Friday, 20 January 2012

How many times can you cum in one day/session? And can you cum from just penetration? Or anal?

It depends on what I'm doing, if it's me on my own 3tops as I struggle to touch my own clit when it's so sensitive and I often loose focus when on my own. With YSL it's different I'm fortunate I can cum lots but it's not about climaxing for me, it's the pleasure getting there.

Also I come differently depending on what I am doing and state of mind. I can make myself cum sometime in under 2 mins with a vibe but it is worthless, It is a physical reaction, still pleasant but nothing earth shattering. When I cum from interaction, both mental and physical stimulation that's when the earth starts to move. If I am stressed or distracted I struggle to cum when alone, it frustrates me as I often find cumming helps me relieve my stressed state, something YSL has seen in recent months with me.

Clit - my whole body convulses, its like every nerve is set alight. Recently YSL has had me in such a state, the best i can describe is I emotionally came as well as physically. I was so affected by it in a positive sense.

Here's a video of me rubbing my clit for YSL

Gspot - its almost animalistic, watching myself back on film I almost growl as I cum its so primeval. Deeply satisfying also. When being fisted when this occurs, YSL has said I almost crush his hand.

Here's a video of me cumming from fisting : 

Anal - it is so hard to explain, it is more an enrichment of other orgasms, i love it if I can achieve this and another at the same time, its just so intense, more of a mental stimulant.

Urethral - I have twice cum from this alone and a few times in conjunction with other stimulation. Best way to describe it is you know when you were bursting for a wee and when you have been you get such an uplifting sense of relief and reward.

Orgams Control - To intensify my orgasms I like to absatin or be forced to earn it. HE used to tease me for hours then start to count backwards from 10, I had those 10 seconds to make myself cum or have to wait an hour to try again! I would be frantic and he would often ensure I failed and remove me hands as I begged and start teasing again. YSL threatened to not let me cum this morning but instead he disappeared between my legs for an hour and had me quite the opposite, the bed is soaked!

Forced Orgasms - When I have climaxed especially through clitoral stimulation I become hypersensitive, I can hardly bare to be touched but I love it, to be pinned down and forced to take it, often I can sometimes cum again in seconds. 

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  1. I love the way you describe the way you reach each different orgasm, and how each is a unique feeling. For guys, it's pretty much one way, and it's always amazing to me when you read about the depths of how a woman can orgasm.

  2. i noe some guys can cum by just massaging their prostrate....but i can't seem to...

    but i can love cumming from just stimulation to my cock head...more intense then gripping my shaft and wanking off...although i can wank off in 1 minute flat at times...but that's to check my equipment is still functioning...

  3. Thank you for giving us such an in-depth tour of your body! It was exciting to read about the various types of orgasms you enjoy, and how they affect you. And I see you linked to the fisting video and the video of you masturbating; I've no choice but to watch them now.