Monday, 15 March 2010

still havent cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right! I know I could of cum today but it all went wrong. My meetings ran over, despite the aching feeling I had that made me cut to the chase and remain focused everyone has wanted to talk more! One of my meetings is with such a sexy beast of a man as well, he was flirting like mad, I swear he could smell my arousal and desperation.

When I finally got away from the office I headed home, my head full of arousing thoughts, I was sifting through fantasies to see which matched the mood, each one in turn was arousing me more. As I drove on the estate i was soaking wet and so ready to cum.

AND THERE IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The husbands car sat squarely on the drive and his bosses also!

I only had the half hour before my next appointment and then the onslaught of getting the kids and it was lost. So I'm sat here aching so much needing releases but secretly loving the urgency I now feel... I'm going to wait until tomorrow or maybe try and push myself until Wednesday or Thursday... not sure if I can cope though.

Bought fresh batteries ready though!


  1. there seems to be a serious timing problem.

  2. I am fucking tired of this, bitch. If you don't cum soon, I'm gonna just shoot my load all OVER you, and you won't have a choice!