Tuesday, 21 September 2010

TMI - How I feel when I cum

Florida Dom asked a question on his blog and I thought I would share the answer with you. Go see the other answers it certainly makes for an educational and erotic read. http://floridadomscorner.blogspot.com/2010/09/describing-orgasms.html Ive added a few more thoughts from my initial answer:

I come differently depending on what I am doing and state of mind. I can make myself cum sometime in under 2 mins with a vibe but it is worthless, It is a physical reaction, still pleasant but nothing earth shattering. When I cum from interaction, both mental and physical stimulation that's when the earth starts to move. If I am stressed or distracted I struggle to cum when along, it frustrates me as I often find cumming helps me relieve my stressed state.

Clit - my whole body convulses, its like every nerve is set alight.

Gspot - its almost animalistic, watching myself back on film I almost growl as I cum its so primeval. Deeply satisfying also. When being fisted when this occurs, my lover(s) has said I almost crush his hand.

Anal - it is so hard to explain, it is more an enrichment of other orgasms, i love it if I can achieve this and another at the same time, its just dynamite. I bet this will be a rare comment..

Urethral - I have twice cum from this alone and a few times in conjunction with other stimulation. Best way to describe it is you know when you were bursting for a wee and when you have been you get such an uplifting sense of relief and reward, add that to anal stimulation and oral attention on your clit... I cried, lay there shaking, it was like an out of body experience it was so beautiful but unbearably intense. My love held me for hours after.

Orgams Control - To intensify me orgasms I like to absatin or be forced to earn it. HE used to tease me for hours then start to count backwards from 10, I had those 10 seconds to make myself cum or have to wait an hour to try again! I would be frantic and he would often ensure I failed and remove me hands as I begged and start teasing me again. (so aroused now after writing that. I need a man to tease me...NOW!)

Forced Orgasms - When I have climaxed especially through clitoral stimulation I become hypersensitive, I can hardly bare to be touched but I love it, to be pinned down and forced to take it, often I can cum again in seconds. Dutch did this to me, I came over 80 times in one weekend. For days after my clit was so engorged it felt like he was still holding it.


  1. Another HOT and sexy video clip! That sure did get me going....damn wet fingers


  2. Thanks for sharing the video clip and for mentioning my blog. Your answer had a lot of insight and was a good, hot read.


  3. Salivating like Pavlov's dog...

    you are amazing!

  4. Oh I love watching a woman orgasm, yum yum