Sunday, 19 September 2010

A week in review

over 20 orgasms god knows but it all felt good

3 men and 1 woman kissed me

1 man took me for lunch and made me blush

1 man made me cum for him sat in the car after lunch

1 man says he wants to meet me and take things further... I want to get intimate with him, he seems to get me, he seems to understand my cravings

2 men and 1 woman licked till I came repeatedly. I don't know who's hands were in what hole and I didn't care it felt so good. I will post the details later this week along with some delightful pictures.

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  1. Oh sounds like a HOT 3some to talk about. Damn you are probably going to make me want to donate myself a orgasm or two when I read it.

    Ok, I am ready to read it babe!!!!
    What a sexy picture.


  2. Your weeks are always amazing!!!

    You need to tell us your secret for that!!

    Os Cereja