Monday, 8 March 2010

Can't sleep too aroused and he is now fast asleep. I'm not the best sleeper in the world but lay next to my lover, naked, skin to skin, his hardness resting against me is never going to help.

I got to the apartment at 3ish, I didn't have long to prepare for him he called to say he was going to be early. I ran round getting ready opening wine applying lipstick and adoring the underwear, I was wearing black stockings with teal feathered detail on the tops (Falke for those stocking guru's out there) stilettos, teal bra and a black slip. I was dripping wet with anticipation when he arrived. He set his bag down, stripped as he kissed me and then immediately penetrated me. It felt so good to feel him inside me again. We fucked like animals for about an hour only stopping as he took of my stockings and heels and placed them on himself, replaced fresh ones on me and then as he came deep inside me he held me so tight.

Within minutes he was hard again but this time he withdrew and began to gently tease me, he knew I was aching for him to fist me and I could see from the glint in his eyes I was going to have to beg. so I did, repeatedly, he then placed his clenched fist at my entrance and pushed gently. Making me take it all at once. I was so wet his fist slipped inside me and within minutes I was cumming so hard. He made me finger my ass as he did it, taking hold of my wrist and forcing more fingers inside me.

As I lay there smiling he disappeared for a moment and returned with a gift... he was giggling and saying he hoped it fitted me... now he normally brings me shoes so i was hopeful... but instead a gift of Pom juice... guess where it ended up! wow... it felt amazing, almost too big to take but so gratifying as I got past each notch. Once inside me he thoroughly abused my clit making me hold myself open for him even though I was so sensitive.

Tired and smiling we retired to the lounge and enjoyed some wine and cheese and talked non stop for hours, laughing and holding each other, it felt so good to be held.

We headed back to bed and made love for hours, spooning! my fav position... he kept teasing my ass with his cock tip but not letting me have it, I knew I was going to have to wait... I knew i was going to be given an ass full of cum for work.

Sure enough this morning I was woken by his lubricated fingers pushing into me swiftly followed by his cock. He slipped the bullet vibe on my clit, held both my wrists in one of his big hands and pinched my nipples with the other so hard it took my breath away. He was telling me how tonight he will be binding my hands and feet together, blindfolding me and abusing my holes all night.... He told me I wasn't allowed to cum until he did, it was so hard not to, eventually I couldn't hold back any longer and as I begged him to let me he pushed his hand deep in my cunt pushing my over the edge. My orgasm triggered his and he filled my ass with cream making me instantly cum again.

I'm now sat in bed awaiting his arrival, ready to give myself to him

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  1. The curvy one might feel kinda good.