Friday, 3 September 2010

Proposed post - Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things - Come and play along

I was at the Farmers and saw this book on his kitchen bench... obviously my eyes were drawn to it because of the shoes on the front but then I read the title and it made me smile.

I could so easily of written a top shelf version of this book so it got me thinking to doing a post on Extraordinary uses for ordinary things in order to GET OFF.
I’ve circulated the pic and email already to a few of you naughty bloggers and it seems you are game and willing to contribute.

Here is the plan... if you want to play add it in comments and or mail me.
I will compile a link list and send it to you all ready to add to your posts; proposed date for publishing is 15th of September. The content of you post should be a list of items you and or your partner have used in sexual play and how you used them if explanation required. If you have pictures please use because we all like to perv (yes I’m talking about you), I shall be searching my back catalogue of insertion pictures this week end!

1. Large Aubergine(egg plant) inserted in ass and pussy... exhibit a (pic)

2. Fucked with stiletto .... see pic

3. Call myself when mobile phone on vibrate (failed miserably)

4. Electric tooth brush – ouch! Not recommended bristle side on clit

5. Bed knob , lover pushed me down onto it and then fucked my ass... very horny

You get the idea I’m sure. I can’t wait to see what you guys lay your hands on and play with and who has the biggest and naughtiest list.

If you don’t have a blog or you don’t want to clutter yours with such filth and you want to guest on here that day just let me know.


  1. Strangely enough, I posted on this very subject a couple of years back: Have a look here for starters!

  2. How entertaining! I love the idea though I've not much used normal objects.

    Except one :)


  3. as yet I can't think of many things that have been used with a partner however I have used an electric tooth brush (suggested by Jim) on my own but not for a long time.

    A phone I had a few years ago would vibrate every two minutes to alert me that I had a text. When driving I would place my phone between my thighs. There was one memorable trip when I got a text just after setting off on drive that took an hour. That meant an hour of lovely vibrations against my pussy every two minutes.
    Not even getting caught by a speed camera could wipe the smile off my face that afternoon.

    Maybe I should talk to Dave about this subject and see what we can cum up with.

    sn x

  4. #5 is HAWT!!!

    Oh I'll play.


  5. D & I will play. Of course this post will require further research but the deadline of September 15 should be noooo problem. I've always been good at cramming. You know, for tests and such. ;)

  6. I have not remembered anything of any possible interest, but this little project did inspire a blog post: