Friday, 24 September 2010

First 4some and witness first male on male

I met with J in the car park, the couple we were meeting already were in the room. I was feeling ill from the day before dental trauma and had taken clearly too many pain killers. I should of stayed in bed but I hate letting people down so i was there feeling dizzy and sick with a face that looked like I'd been punched by the dentist.

We got to the to the room, The couple were lovely, we had been speaking on-line for a few weeks and me and S had been chatting on the phone.

S's partner wanted to try Bi, J enjoyed dabbling in it, I hadnt seen it before so it was set to be fun.

Everyone was nervous so I took the lead and lost my dress and lay back kissing J. I made sure i was close to S and quickly changed to kissing her and touching her breasts.

The boys went down on us and then swapped over. Both brought me to a climax.

I decided to go down on S although my enthusiasm was limited by the pain in my face. She was so tight as a fingered and licked her. We played with lots of toys, it was just wet, messy fun for all.

Her partner fucked me with a toy as I enjoyed the taste of her as J helped me bring her off.

S's partner bent over and took J's cock in his mouth and seemed to enjoy it immensely. I was stood behind him and joke that I was tempted to spank his ass and S told be I should. The grunts and moans from him as I delivered spank after spank made it clear he loved it.

J took the lead and rubbered up, at this point S's partner was bent over licking her and smiled. I have never seen a man fucked before and it aroused me seeing him penetrated for the first time.

At that point we were all connected, J was fucking Ss' partner while licking her, while she was licking me. it was a very erotic scene.

After about 10 minutes the boys swapped round again pleasure seemed to be gain by both, it was very masculine the way they took each other.

We all ended in a pile it was like naked twister, I had tongues hands and fingers all probing at me, I lay there with my eyes closed not caring who's was where just loving the distraction from the pain of my tooth.


  1. That is my fantasy......I want to be with two men like that so bad. I want to be in the middle of an all hands on deck pleasure.
    Very Hot.

  2. I'd love to play with you all some time!

  3. Wow! what a lot of fun, very hot all around. Although sounds like you might have missed a few combinations ;) Maybe next time!!

  4. I never have but would love to particpate in a MMF, lucky you

  5. Hello,

    This is probably the best therapy I've ever seen for teeth pain!!

    Great photos and story!

    Os cereja

  6. Well I guess that's one way to forget about tooth pain! Glad you had so much fun!

  7. love it...especialy the pics...wouldn't have minded a few more...;)

  8. that sounded like one erotic hot night...very hot

  9. Wow that sounds loads of fun! To have men who are able to play with each other as well is rare but I bet makes it much better!

  10. wow...that has me thinking of all kind of possibilities that hubby would never go for! Hmm maybe I need two stand-in's for him.

  11. This sounds like just so much sexy fun! Amazing!

    Glad you got you mind off the tooth paid in such an incredible way!

  12. Sounds like great therapy. I would like to see that too! Very masculine and hot I'm sure. Lucky you.

  13. Very hot. MFM and more are huge fantasies of mine.

    Anyone in Florida reading this?