Monday, 13 September 2010

Extraordindary uses of ordinary objects - group post

This is it the list I promised... for those that missed the original post I saw this book at the farmers house and thought I could re write a top shelf version for a bit of a giggle. Below is my list and a few pictures and links to stories of when certain events have occurred. If you haven't played and want to either leave your link in comments or list in there.

There is a link list other peeps who said they were playing along at the end of the post, go see them and see if they were as naughty as me? who wants to place a bet???

1. Large Aubergine(egg plant) inserted in ass and pussy... exhibit a (pic)

2. Fucked with stiletto .... see pic

3. Call myself when mobile phone on vibrate (failed miserably)

4. Electric tooth brush – ouch! Not recommended bristle side on clit

5. Bed knob , lover pushed me down onto it and then fucked my ass... very horny

6. 500ml pepsi bottle stuff inside me on friday night

7. knickerers pushed inside and made to sleep with them in (was so aroused i could hardly sleep and was woken by him pulling them out)

8. Can of hairspray - varying sizes depending on mood

9. Perfume bottle - it was nearby and I was horny!

10. Pegs

11. Belt

12. Butternut squash

13. Bottles; Pom bottle was probably the most intense full story here and pic
Wine bottle
Blue Curacau
Jack Daniels

Lots of pics in this article..

14. A glass; inserted in my ass, that was so horny, he fucked the glass slowly and came in the glass, also used a glass on Dutch to tease him

15. Ribbons! used to tie open my pussy lips with the aid of a couple of pegs.

16. Tin of peaches stuffed in to me then slowly eaten out of me.... mmm they were cold from the fridge as well

17. carton of cream poured in to ass

18. Funnel used to pour cream in ass, pee in ass and cum in ass

19. Gear stick in car (shift stick for you yanks)

20. Church candle while lit inserted inside me (lit end outside of course)

21. whipped with decorative straw!

22. Baseball bat... not explanation required???

23. Shoe Horn! he spanked me with it then used it to open me up and slip his cock in my ass

24. Spatula - they make great spanking toys

25. Fly Swatter! ouch that sooooo fucking hurt you know the waffle sort?? it stung so much (more please)

26. A whisk - just a manual plastic one but it was great fun to open me up with

27. Large can of industrial spray lubricant... its like me in a can!

28. I think if you look at the picture you will get this lol (the therapist having fun while I was tied up and unable to protest)

29. Well you have to go with what is in season and its Marrow season over here!

God it felt soooo good and it was cold!!

30. Tried to have sex with couch...more specifically, between couch seats. Seats were too rigid and tightly pressed together to allow for pleasurable sex. Hey, I was 15!

31. Masturbated right into my underwear on purpose and walked around all day with semen all over my underwear (and me). Advice - never do that because semen DOES make things sticky when dried...peeling off your underwear is a bitch. ;)

Go see who else is playing:
Netsfan44 this is such a funny post! not meant to be related but such a fun way of using ordinary things


  1. I WANT YOU FOR CHRISTMAS! Can you please just be wrapped up for me with a strong red bow across that pussy???

  2. OMG I'm late!!! Sorry, I've been away all weekend (enjoying naughty hotel sex) and I didn't realise the posting date had been moved forward. Anyway, I'm up now so come on over and have a look!

  3. P.S. A church candle? Not inside the church I hope!

  4. T'would surely be fun to spend a lifetime checking objects off this list and adding more...

    Taking turns, perhaps?

  5. Oh,! Hot post!

    Mine will be up tomorrow. Late as usual.

    I especially loved the glass. Simply genius!

  6. Item 14, just has me aroused I would love to do that.

    Your a sexy slut, and I mean that in the best way possible.

    I think I love you

  7. PS. I want to lick your clit while you have all those sexy things inserted.

    The bedpost, then fucked in the ass... wow, hot, I have to leave now and take care of some business

  8. Naughty Netsfan44 has been a busy boy. Click the link to see what he's gotten up to.

  9. LOVE this blog idea .... I will have to add more to my list, I see you have over 25 ... I am sure I do also !!! Yours are SO hot !!

  10. ron jaz - becareful what you wish for!

    Fat controller - not in church but I was praying, well shouting oh my god, does that count?

    Inherservice - your turn :)

    Barely Pink - it was so much, highly recomended and I insist photographic evidence and feedback when you try it

  11. netsfan - thanks you, lets find some ice and cool me down :)

  12. 1. The aubergine thing is still so mind-boggling for me.

    2. The fucked with a shoes tickles me and is the ultimate YOU.

    10. Pegs/clothpins...OW! No matter when you clip them.

    13. You've had a full bar inside your pussy :D

    14. I remember the glass on Dutch photo. Still one of my faves. I seriously want that glass.

    15. Very creative!

    You are the kinkiest person I know. Truly the queen of adventurous sex.


  13. I want to do #14 to H.

    H (the one with the boobs)