Tuesday, 7 September 2010

TMI Tuesday - random questions

Hedone sent my the random questions she was using and since I still have no brain as it was fucked out of me at the weekend I thought I'd use them!

Don't forget to post if you play and also check out http://heelsnstocking.blogspot.com/2010/09/proposed-post-extraordinary-uses-for.html so far I'm up to 21! can you beat me? or out naughty me?

1. What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?
Lack manners
Assume I'd sleep with them

2. What is you least favourite sexual position?
I will get back to you on that one
Why? Cos I like ALL I've done? (but if I have to commit to one... on top because I had a bad knee which is a shame as I often gush when I cum on top)

3. Three things I just haven’t gotten around to doing but probably should are:
I. Going to the dentist to get wisdom tooth out
Ii. Tidy up behind my TV, its full of hair things and jewellery
Iii. Sorting out my make up box, I need a clear out and not while the daughter is about, the last time I ended up looking like a drag queen before I was done! What about you?

4. What animal best displays your personality?
An over excited puppy! I love to be stroked and petted, you can put a collar and lead on me, I playfully bite and hump furniture... Oh and people think I'm cute :)

5. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay?
I suppose romance as I do plenty of the other 2... Just need to find a man that can love me.

6. Are you more passive or aggressive when the relationship becomes physical?Passive.. Take me I'm yours x

7. Are you capable of engaging in a "friends with benefits" relationship?
Do I need to answer this question ??? Erm yes, I have less friends without benefits then I do with. Have you ever done so? Yes but have also fell in love with a friend (HIM, never meant too, tried not too, but sometimes we dont have a choice in theses things.

8. What is your worst habit?
Stuffed shoes in wardrobe and leaving shoes around the house, office and in the car. 6 pairs of heels just in car at the min and I did notice some heels on the stairs and in the kitchen tonight.

9. Do you think more about the past, present or future?
Future... Keep moving forward is my personal motto

10. Where Would You Wish To Wake Up?
In the arms of HIM just one more time


  1. I'd love to help you out picking up all of your shoes - the only problem would be that you might not get them back ;)

  2. 1. Oh I totally agree with all

    2. 69...hate it

    8. Yes, me too. However I don't have 1/8 the shoes you have.

    Happy TMI Tuesday

    My TMI Tuesday is here!


  3. I HATE being on top and doing 69!!!!! Now when I have been drinking a bit....all bets are off!!!


  4. I like all positions except for "doggie style", not the famous one but the one where the I beg, but she rolls over and plays dead, lol. Just kidding, fortunately that doesn't happen very much :)

    Interesting, not too many fans of 69 out there. I do enjoy it personally but know that I don't do as a good of a job eating pussy when I'm in that position.

  5. 69 isn't my favorite 'cause it's too hard to concentrate. :)

    I would LOVE to help you pick up your shoes. Although, I'd probably want to try 'em all on!