Thursday 30 September 2010

HNT - Im ready

poised, aching and oh so ready for penetration

Whilst I had such delightful fun on Monday I haven't had penetration for weeks, my last few encounters have been either with the therapist or a new partner that I haven't allowed to fuck me. For those that don't know me and the therapist, although we play hard we don't do penetration.

I need fucking, I need bent over and taken.

Happy HNT sexy peeps x.

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Monday 27 September 2010

TMI - How to spend an afternoon with friends

1. arrive for coffee, enjoy beverage with delicious fudge cake and talk about week

2. strip and be tied to bed posts, lady friend sat in the chair and watched and played with herself watching her own porn movie

3. have therapist tease and force me to keep cuming from oral and masterbation, spanked my pussy flips until I was squeeling

4. have therapists lady lie between my legs her head rest on my mound and her neck holding in a vibrator that is pressed against my now very sensitive clit

5. feel them fuck, each thrust pushing her against me pushing the vibe on me, hearing her cum and there passion

6. be fisted so hard while his woman held me, while he slyly fingered me

and as a bonus treat for me spanked until I could not take it any more, then he whiped me with a leather tassled flogger

Such a wonderful way I spent my Monday dont you think? I wonder what to do Tuesday?

A week in review

6 orgasms given to me

2 men kissed me

1 man bought me coffee and made me laugh

1 man stripped me and took my hand, led me to the shower and kept me there orgasming in the hot water stream

1 man says I have to wait until he gets back from travel before we get intimate

1 tooth has made me so grumpy!!!! i need it taken out! hurry up already!!

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Picture above was from last weeks 4some, details published last week

Friday 24 September 2010

First 4some and witness first male on male

I met with J in the car park, the couple we were meeting already were in the room. I was feeling ill from the day before dental trauma and had taken clearly too many pain killers. I should of stayed in bed but I hate letting people down so i was there feeling dizzy and sick with a face that looked like I'd been punched by the dentist.

We got to the to the room, The couple were lovely, we had been speaking on-line for a few weeks and me and S had been chatting on the phone.

S's partner wanted to try Bi, J enjoyed dabbling in it, I hadnt seen it before so it was set to be fun.

Everyone was nervous so I took the lead and lost my dress and lay back kissing J. I made sure i was close to S and quickly changed to kissing her and touching her breasts.

The boys went down on us and then swapped over. Both brought me to a climax.

I decided to go down on S although my enthusiasm was limited by the pain in my face. She was so tight as a fingered and licked her. We played with lots of toys, it was just wet, messy fun for all.

Her partner fucked me with a toy as I enjoyed the taste of her as J helped me bring her off.

S's partner bent over and took J's cock in his mouth and seemed to enjoy it immensely. I was stood behind him and joke that I was tempted to spank his ass and S told be I should. The grunts and moans from him as I delivered spank after spank made it clear he loved it.

J took the lead and rubbered up, at this point S's partner was bent over licking her and smiled. I have never seen a man fucked before and it aroused me seeing him penetrated for the first time.

At that point we were all connected, J was fucking Ss' partner while licking her, while she was licking me. it was a very erotic scene.

After about 10 minutes the boys swapped round again pleasure seemed to be gain by both, it was very masculine the way they took each other.

We all ended in a pile it was like naked twister, I had tongues hands and fingers all probing at me, I lay there with my eyes closed not caring who's was where just loving the distraction from the pain of my tooth.

Thursday 23 September 2010

HNT - Come fly away with me

Such a wonderful opportunity presented its self late last night and I thought I would grab it with both hands (ahem). A pilot friend I have spoken to over the course of a couple of months had a lay over (ahem again).

I thought I would be a good friend and keep him company and help him pass the time of day. I can confirm his in flight service is excellent and what a lovely cockpit he had (ahem ahem).

Seriously though, having a rough week and it was a delight to spend a few hours with a very tactile man, he had me weak at the knees and quivering many times. Its is so great to achieve a level a sexual satisfaction without penetration, it requires a level of sexual intelligence that not many men get.

Anyway it seems he appreciated my company (hooters) and is on a lay over in 2 weeks and has ask me to join him. I think I will be booking that time out of my diary now.

I thought for my HNT you would appreciate seeing the pilot doing a control check :)

Friday I'm posting the foursome pictures and details so hurry back I want to share x

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

TMI - How I feel when I cum

Florida Dom asked a question on his blog and I thought I would share the answer with you. Go see the other answers it certainly makes for an educational and erotic read. Ive added a few more thoughts from my initial answer:

I come differently depending on what I am doing and state of mind. I can make myself cum sometime in under 2 mins with a vibe but it is worthless, It is a physical reaction, still pleasant but nothing earth shattering. When I cum from interaction, both mental and physical stimulation that's when the earth starts to move. If I am stressed or distracted I struggle to cum when along, it frustrates me as I often find cumming helps me relieve my stressed state.

Clit - my whole body convulses, its like every nerve is set alight.

Gspot - its almost animalistic, watching myself back on film I almost growl as I cum its so primeval. Deeply satisfying also. When being fisted when this occurs, my lover(s) has said I almost crush his hand.

Anal - it is so hard to explain, it is more an enrichment of other orgasms, i love it if I can achieve this and another at the same time, its just dynamite. I bet this will be a rare comment..

Urethral - I have twice cum from this alone and a few times in conjunction with other stimulation. Best way to describe it is you know when you were bursting for a wee and when you have been you get such an uplifting sense of relief and reward, add that to anal stimulation and oral attention on your clit... I cried, lay there shaking, it was like an out of body experience it was so beautiful but unbearably intense. My love held me for hours after.

Orgams Control - To intensify me orgasms I like to absatin or be forced to earn it. HE used to tease me for hours then start to count backwards from 10, I had those 10 seconds to make myself cum or have to wait an hour to try again! I would be frantic and he would often ensure I failed and remove me hands as I begged and start teasing me again. (so aroused now after writing that. I need a man to tease me...NOW!)

Forced Orgasms - When I have climaxed especially through clitoral stimulation I become hypersensitive, I can hardly bare to be touched but I love it, to be pinned down and forced to take it, often I can cum again in seconds. Dutch did this to me, I came over 80 times in one weekend. For days after my clit was so engorged it felt like he was still holding it.

Sunday 19 September 2010

The thought of your sweet juices on my tongue sends me into you taste yourself when masturbating? Is it better when you taste yourself off a mans cock?

I often taste myself when Im masturbating, the more senses that you activate the more intense it can be. if I can be i also talk to myself when masturbating, I only do this when alone though.

I do love to taste myself on a mans cock, or when he lisses me after he has been down on me. SERIOUSLY HORNY NOW!

Ask me anything

I fantasize about having some HAWT girl on girl action with you. What is the best part about being with another woman???

it is so sensual, to tender and you can do to her what you crave for to be done to yourself. I licked heer like I love to be. Starting deep tasting her then slowly dragging my tongue forward till I feel her clit< then licking it intensly a moment before going to lick her deep again.

Also something so sexy about sucking another womans breasts.

I wouldnt say I am Bisexual I just enjoy good sex with the right person, that does not determin the gender.

Ask me anything

A week in review

over 20 orgasms god knows but it all felt good

3 men and 1 woman kissed me

1 man took me for lunch and made me blush

1 man made me cum for him sat in the car after lunch

1 man says he wants to meet me and take things further... I want to get intimate with him, he seems to get me, he seems to understand my cravings

2 men and 1 woman licked till I came repeatedly. I don't know who's hands were in what hole and I didn't care it felt so good. I will post the details later this week along with some delightful pictures.

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What was your first impression of me?

sexy, sassy, fun and cheeky but most of all kind, you offered me a safe place if I needed it when meeting Dutch. You looked outfor me and thatwhat a good friend does x

Ask me anything

How tall are you?

6ft without the heels on x I was 6ft 4 yesterday with them on

Ask me anything

Do you smoke?

nope (unless im drunk and in the company of smokers)

Ask me anything

Thursday 16 September 2010

HNT - Spit or swallow?

personally I enjoy cum on me.

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x.

Had loads of fun with the group post this week check it out if you havent already.
click here

I thought we could have a group post on places we have had sex for a bit of a giggle maybe next month??? let me know your thoughts please.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Have you had a gang bang, or been apart of it?

Never been part of one. I like my sex to be intimate and yes I have enjoyed the group sex side of thing but mainly as a voyeur not a participant. To let go and really enjoy things I need to connect and trust, that takes a friendship atleast.

Ask me anything

Have you ever had a fantasy, had the chance to act it out then found you did not really like it?

Yes the first time I had a 3some, it was awful I ended up leaving and sleeping in the car until I was sober. I was the guest to a couple. When i got there they lay down loads of rules that they should of done before hand, she ate pussy awful and made me sore.

Ask me anything

Ever made love on a soft rug in front of an open fire?

No :( but the most amazing time I have made love was with HIM, we had been together a couple of weeks and had been playing pretty intensely. He just stopped, took hold of me, penetrated me slowly and looked at me. He told me he loved me and we made love for what seemed like moments but turned out to be hours. We didn't want to break the connection.

Ask me anything

Monday 13 September 2010

Extraordindary uses of ordinary objects - group post

This is it the list I promised... for those that missed the original post I saw this book at the farmers house and thought I could re write a top shelf version for a bit of a giggle. Below is my list and a few pictures and links to stories of when certain events have occurred. If you haven't played and want to either leave your link in comments or list in there.

There is a link list other peeps who said they were playing along at the end of the post, go see them and see if they were as naughty as me? who wants to place a bet???

1. Large Aubergine(egg plant) inserted in ass and pussy... exhibit a (pic)

2. Fucked with stiletto .... see pic

3. Call myself when mobile phone on vibrate (failed miserably)

4. Electric tooth brush – ouch! Not recommended bristle side on clit

5. Bed knob , lover pushed me down onto it and then fucked my ass... very horny

6. 500ml pepsi bottle stuff inside me on friday night

7. knickerers pushed inside and made to sleep with them in (was so aroused i could hardly sleep and was woken by him pulling them out)

8. Can of hairspray - varying sizes depending on mood

9. Perfume bottle - it was nearby and I was horny!

10. Pegs

11. Belt

12. Butternut squash

13. Bottles; Pom bottle was probably the most intense full story here and pic
Wine bottle
Blue Curacau
Jack Daniels

Lots of pics in this article..

14. A glass; inserted in my ass, that was so horny, he fucked the glass slowly and came in the glass, also used a glass on Dutch to tease him

15. Ribbons! used to tie open my pussy lips with the aid of a couple of pegs.

16. Tin of peaches stuffed in to me then slowly eaten out of me.... mmm they were cold from the fridge as well

17. carton of cream poured in to ass

18. Funnel used to pour cream in ass, pee in ass and cum in ass

19. Gear stick in car (shift stick for you yanks)

20. Church candle while lit inserted inside me (lit end outside of course)

21. whipped with decorative straw!

22. Baseball bat... not explanation required???

23. Shoe Horn! he spanked me with it then used it to open me up and slip his cock in my ass

24. Spatula - they make great spanking toys

25. Fly Swatter! ouch that sooooo fucking hurt you know the waffle sort?? it stung so much (more please)

26. A whisk - just a manual plastic one but it was great fun to open me up with

27. Large can of industrial spray lubricant... its like me in a can!

28. I think if you look at the picture you will get this lol (the therapist having fun while I was tied up and unable to protest)

29. Well you have to go with what is in season and its Marrow season over here!

God it felt soooo good and it was cold!!

30. Tried to have sex with couch...more specifically, between couch seats. Seats were too rigid and tightly pressed together to allow for pleasurable sex. Hey, I was 15!

31. Masturbated right into my underwear on purpose and walked around all day with semen all over my underwear (and me). Advice - never do that because semen DOES make things sticky when dried...peeling off your underwear is a bitch. ;)

Go see who else is playing:
Netsfan44 this is such a funny post! not meant to be related but such a fun way of using ordinary things

Sunday 12 September 2010

A week in review and group post goes live at midnight

11 orgasms 8 given to me 3 I gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man made me cum and asked for nothing in return

1 man spanked me to my limit

1 man asked me to lunch on Monday and I'm so excited (although terribly nervous he wont fancy me)

I lay next to the therapists woman, she was tied up and blindfolded, she had never been with a woman before. I was sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit, it was so comforting touching her skin as the therapist fisted me and spanked me so hard. I dressed and left them too a 5 hour session. (what else are friends for)

Tomorrow the group post goes live, if you are playing let me know as I will add you to the link list.

Friday 10 September 2010

how does your husband not know? you're at it all the time. he must see what's happened to you.

I'm invisible, we don't have sex or any intimacy in our relationship, we live together and parent together.

Ask me anything

Does your husband know about your affairs? If so is he accepting, does he get anything out of them himself?

He doesn't know, I don't wish him too as I don't want to hurt him

Ask me anything

do you prefer to be wined and dined prior to sex OR wham bang?

Wined and dined, I have to have a connection and trust with my partners.

Ask me anything

When was the last time you got off?

About 4 hours ago :)

Ask me anything

What's the bravest sex act you've ever done in public?

Full sex stood up in a car park as people passed us. It was so arousing.

Ask me anything

whats your favourate musical instument

Is that to listen too or to stick inside me?

Ask me anything

Thursday 9 September 2010


~clicky click~

Click to see his point of view ... promise to get time over next few days to blog what else i got up to friday.

Up to 24 objects I've used to get off and tomorrow off to see the therapist and told him I need more! check out here if you want to play...

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

TMI Tuesday - random questions

Hedone sent my the random questions she was using and since I still have no brain as it was fucked out of me at the weekend I thought I'd use them!

Don't forget to post if you play and also check out so far I'm up to 21! can you beat me? or out naughty me?

1. What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?
Lack manners
Assume I'd sleep with them

2. What is you least favourite sexual position?
I will get back to you on that one
Why? Cos I like ALL I've done? (but if I have to commit to one... on top because I had a bad knee which is a shame as I often gush when I cum on top)

3. Three things I just haven’t gotten around to doing but probably should are:
I. Going to the dentist to get wisdom tooth out
Ii. Tidy up behind my TV, its full of hair things and jewellery
Iii. Sorting out my make up box, I need a clear out and not while the daughter is about, the last time I ended up looking like a drag queen before I was done! What about you?

4. What animal best displays your personality?
An over excited puppy! I love to be stroked and petted, you can put a collar and lead on me, I playfully bite and hump furniture... Oh and people think I'm cute :)

5. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay?
I suppose romance as I do plenty of the other 2... Just need to find a man that can love me.

6. Are you more passive or aggressive when the relationship becomes physical?Passive.. Take me I'm yours x

7. Are you capable of engaging in a "friends with benefits" relationship?
Do I need to answer this question ??? Erm yes, I have less friends without benefits then I do with. Have you ever done so? Yes but have also fell in love with a friend (HIM, never meant too, tried not too, but sometimes we dont have a choice in theses things.

8. What is your worst habit?
Stuffed shoes in wardrobe and leaving shoes around the house, office and in the car. 6 pairs of heels just in car at the min and I did notice some heels on the stairs and in the kitchen tonight.

9. Do you think more about the past, present or future?
Future... Keep moving forward is my personal motto

10. Where Would You Wish To Wake Up?
In the arms of HIM just one more time

Sunday 5 September 2010

A week in review

1 pair of new heels!

Over 20 orgasms, lost count all given to me by one man

1 man kissed me

1 man collared me and whipped me

1 man fingered me while in a bar talking to a friend

1 man took me to the beach in the middle of the night, tied me to a seat and fucked me then came on my face

1 man double fisted me and made me scream as I came

2 people loved my OHNT pic otherhnt src="" width=80 height=15>
15 people loved my HNT offering

Went on a swingers social and met some lovely people and some damn freaks!

Lots to post about this week and I was thoroughly a bad girl on friday.

And dont forget to let me know if you are going to play the Extraordinary Uses of Things with me next week.

Elust edition 19

Photo courtesy of Emmy

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The Rules - She squirmed in her chair as if impaled there by my finger slowly pushing in and out. “But I can tell you that on our third date, I want something a lot bigger than your finger in me.”

Consensual Nonconsent - He told me he was going to do whatever he wanted to me, and he wanted me to not give consent. He wanted to take it from me. He wanted me to say no, and the less l liked something the harder it would make him.

Love and light - So I move on, not as a submissive, but as the smart mature strong woman that I know that I am. I will credit him with changing me. Changing the way I see myself.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Confessional: Annual Reminder - In the dark, in the car, in the parking lot of a somewhat posh store, he got a fantastic blowjob as uptight conservatives drove past us.

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Friday 3 September 2010

Proposed post - Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things - Come and play along

I was at the Farmers and saw this book on his kitchen bench... obviously my eyes were drawn to it because of the shoes on the front but then I read the title and it made me smile.

I could so easily of written a top shelf version of this book so it got me thinking to doing a post on Extraordinary uses for ordinary things in order to GET OFF.
I’ve circulated the pic and email already to a few of you naughty bloggers and it seems you are game and willing to contribute.

Here is the plan... if you want to play add it in comments and or mail me.
I will compile a link list and send it to you all ready to add to your posts; proposed date for publishing is 15th of September. The content of you post should be a list of items you and or your partner have used in sexual play and how you used them if explanation required. If you have pictures please use because we all like to perv (yes I’m talking about you), I shall be searching my back catalogue of insertion pictures this week end!

1. Large Aubergine(egg plant) inserted in ass and pussy... exhibit a (pic)

2. Fucked with stiletto .... see pic

3. Call myself when mobile phone on vibrate (failed miserably)

4. Electric tooth brush – ouch! Not recommended bristle side on clit

5. Bed knob , lover pushed me down onto it and then fucked my ass... very horny

You get the idea I’m sure. I can’t wait to see what you guys lay your hands on and play with and who has the biggest and naughtiest list.

If you don’t have a blog or you don’t want to clutter yours with such filth and you want to guest on here that day just let me know.

Thursday 2 September 2010

HNT- black and white or colour?

~clicky click~

black and white or colour?

Go see some more daring pics of other sexy peeps... including one of me... the-otherhnt

Happy HNT sexy peeps x.