Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What is the filthiest thing you haven't done yet but would like to do?

Hard question to answer as I have just conquered my biggest and not quite got round to setting a new challenge for myself.
Last one was to have my ass pissed in... and wow that was more amazing than I ever thought it would be. My lover was fucking me in the ass and just stopped piee’d then fucked me more. It felt like his cock was expanding inside me. Last week he put a shoe in my pussy and made me pee so I pee’d in me so that’s going to take some beating!
Something I have never done is DP, I want to, but I have such a specific fantasy and I don’t want to ruin it with a quick attempt at a party and lose something I often use to masterbate and pleasure myself with. I have had ample opportunity to do so at swing clubs or parties I’ve hosted but have always shyed away from doing it until its just right.
I think fucking my lover with a feeldo or a milk enema has got to be next!

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  1. Trying different things will keep you young at heart.
    Talking about shoes, I posted a shoe cartoon on my blog.