Monday, 1 March 2010

aching for his touch

5 days until he arrives, I ache all over, physically and mentally. The injuries of last week are starting to heal but still weak and dare I say emotionally fragile.

Husband arrived home last night, haven't seen him for 10 days, that earnt me a peck on the cheek and 2 bags of shopping to carry in. Spoke with my lover on-line while I was invisable to all, it was so good to see his smile again, I love the way he looks at me, its a concocsion of filth and adoration I can see in his eyes.

Took myself off to bed early, un-noticed, clutching pain killers and hot water bottle. Woke this morning feeling loads better for the rest and was very aroused after having a filthy dream. I took my time in the shower shaving my pussy lips smooth to tease myself, thinking of his touch on them, then allowed myself to cum thinking of my lover pinning me to the shower wall fucking me hard while pulling my hair and telling me I have 10 seconds to cum x

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