Monday, 15 March 2010

1000 blog views.... im confused!

Been blogging for only 2 months and it looks like today this blog will reach its 1000th visitor/view.

It leaves me confused though, I only have 11 followers officially. Lots of people just following from the sidelines... if so step forward please and say hello or even better ask me a question!

and yes day 4 of abstaining! can't believe I havent cum yet! I shall remedy that later today when the office is quiet.


  1. Getting people to leave comments is like pulling teeth.
    hits aren't that important. The value to look for is the amount of people that stay on the blog for more than a minute, and return visitors. You may get 100 hits per day, but only 10 may actually be visitors, the rest got to the site by accident, or took a quick look and left. They are called "bouncers".
    followers are of a dubios use. The large majority aren't really following, they are advertising there own sites.
    It may be time to find some toys to play with.

  2. I don't have a blogspot account. I read non-LiveJournal blogs via their RSS feeds, so my views turn up as hits without my being listed as a follower.

    I only found your blog a few days ago via HNT, and I'm still catching up (been busy, not much time for reading). From what I have read so far, commenting is the least I want to do.

  3. know me, always ready. Richard makes a good point or two, honey. Most of the time, when a blog as hot as yours is out there, people become voyeurs. Patience. It takes time to build an audience in this forum.