Friday, 10 September 2010

What's the bravest sex act you've ever done in public?

Full sex stood up in a car park as people passed us. It was so arousing.

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  1. I agree very arousing....especially with your long legs...


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  3. Very arousing... Can i suggest one more for the next time you feel naughty in public?
    suggestion: Go to the cinema/movies alone wearing a coat, high heels and g string.
    When movie starts, unbutton your coat, remove your gstring and play withyourself in public as long as possible. We want you to reach as close to orgasm as possible... When the movie ends, stand up, zip your coat, but hold your panties in your hand... As you leave, let it accidentally drop in front of the guy / girl that had stared at you the most during the whole evening.... Cant wait to hear you describe us what it felt like to be on the edge of an orgasm and act like that in front of others