Sunday, 12 September 2010

A week in review and group post goes live at midnight

11 orgasms 8 given to me 3 I gifted to myself

1 man kissed me

1 man made me cum and asked for nothing in return

1 man spanked me to my limit

1 man asked me to lunch on Monday and I'm so excited (although terribly nervous he wont fancy me)

I lay next to the therapists woman, she was tied up and blindfolded, she had never been with a woman before. I was sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit, it was so comforting touching her skin as the therapist fisted me and spanked me so hard. I dressed and left them too a 5 hour session. (what else are friends for)

Tomorrow the group post goes live, if you are playing let me know as I will add you to the link list.


  1. Oh to touch a yummy and erotic. You are so lucky.


  2. Thanks for the list and the pictures that went with it.