Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I have a question for YSL. How does he feel having every detail of your relationship on your blog? Does it not devalue your intimacy?

I think that it is a disgrace and a gross intrusion of not only my privacy, but of what should be a private act between two committed people for the sole purpose of procreation, by which I mean that I think that it is absolutely fantastic and absolutely encourage Yummy to carry on.
For those who are long time readers of Yummy's blog, you will know the reasons why she originally started writing and following on from that she finds it a good outlet to verbalise her feelings as well as a release to be able to speak about the exploits that she gets up to. The majority of the feedback that she receives is very positive and she has made a vast number of good long term friends through her writing.
Whilst we are both very driven and assertive in our professional lives, away from work and in our leisure time we are both very accommodating for each other and care for each other whilst acknowledging and happily accepting each other's needs, wants and desires. We have never once stopped the other person from doing what they wanted and I can't think of any instance where one of us has done something that has jarred or irritated the other. So, Yummy was a blog writer before I met her, so not only do I not feel it right that I demand that she stops just because I have come along, I am actually very proud that she wishes to tell the world about me and I feel very fortunate that it is me sharing these experiences with her when I know that there are so many people out there who would not hesitate to swap places with me.
In the time that I have known Yummy, everything that she has written has been accurate and factually correct with no embellishment or exaggeration, so when you read about the 16sum that we had on the beach, I can assure you that it was exactly that  :)
I read her posts as they appear on the blog and sometimes she sends them to me a few hours before they go live, but I have never once asked her to change any of the content and I have always been very proud and happy to be associated with her, her writing and just being part of everything that we do together.
I have a very busy working life and because of this I have not read very much of her blog that relates to the time before we met. It is not out of disinterest or even jealously, I think that when you get to our respective ages, you have to accept that you both have sexual pasts and as you will have read during our time together, I am very happy for Yummy to experience and enjoy sexual pleasures with others as I don't believe that I have any right to deny her of any of this. None of this devalues or diminishes the love and intimacy that share together and as I often say to her when we have come back from a club or group meeting, I am always proud to be with her and it is always her that I want and am pleased to leave with.

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  1. It made me smile so much when I received this last night, it reflects my feelings also so well. I Love that YSL feels part of my blogging, I used to worry what he would think about posts as I always right them for accuracy of how I'm feeling than to placate or pander to him. These days I know with confidence that he is accepting of all of my thoughts and feelings and they aren't to be hidden or toned down.

    What we have as a relationship is so special and I want to share how fortunate I am, I can't tell my everyday friends and you guys give me the outlet, support and encouragement I need.

    Thanks YSL for post xxx (hopefully more contributions in the future)

  2. Its great that your got YSL to do a guest post.

  3. Yummy, I think you've found the rarest of gems - an almost perfect man!

  4. Why can't everyone have such an enlightened perspective on their sexuality? The world would be such a better place.

  5. We couldn't have imagined YSL stating this any more perfectly. What a genuine, well-thought-out answer in all respects. If only everyone had this sort of attitude about their significant other's sex blogging.