Monday, 27 September 2010

TMI - How to spend an afternoon with friends

1. arrive for coffee, enjoy beverage with delicious fudge cake and talk about week

2. strip and be tied to bed posts, lady friend sat in the chair and watched and played with herself watching her own porn movie

3. have therapist tease and force me to keep cuming from oral and masterbation, spanked my pussy flips until I was squeeling

4. have therapists lady lie between my legs her head rest on my mound and her neck holding in a vibrator that is pressed against my now very sensitive clit

5. feel them fuck, each thrust pushing her against me pushing the vibe on me, hearing her cum and there passion

6. be fisted so hard while his woman held me, while he slyly fingered me

and as a bonus treat for me spanked until I could not take it any more, then he whiped me with a leather tassled flogger

Such a wonderful way I spent my Monday dont you think? I wonder what to do Tuesday?


  1. Amazing what a wonderful secret i have stumbled upon
    As I said "elsewhere" astonishing blog my dear

  2. My oh my mercy me!

    #6 - scorching hot!

    Your pink bum...Mmmm...kisses each cheek.

  3. I too think those cheeks need a kiss...unfortunately we both know I'd soon be distracted and trying to lick my way to their center!

  4. #5 I was not prepared for and it got me hot as hell. I would cum so hard and so fast feeling and hearing them....whew
    Wishing I could just play with myself right now....


  5. Girl! How could Tuesday top Monday? You had the best Monday EVER!

  6. mmmmmm- I think I might need some therapy, now. Awesome :)