Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Limits A to C (doing these in batches)

Ive started to appraise the limits list I posted on Monday. There are loads so i will do them in batches. Some I need help with explaining what the hell they are lol!

Abrasion - don't even know what this is! educate me please, i can only assume Im going to be teased with a giant nail file??
Age Play - don't get it agian, am i off to shag a grandad??? or go pick a toy boy?? I could do a toy boy and I dont mind an older man, but I do draw the line at my dads age.
Anal Sex YES PLEASE!!!!
Anal Plugs (small) er as above
Anal Plugs (large) mmmm yes please and help me get it in if you dont mind?
Anal Plug (public under clothes) yes but i must say it made me fidgit during dinner
Animal Roles , neigh! no my bag but do like those pony but plugs, they look like fun.
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) is that the bondage tape stuff? if so yes love to try
Aromas yep, very sensitive to smell
Asphyxiation - not sure on this one, i like breath play, just experimenting with that at the min
Auctioned for charity ???????????? and have the embarasment of nobody bidding for me??? no thanks I'd be mortified or have to have a stooge in the crowd to get the bids started
Ball Stretching - dont have any
Bathroom use control - yep, love to not be allowed to pee and forced to have sex
Beastiality - erm no thanks
Beating (soft) - yes so long as its done with affection.
Beating (hard) - no, i have a family to go home too so I cant risk a mark
Blindfolding - love it! love any sensory deprivation
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood) - does that included having sex when on period and getting messy??
Being Serviced (sexual) yep
Being bitten - on my back and ass please!
Breast/chest bondage - yep, harder please!!
Breath control - i am enjoying some breath play but not extreme, just enough to help the imagination
Branding - not a chance!
Boot Worship - on me yes please
Bondage (light) - check
Bondage (heavy) - check
Bondage (multi-day) - checkety check!
Bondage (public under clothing) - hmm off to ponder how so!
Breast whipping - yes please just dont mark me
Brown showers (scat) - nope, not my scene
Cages (locked inside) - have to be a bloody big cage! but id fancy that, always fantasized about being in a grope box in a club
Caning - yes love it
Castration fantasy - not my bag
Catheterization - yes, thinking about trying this
Cattle prod (electrical toy) - hmmm, get back to you
Cells/Closets (locked inside of) - nope
Chains - any bondage is good for me
Chamber pot use - nope
Chastity belts - yes please, something so sexy about them, was wanking last night over thought of being waxed closed.
Chauffeuring - is that like driving my dom around?? if so he will be so pissed of with me, my usual trick is to get to venue and get drunk before anyone else so I can't drive!
Choking - not my bag, but i dont mind gagging on a big cock in my throat?
Chores (domestic service) - i pay £9 per hour and the list is on the wall in the utility room
Clothespins - hell yes! love them, last week had 50 on my pussy lips! ask if you want to see a pic!!
Cock rings/straps - yes love to see them on a weel hung chap
Cock worship - I do, I love thee, I love the shiney helmet down to the broad base it meets my lover, I love thee as you enter me making me feel whole, I adore thee as you fill me with thigh cum ....mmmmmmmmm
Collars (worn in private), get back to you, could be fun!
Collars (worn in public) , nope unless its on a sexy shirt dress with the cleavage buttons left open and the lace on my stockings just flashing as I walk
Competitions (with other subs) nope, I win and if I didnt I'd have such a huff
Corsets (wearing casually) god yes, thats why god gave me curves!
Corsets (trained waist reduction) i wish!
Cuffs (leather) yep
Cuffs (metal) oooo love to try
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas)- no thanks not my bag


  1. Great list.

    I have done a man of my fathers generation. He couldn't get it up but his fingers...oh my god they were the best I have ever had and now I search for a younger man with that skill and have yet to find one (apart from Master but he won't indulge me to the extent that I would like).