, fucking me so long and deep, ensuring I was pleasured so much.
Details I published last night here

I didnt notice what had happened on the last picture he sent until I was uploading. I had to down tools and get the Hitachi out. I pleasured myself looking at his cock, thinking of last night.

I want your cum ...


Love you YSL x

Happy HNT

Join in the fun..

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