Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ever watch yourself in a mirror as you orgasm?

I have done but without climax. I have enjoyed exploring and watching myself take a toy etc but I need to turn my brain on to cum so I often fantasise.

Otherwise I find I loose the moment thinking daft things like 'OMG is that what I look like when Im about to cum' 'my hair has got messed up on one side and I look deranged' 'never wearing this again I look awful!' and for obvious reasons that can kind of ruin the moment.

I more often like to cum when I shouldnt; do the ironing with the bullet in my pants and have to hold the ironing board as my knees buckle when Im cuming, or hoover the house, I've even gone to tescos and done the shopping, I think I came 3 times while wandering round. I remember the bill was huge and there was nothing I could of fed the family with.

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  1. nothing better than watching a chick cum and you had a part in it!

  2. Ditto. And don't ever worry about how you LOOK. Damn, that's part of the eroticism of it all, don't you know that?

  3. i'd rather masterbate in front of a partner than a mirror, especially if he talks dirty to me at the same time !